Thursday, October 11, 2012



I often have an issue with identifying the kind of girl I am.

Some days I like to get really dressed up, 
decked in boots and tons of accessories with really cute trendy outfits.
Other days, I feel the need to dress up really feminine, pieces that are timeless and sophisticated.

So today, let me introduce you to two blogshops with the two different looks that I both adore.


With their business plan in mind,
"...aim to dress you up in the latest trend and in the most fashionable manner.
We want real praises for you, not lipservices!"

And its so true!!!
Once you're adorned with any of their apparels and styled the way they style their models,
 I assure you, heads will turn.

Here are two apparels I was sponsored this week :)

1) ZARA Inspired Floral Knitwear

How can anyone not like any pieces inspired from ZARA?!?!
Absolutely loving the mix with chiffon and knit.
I might wear this top a little too often in future. hehehe

next, I got the Denim BabyDoll Peplum Top

I love denim tops. Fullstop. End of story.
There's no particular reason. I just love denim tops.
And in case you guys aren't aware, the fashion tread currently are inspired by the Victorian Era, so you'll see lots of babydoll tops, lots of off shoulders, tops that flair towards the bottom like peplum tops.
Therefore, this top is uber cute and totally trendy.

NOLIPSERVICES is having an Exclusive Facebook Promotion.

They're giving a FREE APPAREL AWAY!!!
(what are you waiting for?)

Just follow 3 simple steps to win it.

1. Select your favourite outfit from their 11TH LIPPY ALBUM
You can share as many as you like!

2. Cick "LIKE" + "SHARE" button to post the pictures on your wall.

3. Leave a comment telling them why you love the outfit - "I love this because XXXX.."

Contest ends 12th Oct.

*mailing listees will have double the chance of winning!


Need I say more?
Nothing is better then being assured that the apparels you've order online comes from somewhere trust-worthy and are of high quality.

I was sponsored two items!!
Let me correct myself, I mean, two GORGEOUS items.

1) Athena Shimmer Top

omg, my girly side coming out.

I love the colour, the hemline and the "shimmer" embroidery. 
Basically, how "fresh" it looks.
Plus it compliments my skin toneeee. yippeeee!!

2) Mikela Maxi Dress

I can't wait to wear to dress out!!!
I've always wanted a white maxi dress but I could never find one that is of good quality or one that fits me well. ( they usually drop) hahaha

So if you're a girly girl like me and which to have all these pretty goodies, 
check out their blogshop now!

Also like their Facebook page at and check out their twitter for more updates!


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