Sunday, February 3, 2013



CNY is just around the corner! 
And if you still haven't got a clue on what to wear, this advert might give you a hand! :)

I have been sponsored me several apparels lately, so im totally prep for CNY and also Valentine's Day!
Here are some of the items^^

You guys are already familiar with OOTD. They offer a variety of apparels from pretty occasion dresses to everyday "it" items. Their latest collection however, focuses on not only CNY, but Valentine's Day as well!  
This week, im gonna show you what i took home with me for CNY, and probably next week when Valentine's day draws nearer, i'll showcase my Valentine's day picks ^^
1) Mono Floral Bustier
I love this combination, a blue base hue bustier with a red pencil skirt. I think i'll be able to work this look right for CNY ^^ And im certain that it wouldn't feel too much of a hassel since the bustier top fits me perfectly- not too tight for me to stuff myself with CNY goodies. hehehe
2) Mandarin Peplum Top in PINK
Remember I had one in Gold? It was featured in my previous advert post as well! This round, OOTD brought in a baby pink one for the shoot and I couldn't help but keep it too! hehehe. Its a super sweet pink that goes perfectly with a pair of white bottoms. Sadly, i don't own any other white bottoms other then shorts (and its not inappropriate to wear shorts for CNY) so im determine to find a pair of white bottoms before CNY! 
Still have time! >.<
Can't wait for Valentine's Day to come, totally gonna wear the Annabel darling open-back dress from OOTD :)
For more of this collection, do visit!
Better hurry, time's running out ^^
You gotta look out for NLS's next collection! Its probably one of the best ever and im certain that you won't wanna miss out on it! :) Its the collection whereby the gorgeous dress i was wearing a few days ago was featured on my Insta^^
Here are some of the items im totally gonna wear for CNY! 
I MAD love this Gold Lip Printed Peplum Top! Yes it is a peplum top! But i got it tucked in a red pencil skirt for a more CNY feel. The gold prints goes really well with my skirt! Yipee!
And here's how it looks like! Thats i love about this apparel. Its totally versatile and when its worn differently, it looks totally different! ^^ Comes in a stunning red color too!
Another item i love would be the off shoulder top with the cute little bows at both sides.
I love the little scallop details at the hemline too! And if you're the sort that might not like wearing a color so bright, fret not! This pretty top comes in black too!
Keep in eye out for NLS and camp by their site for their collection's launch! Won't wanna miss it! :)
Ellysage never fails to satisfy their customers needs! They offer the widest variety of items and theres always something for everyone! Apart from that, their apparels are always of the highest quality as well!
Here's what i took home lately and what im gonna wear for CNY reunion dinner!!! ^^
1) Isla Scrunge Maxi in Teal
Well, isn't it obvious? I'll be able to stuffs myself with lots of food without feeling bad about my tummy bulging out! hehehe. Also its just right for the occasion. Not too formal, neither isit too casual. A maxi dress is always right and one of a MUST HAVE item in every girl's wardrobe. Comes in Orange, Grey and Coral as well :)
Here's another item that i've worn recently and have posted it on my insta! 
Its the knitted cardi!
I love the fitting a lot! The length of the sleeves and the cardi as a whole is just right! And the details are so pretty! Its a perfect outerwear for those cold lectures in school.
For more pretty apparels, check out for their new arrivals just launched recently! ^^
If you're looking for something sweet to wear this CNY, Kissablebella is just the right place for you to look for that special dress! They offer numerous items that you won't be able to find anywhere else, especially all the flowly floral dresses! They're uber cute!
Here's two that i love a lot!
1) Green Forest Floral Dress
Made of super soft light weight fabric, with pretty floral prints. It will definitely be super comfy for all that CNY house visiting, especially when it can get really hot! Though this color is sold out, it comes in Cream and Black as well! Get your hands on them before they get sold out too!
2) Garden Floral Dress
This is another one of my picks! Playing up my girly side with this garden floral dress! I love the length of it and how perfectly it fits me! 
For more of Kissabelbella's apparels, do visit <3
Can't wait to post my Valentine's day picks! 
And thats its folks! 
Will be back soon with a post on the Top 10 things i get really irritated with. hehe
Till then, have a great week and watch out when you cross the road yeah?


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