Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mexican? X Advertorial- DizzieDaisies X Prinzesse

This week has been awesome and time has past way too quickly!
Basically, i got the module over and done with and i think my group did an excellent job, better then what i expected!
Our report came out to be really thick and thats really scary. Imagine how it'll be if it was my FYP.
This was taken the day before the final presentation and i decided to just dress down to jeans, tank, hoodie and flip flops. hehehe
Also because i knew i was gonna sit on the library's floor as well. Don't want my legs to get into direct contact with the carpet. You never know whats on it.
Oh yeah! And a few days before this, Fai and i decided to go for a really nice dinner.
We haven't been able to do that since we're both ALWAYS so busy. Even our weekends get burnt away and we never seem to be able to complete our "To Do List". About 4 things on it not done, and it's been there since last year!! :(

And because of our lack of time together, we haven't been able to communicate much with each other and thats scary because you kinda stop learning about each other. I honestly miss the times when both of us had all the time in the world to do anything and everything. Every weekend was a new adventure and every dinner was a different cuisine. But we're trying to bring it all back and im sure things will be the same again :)

We went for a Mexican dinner! And stupid me forgot to bring my camera so we'll just make do with some lousy quality pics taken with our phones yeah?
First of all, my OOTD ^^ Polka Dot Tube Dress from Kissablebella <3 and make up by Maybelline once again!
There is a wide variety of places you can go to for some Mexican cuisine but S.O.F and i settled for Viva Mexico at Cuppage Road. 
 Love the ambience there!
They really did a good job with bringing out the whole Mexican culture and vibe.

My apple juice was pretty ex though :(
Chicken and Cheese Nachos you really gotta try!
And I order a Fajitas as recommended by people while i was doing some research on Mexican food.
This here is a killer. So full of flavor, a little more costly but totally worth every penny. Its either chicken, beef or shrimps but i mix them all for 28bucks. Served with the taco's skin thingy. My favorite would be the chicken though. I would love to go back there and have this once more, just the chicken. The beef wasn't so bad, super tender and juicy but doesn't beat chicken. Shrimp, not really my kinda thing. I just ordered it so Fai could have it since he LOVESSSSSS shrimps.
Oh and one more thing. This dish is a surprise. Not just for you, but for the whole restaurant. Wanna know why? Go have a try and you'll see... or rather, you'll smell ;)
And here's Fai's dish.. Can't remember what it is though. 
Was too engrossed with mine. WHAHAHA
 So go on, give it a try. Its Viva Mexico at Cuppage Road :)
Definitely an awesome experience for Fai and I. Im not a fan of eating but i do love trying new food.
Especially when its so flavorful and full of spices. Wait up for our next adventure. hehehe
Im so sorry if this post seems super half fu*k. Im super duper tired from yesterday.
I went to Avalon again and i feel like im getting really tired of clubbing. Maybe im just going too often thats why i don't feel the kick that much anymore.
Anyways, i love dressing up for it though. hehehe
Thats my most favorite part. Preparing for it. I wore a NLS dress yesterday and straightened my hair once more. Im really digging straight black hair. And im gonna dye it black or chocolate again. Yes, No?
Me, Jas, Celestine and Chloe!! <3
And my dear confused Ashleigh. hahaha
Will be back again next week! Coming for you S.O.F @ Spider Room. hehe

Its time for my weekly sponsors to take over! Im super happy with my new apparels this time! They're really cute and its a above my expectations since they're from rather new blogshops. First up...
If you're looking for apparels that are really cute and girly, Dizzie Daisies is your right destination! Think pastels, florals, chiffon, lace, velvet, and you'll think of DD ^^
This round, i picked 2 items but Melissa was super generous, she gave me an additional piece! Super sweet girl ^^
First one is the..
Clara's Polka-Dotzy Crop Top in Pale Pink
 As soon as I saw it, i fell in loveeeee <3
Firstly, its polka dots, how cute is that! And secondly, its cropped in a really pretty way! 
Can't wait to wear out for my day out at the beach coming soon. hehe
Next is something a little sexier and sophisticated, its...
Yvette's Velvet Tunic
Its velvet and i love velvet! I chose the one in Ivory White cause I know it'll go well with my vast amount of bottoms stored in my wardrobe. I love the low back design of this top too! Super sexy :)
And the last piece is the extra item given to me! I thought that it'll be nice to show it too.
Shayla's Glitz Top
Now when i look it at, i have no idea why i didn't pick it in the first place!! Thank God Melissa gave it to me, would have regretted not taking it hahaha. I love it! So thank you DD! :)
For more awesome items, check out DD and SHOP NOW!!
Prinzesse is a new blogshop and its their first ever Collection! Im honored to be able to do this advert for them :)
Im sure many people out their rather choose to shop at well established shops over newer ones but you might not wanna turn your head away from this one. 
Prinzesse is handled solely by JovinAudreycia
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And here are the apparels I've picked :)
1) Sweetheart Peplum Long Sleeve Top
So you've seen so many different types of peplum tops around and they're so easy to reach out to. But what makes this top really special are the sleeves and the sexy mesh neckline. I love the length of it too! Pair it with a statement belt over a pair of shorts and rock it with aviators and booties and im good to go!
Next, i received the Floral Long Sleeve Blouse!
Once again, im gonna say it. Im running out of outfits for school, I have a higher percentage of party outfits in my wardrobe compared to proper appropriate clothes for school. Hahaha
So this Floral top would do me some good for school! Its well covered up and looks good just the way it is! Like i said, don't know what to wear to school? Pick a nice blouse.
Lastly, Jovin sent over another apparel as well! So sweet <3
Retro Tribal Shoulder Padding Dress
I have never really worn Orange in my life before but after getting this dress, i'll probably hold that thought and reconsider. haha I love the asymmetrical hemline and how well it goes with my Biker Jacket! Who says a particular outfit has to only look one way? :)
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Shop right away now princess! :) xx

Right. Im done for today! Gonna turn in now, have a long day ahead of me tmr.