Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines' Day, 7th Day of CNY & DIET PLAN.

Heyyo!! How's everyone been doing? 
Here's a little update on what I've been up to :)
Here's Fai and I on Valentines' Day! We didn't really get to spend time alone together cause he was busy djing at The Rink. But it was alright, why do you need just one day to show your love to someone, why not do it everyday?
And it was awesome that he was djing while i was on the ice with my crazy friend Ashleigh. Why? 
Cause almost the whole time, he was playing McFly! hehehehe
Ashleigh & I. No one has a more insane brain then she does. 
Coincidentally, we wore the same cardigan too! Hence, we ended up looking like two bimbos on the ice. Oh especially when we both fell together. I bruised my knee. *sobs sobs*
Ice skating is super fun but gets tiring after a while. Its a great way to tone my legs! A new hobby to pick up? hmmmm :)
Two days ago, i had my last CNY visit for this year. To my Kopo's house (grand Auntie).
And here's my look!!
 Spent a little more extra time to curl le hair which became straighter anyways.
Wearing my new silk bustier top from :)
Yes, i do have A LOT of cousins. You've only seen the grown up ones but i do have little cousins too!
The last time i saw some of them, they were just babies. Kids do grow up really quickly!
After which, I went down to Gushcloud's office for a little CNY gathering. Ate tons of chocolate and chat a little around. But didn't do much cause everyone was engaged in an intense game of 21 :( And i don't gamble but it was alright. I had my Fai Fai by my side the whole time occupying me with things to do. hehehe
Oh and managed to catch up with Shine and Yilin for a bit too. The night ended well :)
And nothing beats spending time with your family. Really. (this doesn't include time spent with Fai, i consider him family too)
It was the 7th day of CNY yesterday and though im not really THAT superstitious, my mom is. She insisted that it was important to have Dinz Dinz as a family together on the 7th day. Don't ask me what for, i haven't got a clue. 
So we headed over to Ambush!!! hehehe. Have always wanted to bring my family there and the time finally came.
This time, i ordered whatever Fai ordered the last time we came here. hahaha
(I actually have a thing about ordering whatever he does cause his food always ends up tasting better then mine)
So here's my Crispy Chicken Aglio Olio!
 Brother's Farmer's Sausages with that oooo so lovely Mash Potato!
 Dad's Rosti with Chicken Sausages
 And Mommy's Seafood Pasta thingy.
Something i'll never eat. hahaha never liked shell stuffs :*
 And a meal doesn't just end like that. I always have room for some dessert! 
My Chocolate Souffle. YUMSSS.
 (regretted eating it after that, was so sinful)
Happy us!!! <3
After which, i followed my parents for some grocery shopping and caught a glimpse of myself in some reflection and thought i gained A HELL LOT OF WEIGHT.
Yups. You would have known if you followed me on Twitter or Instagram.
I was rantly away madly like nobody's business. 
And here we go again.
I couldn't take it and wanted to go for a run almost immediately. I stayed FAR away from the snacks section in the super-mart as soon as i realized that that was the first place i went to as soon as i stepped foot into NTUC. This can't be happening. I've heard of girls gaining weight as soon as they hit 19/20. Is it my turn?? The Fatty Angel has caught me :(
I point all fingers at CNY goodies. Too much indulgence of pineapple tarts and that Chocolate Souffle didn't help.
But I hate HATE HATE running.
Thank God i have two wondering human beings in my life who would put aside their resting time to go for a night cycle with me. My parents and i threw on a white tee each as soon as we got home, pumped our bicycles' tires and headed out for a tour around my neighborhood.
And we made it to our first pitstop! 
Happy me!
And we cycled a little more to out 2nd pitstop! A pretty jetty <3
And im super sweaty by then.
And there actually many couples there. haha late valentine dates?
We cycled for about 2 hours and at the end of it, we visited another NTUC and instead of getting my usual Fruity Pebbles cereals, i traded it for Blueberry Mornings :) 
In total, i lost 763Kcals yesterday night. Bye Chocolate Souffle.
I've set a plan on how im gonna lose weight and get back to the shape i used to be :( Gonna be a little more active and healthier then before and i got my Calorie Counter to help me do it. And for the record, NO, IM NOT STARVING MYSELF. Just gonna stop snacking, choose healthier alternatives and exercise at least once a week. 
And im super thankful to my parents who spent the night with me cycling. In fact, they were a lot tougher then i thought. I got tired so many times and got a little air headed at the end of it. But my parents, especially my dad, didn't feel a pinch of it. 

So that's all for now folks ;)
Let's see how this diet goes! 


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