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NYC day 3, part 1 {SUNSILK SHOOT} x advert-Amebelle

Im BACKKKKK!!! This is about NYC dayyyy 3, part 1! 
Which is the final day i was gonna actually be in New York :( 
And it is also the day everyone has been prepping for. 
THE PHOTOSHOOT with Anna Wolf!^^
Want a little sneak peeks??
Here are some....

Before and After shot of me^^
I absolutely LOVEEEEE this shoot! Its really different from what i always do. HAHA this proves that i am not a robot okay!!! Cause everything was just really natural, nothing really too posy. Just really candid shots like showed off our personality. And it was awesome cause each and every one of us were really comfortable in our own skin and just simply having fun. 

Initially, i thought that i would be really nervous cause it is after all, it is a REAL PROFESSIONAL shoot with such an acclaim photographer that has shot Taylor Swift too!!!
But I was so comfortable, i didn't even think much about how i looked after a while, i just HAD FUN. Everyone around were so passionate and helpful and super encouraging, which made everything a whole lot easier too. It was such a great way to end my NYC trip.

Well, here's a run down on how the shoot day started^^

Woke up early and got ready to head to Hudson's studio for a shoot!! Warning, i had no make up on except for brows so don't judge. hehehe
And when we got to the studio, i was so amazedddd!!! I have never been to such a HUGE studio before. It was so surreal cause the set looked like it just came out from some movie. I SWEAR. Just look at the pictures above, my mom thought that we went to some apartment to shoot the living room scene but it all just a set at Hudson's studio. Its amazing... 
An image of how HUGE the studio is. Pic taken from
The view from the window was spectacular, it was such a great view of NYC. I loved how the sunlight came in too.. I don't know what to say, i was just speechless and SUPER excited.
Louise created a board for us to cross out the stuffs we've done to track us. That way, it was easier for everyone to know what we've done and also they don't have to constantly remind us of what to do. Such a brillant idea!!!
Also, being in NYC proves that EVERYTHING really does happen in New York only. I met so many people who has connections to your A list celebrities and fashion icons. It was just so normal for them to talk about any particular celeb, i just couldn't believe my ears. HAHAHA.

Fashion industry wise, its true that you can never really make it anywhere else unless you're in a city that has Fashion Houses. Like the styling unit of the shoot? They were REAL industry stylist and it was just really inspirational for me to be meeting them and getting styled by them. 
Just take a look at the set up. 

And then it was time for make uppp!!!! :)
Well, a more natural make up first before we got our hair done by the experts. 
Zuhal went first, just look at the amount of people crowding around her while she got her hair done by Sunsilk curl expert Ouidad!
While waiting for my turn, I got my nails done by Vanity Projects!! I was amazed at how fast my manicurist could paint and how precise she was. She gave me foil nails which i've always been dying to do in SG!!!! My reaction when she pulled the foil away to reveal the design was priceless. HAHAHA she and her partner just kept laughing at me.  And i had SO MANY compliments about my nails! WHEEE!!!
While everyone else were getting their hair pampered by their stylist, i was doing something else :)
Marou with her Volume hair expert Teddy Charles
Alla and her damaged hair expert, Tom Taw
And Sherry with her shine hair expert, Jamal Hammadi
I was busy interviewing Dr. Francesca Fusco, scalp care expert :)
Dr Francesca Fusco, a New York dermatologist, and she co-created a “hairfall” variant for the brand. Which was great because i always have hair fall problems! She shared with me some great tips on how to treat your hair well and how to create volume to it without trying too hard!! I am proud to be able to share them with you :) I'll do a vlog on it alright ^^
Mean while, pretty Zuhal was almost done! Look at her curls! They're so define now^^
And that means, it was MY TURN!!!!
I got my hair styled by straight hair expert, Yuko Yamashita!
She sooo adorable! Everybody loves her! HAHA 
It was such a great honor getting my hair treated by her. Though it was difficult to converse with her since she spoke Japanese, she tried her best to give me tips through her actions and through Yoshi! Her translator! He was super patient and really nice too! They're just REALLY nice people :)
My hair was super soft, shiny and straight once we were done!!! I LOVE IT! Thank you Yuko^^
And during the shoot after getting dressed and styled, i pulled her into the shoot too! HAHA She was really spontaneous, it made everything much easier! It was just pure genuine fun!
It was really sad saying goodbye at the end of the day. Thank you Yuko and Yoshi for everything^^
And as long as you're a girl, no matter from whatever part of the world, you'll love to CAMWHORE!!! 
There was a part of the shoot where Zuhal, Anny and I started taken lots of pics. hahahaha
They're both so gorgeous and they make such GREAT friends. I miss them already :(
Being a Sunsilk girl was such a great experience and it will always remain as one the best things that has ever happened to me in my entire life. Who would have thought that i would ever be flown down to NYC for a shoot like this?? Its something that only comes once in a while and I am so glad to be a part of these whole experience. 

I met so many GREAT people, i learnt so much! I learnt to be more independent and took care of myself throughout that whole 4 days in New York. I WENT TO NEW YORK. I never thought i ever would. I met awesome hair experts and co creators of Sunsilk. To me, this was HUGE.
 I guess, i am really really lucky. I can now say, i am a Sunsilk girl. hehehehe

Check this space out again for the next post :):)
I'll be doing a hair tutorial along with some hair tips i've learnt in NYC!!! 
Also a short write up on how my trip in NYC ended^^


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