Saturday, June 1, 2013

Beats Pill Launch X GCweekend X MAESFUCKENBIRTHDAY X adverts- UCS, StylePixies, Unestab

I had such an eventful weekend, literally. 
I was going for one event after another throughout the whole of Friday and Saturday. 
It was crazy but I'm not complaining. 
I love my life like this. I just wished I didn't have school bugging me though. 
So here's what i did :)
Friday, 31st May 
Beats Pill Launch Event
A few weeks ago, Asyiha and I were exclusively invited to the Launch of Beats Pill
 the First Wireless Speaker by Beats by Dr. Dre. 
When i received the email, i was ecstatic! I knew that Fai would be SUPER interested to check the new Beats Pill out since he's a DJ and he obviously LOVES Beats.
And i was right :) 
Freda (GC bloggers manager), Asyiha, Fai and I headed to W Hotel  (p.s My favorite hotel EVER)
and attended the launch event! 

Beautiful view from where we were! Don't you love Sentosa Cove?!
We were so intrigued by the location we took TOO MANY pics. hahaha.
So here's just a few :)
Asyiha and I learning more about the Beats Pill Speaker. I personally love it a lot!!!
I have always just used cheaper alternatives that you can get from flea markets at Scape.
So I was really blown away by how loud and clear the sound quality was from the Beats Pill. 
It's almost as if the music is coming out from a huge speaker but really its just a 4-5 inch mechanism? 
Its amazing. Also! The great thing about it is that you can link your phone to it via Bluetooth! 
Meaning it can go wireless!!
Dress sponsored by

They come in 3 different colors and I walked home with a white one. 
Cause I obviously love white! hahaha
Also, we managed to get a feel on how the NEW Beats headphones are gonna be like!
I absolutely love the material of it. Super velvety and soft, making wearing it really comfy. 
PLUS they come in 5 different young and vibrant colors to suit your personality. 
OBVIOUSLY, I fell in love with the PINK one. hehehehe
From here on, after knowing more about the Beats Pill and their new upcoming headphones, it was time to mingle and socialise! Honestly, I have never really been to such an event before. Where you get thrown into a room with people you don't even know. Or people you really know of but never had the courage to walk up to and say hi. hahaha 
It was scary for Asyiha and I at first cause we were both so shy. 
But after a while, things got better and we had a really good time^^
Before that though, we cam-whored and played around a little. hahaha
My Marilyn Monroe shot! Our skirts were flying everywhere! hahaha
Sentosa Cove is just too beautiful. Its a DREAM place to live at.
We met Boy Thunder and Adam and had a good laugh. 
They are both so hilarious and really nice people. Fai was just chatting to them the whole time, cracking jokes and making fun of each other. hahaha
Of course, a picture with my lover boy :)
Also Hirzi and Munah were there too! It was my second time meeting them and they haven't changed one bit. They were so funny! Everyone were so captivated by them. hahaha
Mark van Cuylenburg, better known as The Flying Dutchman was there too! 
We managed to snap a picture with him too. 
Everything went really well and we had a great time! As soon as we got really comfortable with talking to almost anybody, it was sadly, time to leave. We were off to our next destination, our next event!!
So thank you Brand Cellar for the exclusive invite and the opportunity to meet so many great people.
Also, thank you for giving each of us our own Beats Pill speaker! 
I'm sure gonna use it to its fullest potential. hehehe
GC Weekend!!!
I think almost everyone is aware that every last Friday of the month means its a GC weekend!!!
GC weekend is a way for all of us bloggers, blogger specialist, GushCloud crews, friends and families gather together and just get to know each other more.
Its a GREAT way to bond with each other and stay unite. This way, there won't be any conflicts and we will care for each other and look out for each other more.

This week, it was a little more special though. AngelHack is being organized by GushCloud this year and all the programmers from all over the world came down to GC's office and joined us for GC Weekend too! Plus, it was raining, so we couldn't go to the back alley. So everyone were in the office itself and you can imagine how packed it was! 

It was like a club. hahahaha
Jun Ying & Audrey <3
Hungry bloggers and programmers!
Cute Soupy.
Asyiha, Tyler and I sat out a little in another room to catch some air. hahaha
And it was great that almost EVERYONE were there that night!
Why?? Well, more on that later :)
S.O.F! hahahahah
Freda!! The lady behind all of us!
And here's why we all gathered at GC office! Cause we were all gonna go for Mae's fucken birthday together!!! Yay!!! Finally gonna visit her almost heaven like house and see popeye!! hehehe
Oh how did we get there??
1 guy, 8 girls. WHAHAHA
Illegal bloggers.
The two tiny ones sat in the front seat! 
Poor Joanna, i hope i didn't hurt her. hahaha
Yeah that's how we do it.
Thank God it wasn't a really longgggg ride.
We got to Mae's pretty quick!
Fast then Fai, Freda, Sheena, Shine, Dew in another cab. Way to go Tyler!
Okay ignore my irritating face in the next pic. HAHA
I was just very happy and i like my hair in that pic.
Mae's 18th Birthday
Ta-Da! Off to Mae's!
It was great that she had a photobooth wall where we could all cam whore at! 
Which we obviously did. HAHA
This girl getting prettier and prettier by the day. Sexier also! hahaha
Fai mimicking blogshop poses. hahaha
And FINALLY a photo all together!!
Except Fai :( He sacrificed and took this pic for us. 
And it was great seeing familiar faces! Jordus was there too!! :)
(lol at Fai's trying too hard face)
We went on a tour round her house after taking lots of pics and EVERYONE was so amazed. LIKE HELLO?? Her room is like really nice! So freaking tumblr lah. And i don't even wanna begin about explaining the amount of shoes she has. hahahah
Then I ended up in her kitchen playing with Mi Mi and Popeye. hahaha
But he was so camera shy and looked so sad all the time :(
And finally the time came to cut the cake!!
What a great way to end Friday night^^
Almost everyone else headed off to Zouk after that to continue the celebration.
But i was dead tired from all the events over the course of the day so i went home to rest.

And that sums up my Friday night. Saturday is a different story which I will blog about some other time soon :) Its back to working on school assignments now :(

Hope you enjoyed this post cause i sure did enjoy blogging about it :)

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