Sunday, July 28, 2013

Maybelline {ROCK THE ROCKET} x Mansion x Adverts- W.A.R, ilovecupcakes

It's been a crazy weekend for me guys. 
CRAZY, I have to emphasize. 

First for all, I need to clarify with everyone that Fai and I are alright now :) Up till today, I'm still getting lovely messages from all of you guys out there telling me to be strong and all. Thank you so much for that, it means a lot :) But, Fai and I are much better now. Every relationship goes through their own fair share of misunderstandings, arguments and doubts. We talked things out and he was really patient and kind to me. It would be a HUGE mistake if I let him go. 
I'm really really glad everything is alright now:) I LOVE YOU FAI <3 <3 <3 

And really, thank you to everyone who tried to make me feel better during the tough times. From my two beautiful Charlie Angels, to my Princess, to my GC family, to anyone and everyone who tried and including YOU! My readers <3

Anyway, here's what happened over the weekends :)
Friday, 26th July 2013
I haven't been able to do much photo shoots lately due to some prep for the filming which I can't talk about at all. So Im just gonna skip that part... Headed down to Zouk on Friday night for Maybelline's Rock The Rocket party!! It was for the launch of Maybelline's latest The Rocket Volume Express Mascara. 

It was my third time heading down for one of these launches. I clearly remember the very first one was for the Lashionista launch where I didn't have much knowledge of what Maybelline's vision was. It's almost a year and a half since that night and if someone were to ask me what Maybelline is like, I could tell him/her everything.

The opportunity to work for Maybelline as their ambassador was one of the best things that had happened to me. My blogging career kicked started perfectly with their aid since my very first assignment from Gushcloud was with regards to them. I can actually say that I am in love with this brand. I have always sworn by their mascaras and never allowed myself to try anything else even if a friend persuades me to. 

Thinking about how this partnership is gonna end soon really makes me sad. At the Rock The Rocket event, I was literally smiling like an idiot while a Maybelline video was playing. I was telling Fai how I think I embody the image that they were portraying in the video and was very proud indeed. hehehe.

I guess, I just wanna say.... 
Thank you Maybelline for picking me! 
For all the wonderful people that I've met along the way, for this amazing opportunity. I LOVE MAYBELLINE <3 <3 <3 

Let's get my pictures to do the talking ^^
At Maybelline's Rock The Rocket Party!!!!!
Wearing my favorite new top though it was pretty uncomfortable.
And I don't need no new plus one!!! I'VE GOT MY DEAR FAI <3
Enjoyed the performances and the fashion show! And I absolutely LOVED the space theme.
Managed to bump into Lydia outside before Fai and I left for supper^^
And my OOTD for the night!!
Top: Editor's Market
Pants: H&M
Heels: Aldo
Earrings: Topshop
Headed all the way to town with Fai after to get my cravings satisfied: McWings all Wings!!!!!^^
That sums up my Friday night :)
Saturday, 27th July 2013
Did a shoot for Ellysage on Saturday afternoon and did some prep for the filming again!! After which, IT WAS PARTYYYYY TIME!!! WOOT WOOT!!
Charlie Angels (Jas and Raine) and I headed down to Mansion :)

We were talking about how crazy we used to get during the Helipad days. We would drink as much alcohol as we can even though we were high enough. But its all so different now... We would just drink about one or two glasses of Cranberry Vodka and that's it. And it isn't because our tummies can't take it anymore, we just choose not to. Well....... except this particular night. hahahaha
Well, being upset and all, I went a little overboard with the drinking and had more then what I would normally have. But I still know what I was doing of course. Really not the sort that ends-up-puking-at-the-side-of-the-road kinda girl. But it did make me end up camwhoring a hell lot. hahahahaha
Don't Jas look like an Angel here??? O.O
Wasn't pleased with something though... While Fai was djing, girls in obscene lingeries strutted out on stage!!!! YUP. I SAID GIRLS. Cause WOMEN wouldn't do something like these... I was like.... WTF is going on?!?! It was so gross.... Its funny how Fai and I had a convo about this just a few days ago too. How do girls actually find pleasure dressing and behaving in such inappropriate ways? This was so STOMP worthy. Had more pics but decided to be a little nicer and not expose the identity of the girls.
Oh and did you know?? Almost all of GC's bloggers were at Mansion too!!! Really happy to see so many familiar faces! Made the night even more enjoyable^^
ASYIHA <3 <3 <3
GC family!! Well, just a few here^^ Jian Hao, Asyiha, Kurt and Symone!!
My romper sponsored by the one and only <3
Another reason why I party where ever Fai goes to DJ is because....
No party actually feels like HOME without the PLUSH guys!!! (only managed to capture a shot of 2 of them, hahaha). Well basically, they probably share the same amount of connection to Helipad like I do since that's where I met them and got so used to seeing them around whenever I partied that going somewhere else like Zouk feels really foreign. From Helipad, to Avalon to Mansion, it just feels great having familiar faces around you.
Wayne and Daryl!
We left after a while to check Poptart out at Zouk.... And I am certain that I am no longer that Indie kid I used to think I was. hahahaha. I was really lost... everyone were singing and dancing happily but I just couldn't follow. hahaha. So we left after just a few minutes and went for SUPPER!!!!!^^
What else but Stingray of course?!?!?!
It was a crazy crazy night. Pretty emotional as well but everything ended off well, like REALLY SUPER WELL <3
So that's how I spent my weekend <3
Hope you had a good one too!!!


1) WeAreRubbish (W.A.R)
Oh come on!!!! EVERYONE knows WeAreRubbish and their to-die-for apparels right?!?! From the very first day that I've laid my eyes on this local online boutique, WeAreRubbish aka W.A.R has never ever ever ever failed to deliver!! They're always the fastest in bringing you the latest trendiest items in town complete with absolutely tasteful styling. Feast on your eyes on their models too, they're gorgeous. hehehehe!! 

Here's what I picked out from their latest collection^^
Techno Vibrant Dress
I would be considered stupid if I didn't pick this gorgeous dress. It's such a unique piece that I highly doubt will be sold anywhere else. Whats so awesome about it is that its super versatile! I can see myself wearing this out on a brunch date, or even to a party at night.

Annabel Lace Insert Dress
The perfect cute little date dress awaits you!!! I love this ultra comfy aztec lace dress. It's baby-doll cutting is a must have this season. W.A.R suggests to pair it with a pair of sneakers and I couldn't agree more! 

Now Im gonna burst your bubble.
Unfortunately, the two dresses I've picked are all sold out!!! This shall teach you a lesson: Never ever delay your shopping with W.A.R! Their items get sold out fast! The best way to always be updated with their latest collections is to like and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!
Insta: @wearerubbish

Quick take a sneak peek at their next collection launching on Monday, 29th at 7PM!!
Afraid of shippings rates since you're sure to be getting loads of stuffs?? Well, W.A.R is kind enough is provide you with their flat shipping fee!!! More reasons to shop right? hehehe
So what are you waiting for???
The clothes ain't gonna wait for you! Hurry down to W.A.R now!
2) ILove-Cupcakes

I Love Cupcakes is definitely your one stop destination to finding anything and everything you can possibly think of!! They offer a HUGE range of apparels from pretty floral dresses and rompers to chic handbags and really cute Iphone covers too!! Its so difficult picking out my favorite items cause everything was so pretty and really tempting!! You're gonna be so spoilt for choice.

Here are my picks!^^
Navy Peplum Skirt
A dark colored peplum skirt will always comes in handy when mixing and matching your favorite apparels! This Navy Peplum Skirt is super versatile, it goes well with anything thus being a huge life saver for me!! Its perfect for school or even dinner dates or even for parties! Plus point? Its super stretchy and comfy^^

Mint Cardboard Tank 
This little crop top is one of the cutest things I've ever own! Firstly, I must compliment on its super pretty sea-foam/turquoise color! Ain't it pretty? The cut out details on the shoulders makes it even more unique! Looks great just the way i paired it with casual denim shorts. But it'll look way freaking awesome with a pair of flowly maxi skirt!

For more awesome apparels and updates, like and follow I Love Cupcakes on Facebook and Instagram!
Insta: @shopilovecupcakes
So what are you waiting for?!??!
A really good deal awaits you^^


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