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I'm Selling My Clothes!!!!! X Digital Fashion Week 2013 (TSXDFW2013) X Adverts-FitchSpree, Sassydream

Gushcloud presents: SWAP & SHOP VI
The Christmas Edition
07 December 2013 | JCube, Level 05
11am - 7pm
SGD65.00/booth - Register at now

What up guys!!! I am so excited to tell you that I am FINALLY selling my clothes! I did mention a few post back in one of my "Ask Eunice Annabel" vlogs that I will be selling my stuffs and the day has finally come! I really need to tidy up my cupboard cause everything really falls out the moment I open the doors. I don't even know what is right inside either and I am finally gonna take a day off to sit in my room and decide on what to sell away. 
Mark your calendars guys, make sure you're available on the 7th December 2013, Saturday from 11AM to 7PM! 
All thanks to Gushcloud and the official venue sponsor, Jcube, this year's edition of SWAP & SHOP could be possible!

And what's so special about this year's SWAP & SHOP? 
They have teamed up with some of the key influencers from Gushcloud (SEA's Influencer Marketing Company), e.g.
Eunice Annabel, Xavier Ong, Mae Tan, Eric Lim with blogshops like
AshInCans, Twistpolka, YoungHungryFree!

Expect a booth from MediaCorp Top Artiste, Joanne Peh as well as she helps to raise funds for Charity this Christmas Season!

SWAP & SHOP is the largest flea market in Singapore this 
07 December 2013!
Be there or Be Square.

If you would like to be a part of the flea of the year, simply register for your booth too! You'll never know, I'll probably be your neighbor that day. hehehe. 

Booths are going at SGD65.00!
Register and Click HERE for YOUR BOOTH NOW!

**Early Bird Discount closes on 20th November 2013.
**This is a community event proudly supported by Gushcloud & JCube (Capitamalls).
Digital Fashion Week 2013 
(TopShop X Digital Fashion Week)

Hey guys! How have y'all been doing lately? I'm feeling a little bit better now, no more fever neither am I that tired anymore. You see, filming is gonna end REALLY soon, like just in a couple of days time. I have mix feelings about it... Like, I am pretty happy that I am going to get back on track with my normal life, but its also very upsetting to know that I won't be around the people I've made such a great friends with that often anymore. We have made such an incredible bond with each other and its so sad that I think we might all just cry on our last day together on set. We'll see how things go :)

On the brighter side, with my normal life back on track, I will be able to blog more often, work harder in school, attend more events and.... spend more time with my friends and loved ones. Oh yes, and definitely catch up on my beauty sleep. hehehe

Anyway, one of the latest events that I'd went was Digital Fashion Week 2013! Thanks to Gushcloud and Topshop for inviting some of the bloggers and I to witness their new collection which is out in stores now. If you're wondering what Digital Fashion Week is, its the world's first shoppable live steaming fashion week. Viewers are able to make instant purchase off the live runway!! Online viewers worldwide are also able to watch live #DigitalFashionWeek action such as backstage, pre/post show interviews and runway shows.

It was my very first time attending one of these fashion shows cause I've already missed out on 2 in my life (Audi Fashion Festival 2012 & Fide Fashion Week 2013) and I really didn't know what to expect or worst, WHAT TO WEAR!!!! Thanks to Topshop for sponsoring me my outfit for that day so that I'm able to look my best :) Without further ado, let's get my pictures talking yeah?;)

On the way to TSXDFW!
Fai and I just went looking classy. He donned a suit while I played sophisticated in Topshop's Heavy Lux Strappy Jumpsuit in Nude. I threw on a fur coat, a quitted nude crossbody, my killer heels and dangly earrings, both also from Topshop. Credits to Jaslyn for styling me, it was her idea for the low loose pony tail that I can't get enough of recently. hehehe
Make up wise, I went for this season's lip color trend---Red or Berry if you'd like. The perfect classic color to spice up any neutral tones. And I kept my eyes as how it's usually done, smoky using my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. 
After what seems to be forever, because of the really bad jam that day, we'd finally arrived at our destination :) Hehe, I am somewhat taller then Fai whenever I put on these pair of stilettos. 
Finally managed to catch up with the rest of the bloggers who were already inside mingling around with their cocktails and fancy outfits. Everyone looked so good!!! 
Mandatory shot together with our manager Audrey, who brought us here :)
After a couple of drinks, we were ushered to our assigned seats. Got front row with Asyiha, Tricia, Naomi, Mae and Xavier! Yay!!! Felt super VIP but really intimidating as well. We were all actually really really shy to even camwhore a bit. HAHA. Just look at how formal Asyiha and I were.
And the show began!
I WANT EVERYTHING ON EVERY SINGLE MODEL. A/W collections are always my favorite cause of all the layering and textures but we can never dress like that in Singapore without getting stared at. Plus the heat here does not permits us from dressing like that anyway. So all we can do is ogle... Following images features Topshop's runway edit looks (not everything is here though, some pictures were too blur so I'm not gonna post them :/)
Don't you feel like just heading to Topshop now to get them all?!?! So pretty! The amount of textures, embellishments and bejeweled accessories. TO DIE FOR. Right after the show was done, of course, it was time to take lots of pictures! hehehe.
With my dearest Fai Fai <3 He couldn't sit with me cause he came with the Gushcloud team not as my plus one. Happy to be reunited with him after. HAHA
With the lovely Asyiha <3 I think our outfits look great together! Don't you think? We look like very rich tai-tais that day. HAHA
With Audrey darling! :) New Face Alumnis X Gushcloud! hahaha
Nicole, Audrey and Naomi! :)
And I finally got to meet Rachel & Viola, the inspirational ladies behind LoveBonito!! I was pretty nervous meeting them at first and it felt alright in an instant cause they're such friendly and humble people :) What an honor!:)
With Mae!! <3 She never fail to look so good.
Managed to get a shot with Patricia Mok as well. It was really funny cause the moment I wanted to ask for a picture with her, her friend asked for a picture with me. HAHA.
With Xavier <3 He looks so good doesn't he?
Once everyone was done, we were off to the after party at Topshop Knightsbridge! OOTD shot while waiting for our bus to come and get us :)
This picture has that very New York feel. HAHAHA
And we were finally there! Mandatory group shot once again!:)
Not forgetting the people behind the scenes, 
our Gushcloud managers, designers, sales executives & interns! <3
It was so unexpected! We were just standing around and I'd happened to turn around with Fiona standing right behind me. WHAT THE!?!?!? I freaked out and began rambling to Fai about how gorgeous she is and how I really wanted a picture but was too scared to ask. HAHAHA. I asked in the end of course, hope I didn't come across too weird or anything. Oh gosh, #fangirlmode switched on. I mean she's like the only person in Singapore I would go crazy for. At such a young age, she's already accomplished so much, really inspirational. And crap, I look like shit beside her. HAHAHA
After a while, Audrey went up to talk to Fiona and I sneakily slid in when they were taking pictures together. HAHAHA. Yes, I am officially weird.
Glad to be able to meet Beatrice again. She's such a nice person, really friendly, down to earth and so beautiful!! 
And that's it guys!!!! Whew, pretty long post with so many pictures. HAHA. Thank you Gushcloud & Topshop for bringing me and the other bloggers to DFW2013! Had such a great time and it was an awesome experience. Looking forward to more of such events in the future ;) 

Thanks for reading guys, I will be back again for more excited blog posts! Going for the Gala Premiere of 3 Peas In a Pod later on thanks to Maybelline! hehehe. Will be back again with more updates on how filming has ended. I'll be able to upload behind the scenes pictures taken on set too! YAYYY!!!! Well not so soon, but soon :) hehehe


1) Fitch Spree

Remember that A&F knitted cardigan I was sponsored a few months back by Fitch Spree? Well, they have sponsored me two more awesome A&F apparels this time! YAY!!! 

Fitch Spree is an online pre-order store that runs sprees ordering mainly Abercrombie and Fitch. Hollister and F21 items. Every single item ordered is guaranteed authentic and are purchased by their trustworthy partners in USA and Europe. They have the original invoices with them and they are able to provide a picture of it should any customer be in doubt.

"All our A&F items are guaranteed lower priced than the retail store in Singapore. Why? We order straight from the USA website, which offers better deals. These discounts and good deals are then passed on to you customers, who enjoy the exact same thing you see here at lower prices!"

Here are my picks!! <3
Gemma Dress
This is the CLASSIC A&F dress that I've always wanted. I never got one cause they're just too expensive! Cost SGD$130 in the stores :( At Fitch Spree, its only SGD$68! That's almost 50% off the actual price. It is DEFINITELY 100% authentic and I know because I used to work at A&F. I have always loved the fitting of this dress and it sure didn't disappoint me even after almost a year since I've placed my eyes on it. hehehehe. 

Floral Strapless Top
Next, I'd picked another bustier top that EVERY A&F employee loves! hehehe. Well, of course they don't have this in stores anymore cause of the change of collection. But I remembered how this is another classic A&F item that always gets sold out fast in stores. The fitting is PERFECT and quality is obviously really awesome. Its only SGD$58 from FitchSpree, while its SGD$94 in stores.

More more instant updates, follow Fitch Spree on Instagram at @fitchspree
So what are you waiting for?!?!?!
Quote "EuniceAnnabel" to enjoy $1 OFF each item!
2) Sassy Dream
I always get so excited to advertise for my favorite blogshops so when Sassy Dream requested for one, I was so happy! Sassy Dream offers a wide variety of apparels that its just so hard to pick a few! I am certain that you're already a fan of Sassy Dream, they've been around for so long! So I'm gonna spare the introduction and move on with my picks from their latest C72 alright? :)

Cable Knit Off Shoulder Top
Yes, yes, it's another off shoulder top for Eunice! hehehe. I just love how simple yet beautiful this top is. Really has that sexy girl-next-door vibe that I love a lot. It looks good on its own so simply pair it with any basic bottoms, denim shorts? leather pants? Your call! :) 

Bandage Cross Lilac Dress
OOOOOOO! I am definitely gonna wear this to one of my events next week!! I LOVE THIS DRESS! the fitting is perfect, material is super stretchy and comfy! Don't you think the color is gorgeous too? Can't wait to wear this out! hehehehe

For more instant updates, like them on Facebook and follow them on Insta!:)
Insta: @Shopsassydream

So what are you waiting for girls!?!


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