Monday, November 25, 2013

My First Ever Nail Sponsor: NAILSY X Advert- Pinned Up Closet

My First Ever Nail Sponsor
Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, Blk 716 #01-4028b 
Singapore 560716

Hello girls! So everyone's been asking me why I haven't gotten my nails done for so long or why I don't have a nail sponsor. Well, I'm gonna finally address it and introduce you to my VERY FIRST nail sponsor!^^

Well, I haven't gotten my nails done for really long due to filming. We aren't allowed to paint them or basically change how we look at all. That's also another reason why I haven't dyed or trim my hair at all. The reason being, some times we shoot the SAME scene on DIFFERENT days or different locations. And that time apart could even be up to weeks. And ask yourself, what if I had my nails painted in the first week and they were gone in the next week? Wouldn't that be a flaw in the movie?

It's okay if you don't get it cause I didn't get it in the beginning either. HAHA. The point is, I haven't pampered myself to a manicure or pedicure for almost 4 months now!!! So the moment I was approached by Nailsy for this sponsorship, I'd jumped at the opportunity. I was so happy to finally be able to head down to their shop and prettify my nails. hehehehe  

As shown in my Instagram picture below, I got a Gelish Bejeweled Houndstooth design on black base. I know it is really different from what I would usually get but I really wanted to try something new and it's already the Winter season, so its a must to stay in the Christmasy trend. hehe
Anyway, in case you're wondering, Nailsy is a pretty young start up business owned by Sharon, my manicurist (the owner of Nailsy). I was so amazed to find out that she's SO YOUNG and already super independent. The plus point about her? She's SUPER NICE and REALLY FUNNY. We became friends immediately after my session was done. In fact, I'd put all my trust into her while deciding on what to design to go for. After all, she is the expert so I literally just sat back and relaxed while she was busy working on my nails.

And the place was really comfortable too! Here's some pictures of how it looks like on the inside. It may be small but it feels really cosy. What I love so much about it is that homely feel I got while I was there. With Sharon's humility and sense of humor, I felt super at ease getting my nails done.
Most importantly, in case you're wondering, Nailsy is located at 
Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, blk 716 #01-4028b 
Singapore 560716

It's a cosy little shop that looks like this! How cute is that?? Looks like a mini getaway club house.
Finally, I have pretty nails now! Goodbye to boring plain unpainted nails. Even though my nails may not be as strong as before due to constantly applying Gelish in the past, I'd still decided to go for Gelish once more this time. This is simply because Sharon assured me that she will be very careful with taking care of my nails. That really put me at ease so I can't wait to come back again soon for another round. Probably for an X'mas or CNY design this time ;)

For now, I really love how versatile my nail art design is. Everyone who've seen my nails are in awe with how much bling there is on them. HAHA. All thanks to Sharon for being really generous with beautifying my nails with lots of blings. hehehe
If you would like to visit Nailsy for your next manicure or pedicure, simply make an appointment with Sharon by contacting her at 9147 6181

For updates on monthly promotions, simply text her at the same number to constantly be updated! 
You don't wanna miss out on the next Nailsy promotion coming your way this Chinese New Year starting from 1st December onwards! Check the banner below for more details ;)
Can't wait for more manicure sessions, the design possibilities are endless! I'm already planning what to do next. hehehe! And that's it for now guys, its time for me to turn it cause it's already like 12PM and I have school later at 9AM :(

Thanks for reading!

Pinned Up Closet
I am certain that Pinned Up Closet (PUC) is no stranger to you girls! Established in 2012, Pinned Up Closet is an online boutique based in Singapore. They offer a wide range of clothes and accessories from vintage to rock to chic.

"Our team handpicks every apparel with care for it's style, comfort and quality to ensure that our customers get the best of the best!"
And have you checked out Pinned Up Closet's new arrivals yet? It is loaded with lots of unique pieces that are sure to catch your attention. Here's what caught mine^^

Jacey Pleated Spag Top
This is such a versatile item! It is definitely one of the MUST HAVE items this season. I mean its basic but only better thanks to its pretty little pleated textures. Goes well with anything and its super comfortable too!

Crossfire Top
I am so sure that this top has caught your attention cause it sure did catch mine the moment I saw it. Its one of my TOP picks from this collection. Firstly, I love how it is cropped so that it'll go well with all of my high waisted skirts and shorts. Secondly, its effortlessly chic. Once again, another piece that goes well with anything!
The items that I've featured have already been launched in their latest "Adrenaline Rush" collection! So hurry up and grab what you can before they all go OOS! 

Input "eunice10" as a DISCOUNT CODE and receive 10% off your total bill! 
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*Discount Code does not apply to sale items!*

Also don't forget to "Like" them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram! Heard that they will be doing some awesome Instagram Competitions.
Instagram: @pinnedupcloset



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