Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tiffany&Co. Christmas Tree Light Up with StyleXStyle! X Advert- Earthdoll (MissQueenie)

Tiffany&Co. Christmas Tree Light Up with StyleXstyle

Christmas is just around the corner and I am certain you're starting to feel the spirit. Just a few days ago, I had the privilege of getting kissed by Fai under the Tiffany&Co. mistletoe along with the other gushers. After which, we proceeded to the atrium of Taka to witness the Tiffany-Takashimaya Christmas tree light up. 

Like every event we have been to, it was a joy to be a part of it. Thank you StyleXstyle for having us and also, HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!!! Definitely looking forward to more awesomeness from StyleXstyle in the future. I am certain that anything is possible with the optimism and perseverance of StyleXstyle's fronting lady, Sharon Au.

Without further ado, here's how the event went!^^
Au Natural wavy hair is definitely IN for the season! That's why I've been curling them diligently every day! Wore my hair in exactly that manner to the event paired with my new shimmery green pullover from H&M and a gem necklace from So much X'mas spirit yah? hehehe
Mandatory group shot in Tiffany&Co itself with the lovely and passionate Sharon Au. We were all waiting for our turn to kiss under the mistletoe. You can watch us doing so on StyleXstyle TV soon! ;)
And of course as bloggers, its only natural that we take LOTS of pictures whenever we're just waiting around. hehehe. So here's a collection of pictures with my fellow gushers <3 <3 <3

Jamie <3 I absolutely LOVE the faux fur on her that day.
My fellow Slackerhell, Jeremy Hellven. He's probably one of the people in 2013 that I've fostered a great friendship with. We became really good friends during filming and it was heartwarming seeing him again. Oh and how did he get that nickname "Slackerhell"? I'll talk about it in some other post soon. HAHA. And yup, in case you're wondering, I am "Slackerbel". hahaha
With Jeremy & Kife!^^
I LOVE THIS PICTURE OF JOANNA AND I. hahaha. Super candid and she looks really pretty right?
With Sophia! Feels like forever since I've talk to this girl and as usual, she looks stunning!^^
With Jolene and Lucinda, I am certain you know them from Really look up to this pair of sisters, they're so humble and really friendly!
And finally a group shot together at the Christmas tree light up celebration. It's always gonna be a huge group of us. HAHAHA
Got an opportunity to take a picture with Jade Seah as well! She's even more stunning in real life. Not to mention, really tall too.
HAHAHA. My dearest boyfriend secretly took this picture using my camera while I was away. Looks like Xavier is enjoying it though.
Once again, another favorite shot of Joanna and I. Really love this girl a lot. Fai and I agree that's she's one of the nicest people around. Oh wait, I think I've mentioned this before some time back. HAHA
Feeling super excited for the LIGHT UP!!!!
And Xuen spoiling my picture -.- 
Xuen & Xavier <3 
Gushcloud don't only have female bloggers all the time. Its nice seeing our male bloggers together once a while. They look like they can form a boy band. HAHA
With Audrey darling <3 
And of course, MY DARLING. HEHEHE
We were both purposely dressed in green for the night. The white shoes were coincidental though. 
AND FINALLY. The tree was lighted up. Don't you think it looks beautiful?? It's so freaking huge! I've always been in awe with Christmas trees along Orchard road and I don't think that fascination will ever go away.
Managed to grab a picture with Eunice Olsen. All my life, people have been calling me "Eunice Olsen" simply because of my name. And here I am finally meeting her in real life. She's still gorgeous as ever!
With Daniel from StyleXstyle! Thanks to Sharon and him, I was given the opportunity to walk the runway for Asia Style Collection a few months back. It was great seeing him again that day!^^
Also got to grab a last minute picture with Henry Golding. You've probably seen him on ESPN, National Geography or Channel News Asia. Such a charismatic guy! No wonder everyone who knows him personally seem to love him a lot!
And that's it folks! 

In case you're wondering, here's a low-down on my outfit details ;)
Shimmery Knitted Pullover from H&M
Bejeweled Necklace from
Houndstooth Skirt from Bershka
White Steve Madden Inspired Stilettos from TaoBao
Bracelet from Victoria's Secret

I'll be back again tomorrow to talk about my visit to the Victoria's Secret Holiday Pop Up store launch event! So watch this space guys :) Thanks for reading once again.

Earthdoll (missQueenie)
Earthdoll is an online boutique established since 2007 with a flagship store situated at Bukit Panjang Plaza. They were formally known as missQueenie and have been offering a wide variety of apparels till date. It was a pleasure working with them recently for a shoot, I got to keep some stuffs. So here are my picks!^^
I really love this classy looking top from Earthdoll. Don't you think it's really feminine and sophisticated? Its an awesome top to wear for casual Sunday brunches. Keeps you feeling comfy yet stylish at the same time without trying too hard.
Next, I went for another basic shirt. I'd like to believe that this style is really Miranda Kerr inspired. Its chic, comfortable and classy all at the same time. I've been looking for a shirt like this in this exact colour for so long and now I have it!! It's really versatile as well so you can turn to this shirt any day if you're lost at what to wear!

Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for more details! ^^
Instagram: @earthdoll
They'll be launching a new collection soon! So make sure to check them out regularly :)


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