Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Last Few Words About School X Adverts- MIYOC x XX-VOGUE x VOGUE AVENUE

Alright. It's reflection time. 

As you all know (or probably still aren't aware of), I've kinda already completed school. Well, I haven't exactly graduated from poly yet but I've completed all of the necessary classes and modules, and I'm left internship that is to be held from 21st April to 11th July. Yes, only 3 months and I'm actually really looking forward to it because I'll get to work along side my bbgirl, Jas! hehe. Perhaps I'll only talk more about it when I'm at it since I still have about a month more to unwind.

Looking back, I do have quite a lot of regrets over certain things I've done or haven't done in poly. And I thought that maybe I should write about it so that perhaps it will help you in your poly life. I am aware that a percentage of you have already been through it so maybe you might be able to relate to certain events that it'll be mentioning. But for those who are graduating from secondary school and stepping into the next stage of your life, maybe you might wanna read on and plan your years in poly well so that it'll be far more fruitful and enjoyable then what I've experienced.

First of all, many people have been asking me if I'm going to further my studies. Honestly, I really don't know. At the moment, tons of opportunities are getting thrown at me and it's tough to plan a straight route when there's so many other paths to take. 

In fact, I hate studying and even if I further my studies in a university, what course do I pick? There is no way that I'm going to continue studying fashion because after what I've experienced over the past 3 years with it, I just don't think its worth it anymore. 

And here comes my first point. I urge you guys (if you're entering poly next year or something) to pick the right course properly. Think about it throughly and make sure that you can see yourself in that industry 5 years down the road. Whenever, there's an open house for it, make sure you ask LOTS of questions. Don't be afraid to irritate the students there with questions because ultimately, they're graduating and leaving the school, while you're entering and probably going to suffer in if you don't prepare yourself for what's to come. 

Some questions that I wished I'd asked.

- What modules will I be required to take?
School was pretty alright for me during the first year because everything was all about art, you know, painting, sketching, all that hands-on work. They called it "foundation" which helps one a lot in becoming a better designer. It was fun and relaxing, and since I'm more of a hands-on person, school was great for me then. 

My impression changed a year after when we were required to do accounting stuffs. You know, all the Profit & Loss statements, Open To Buy plan, etc. I wasn't prepared for this and I specifically chose my course (Apparel Design & Merchandising) because I thought I could finally put math behind me. That's when I started struggling in school and I found myself to be one of the weaker students. I felt so disappointed and many a times, I'd wanted to quit school. 

Of course, I found a way through it and everything ended well eventually. But I guess if I knew earlier that I would be required to do something I've always hated, I would have been a little more prepared to face it. Or maybe, I would have chosen another course altogether! So know what you're in for. Cause whatever I did? I didn't sign up for it.

- How long am I expected to stay in school to complete an assignment?
I am aware that many of us are committed to a job or a co-curricular activity that takes up a lot of our time. Most often, these activities happen after school. But what happens when school takes up your entire day? 

It is very important to ask how long a student is required to stay in school to complete his/her assignments. This may be more applicable to design students because most often, you'll find that your assignments are pretty hands-on and you'll need the equipments that are only available in school to complete them. Take my course for example, the fashion design students stay in school even past 9PM to complete a set of garment simply because they need a sewing machine to do it.

With so much time needed to get that grade, it'll be better if you're not working or you're not involved in any CCAs. With that said, if you're the sort that can't put those extra activities aside, then maybe you should consider another course that isn't so time consuming.

- How much money am I expected to spend on projects?
This is something I am certain that MANY design students wished they knew about before picking a design course. Always keep in mind that the moment you leave secondary school, you're no longer just a kid. I remember how I felt so lost in poly because poly lecturers don't do things for you anymore. You can't just go to your lecturer and ask them for help. Everything has to be done on your own and that's when you'll realized that you're a young adult. It's scary at first but it really teaches you how to be independent.

With that said, it also means that whatever cost you're going to spend on your project, comes from your own pocket. I'm warning you that buying materials for a project costs a bomb, especially if you're a design student. I mean even if you're not, try calculating the amount of money you've to spend on printing stacks of paper over a span of 3 years.

I have friends who've spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on just they final year projects. Fashion designing course aren't cheap. Fabrics are expensive, you have to think about the money you'll need to hire an agency model, and even printing ONE board of a compilation of your work already cost over 50 bucks. No one knew that this was going to happen. So I urge you all to really ask how much
money you'll need to put aside for projects. If the cost is high, fret not, you can always look into getting financial assistance which will help a lot. Trust me, I wouldn't be able to survive my course without it.
Once you've settled into the course of your dreams, be prepared for the next 3 years. Poly is nothing like secondary school. You'll realize that everything is rather project-base and there isn't such thing as "class spirit" like what you're probably used to in secondary school. So if you're always alone, chances are that it'll be tough for you to find a group to work with for your projects. So, remember to be open to making new friends cause if you don't, you might just end up like me- the girl who sits alone at the back. HAHA.

Seriously, I didn't quite enjoy my poly life because I was too caught with my blogging/modeling life. I was always the first to leave class cause I always had to rush for shoots or events. I'm always blogging in class as well which makes my interaction level pretty low. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I sat down for lunch with my classmates. I was always alone. I couldn't engage myself in school activities which made me appear rather aloof. And honestly, I just didn't think that poly was a place that I could truly be myself. And that explains why I'm always tweeting things like "I hate school...". 

If I could turn back time, I would change the way my life was in poly. On the surface, everything seemed to have went really well for me as a blogger, but when I'm in school, I'm a totally different, insecure and lonely person. HAHA. Seriously. Fai would always get random texts from me telling him that I'm alone and I just feel like going home. And being a blogger, I do get recognized in school as well which makes it even harder because I had to put on that smile even though I was just really down inside. Oh wells, I'm glad that it's all over!!!

Here's a tip from me though. Start your poly journey right. Do the right things. I know that as a teenager, especially when you're 17, you tend to get a little bit more rebellious and experimental. And it is important to have a good reputation when you're venturing into a new school. Truth be told, I didn't really have a good start as a freshman in Temasek Poly. I didn't think before committing certain things which were inappropriate and I had to go on for the next few years living in embarrassment in school. Though things got better after a while, it's still something I wished I hadn't done. So take it from me and make sure that you don't do anything that will leave you in regret.

On to my next point.
17 is probably the age where you might wanna find yourself a boyfriend. Let me be the first to tell you that that should be the last of your worries. It's really not easy juggling between school, homework, boyfriend, me-time and family time. Honestly, I think that young relationships often end up in heartbreaks so there's no point wasting your time on something that isn't going to work out eventually. Because all that emo-time and crying will affect your school grades and it's not worth it at all!!! BUT, with that said, there's still a percentage of couples that make it through. So ultimately, it's up to you. This is just my opinion.

Next, let's talk about MCs. Back in secondary school, I would often get my mom to write a letter whenever I didn't feel like attending school. That didn't cost anything so it became a habit that I'd brought along with me into poly. It was a mistake because in poly, you can't just submit a letter from your parents. Only an MC is valid. Since I couldn't kick the bad habit, I found myself faking illness and spending quite a sum of money on getting MCs. It's something every student have probably done but I seriously don't think anyone can beat my record. HAHA. I was queen of "ponning" because I just hated school and want nothing of it. Looking back, I think that the amount I've spent on MCs could have gotten me something more valuable. So tip from me, don't do it!! Unless you're really sick.

AND THAT'S IT!! I've written more then I'd intended to. Basically, just participate, enjoy school while you can because it'll be over really soon and you can't go back in time anymore. Make friends from other courses as well, you never know when you might need their help. 

Thank God, I met these two girls though :) Though I'm always missing from their lunch dates cause of my busy schedule, they'll always understand.
AND IT'S OVER!! SCHOOL IS OVER!! My last few selfies in class.
Hopefully, the next stage of my life's better :)
Thanks for reading. Love y'all!!

Eunice Annabel

1) Miyoc Online
"MIYOC is a multi-label concept store, featuring unique selections from Singapore's trendiest online fashion labels. MIYOC has a diverse mix of fashion concepts, offering you all kind of styles suitable for fun, work and play."

I am certain that Miyoc is no stranger to you! It's a lot easier to shop at Miyoc since they host a wide range of exclusive designs from all of your favorite blogshops under one roof. What's even more awesome about them is that they refresh their collections on a weekly basis! Thus, ensuring you a brand new wardrobe experience with every visit.

Now, you don't even have to head down to Miyoc's physical store to enjoy all these greatness! They're available online:) Here are my picks.

Flutter Candy Romper in Black
Wore this during my stay in KL and it was super comfy! It's actually from Rackandbone and you can find it here http://www.miyoconline.com/shopping.php?mode=B&var=5133. More colours awaits you, you'll be spoilt for choice! Such a versatile piece that looks good for ANY occasion.

Next, I got myself this pullover from Chapter4. Really comfy outerwear that isn't too thick! So you can wear it in sunny Singapore without feeling too hot in it. Looks great paired with ripped denim shorts or do it like me and pair it with leather shorts for an edgier appeal.
Like and follow Miyoc on Facebook and Instagram for more updates!
Instagram: @Miyocstore

They're also available physically at the following outlets:

-MIYOC- Jurong Jcube #04-14
2 Jurong East Central, Singapore 609731

-MIYOC- Orchard Central #05-12
181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896

2) XX-Vogue
"XX-Vogue is established in 2014 by 3 ladies – Cynthia, Desiree and Joanna. It is set up for a simple reason – to bring stylish and fashionable apparels to women through an online shopping platform.
XX-Vogue shall be the top of mind selection for ladies when it comes to fashion. Be it causal, formal or party dresses, you will definitely be able to find the best fit from our website."
Only their 3rd collection and they're already a big hit! XX-Vogue offers the trendiest apparels that gets sold out really fast. Fret not, they've open backorders for tons of your favorite stuffs! Here's what I'd picked!
Denice Mesh White Dress
I LOVE THIS DRESS! I knew that mesh-inserts are gonna be a big thing in 2014 and they're finally here! And I love it more then ever. This dress looks really "clean" and has that futuristic look. A statement piece that you'd wanna get your hands on.
Paige Peplum Top in Black
Next, I'd received this elegant off-shoulder peplum top. I love how it gives off this sophisticated vibe and it's so versatile! Not only is it pretty, it's really comfy as well. Wear it for any date and I'm sure your other half will love it too.
Like and follow XX-Vogue on Facebook & Instagram for more updates! ;)
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Shop away ladies! ;)
3) Vogue Avenue
"Energetic, fresh and vibrant online boutique based in Singapore. Vogue Avenue deeply understands the love and affection in you girls towards style and fashion." 

Ready for more awesome apparels by Vogue Avenue?? Allow me to give you a sneak peek into what they're going to offer you on the 26th March! I am certain that you'll love what I'd picked. By far one of my favorite collections. hehehe

Don't you just LOVE the colour of this dress?!?!?! Such an awesome statement dress that's not only gorgeous but super comfy and versatile as well! I knew that I was gonna take this home the moment I saw it. I love everything about it. Highly recommend you guys to keep this piece in mind :)

Next, I got this gorgeous maxi dress! What's unique about this piece is the neckline in the front. Usually, dresses like this have a basic neckline but this one kinda has a v or a sweetheart shape that makes the entire dress a little more flattering. By far, one of my favorite effortlessly gorgeous statement pieces!

Check Vogue Avenue out on their Facebookto get first hand updates on upcoming events!
Also, follow them on Instagram as well at @vogueavenuesg

**And in case you didn't know, Vogue Avenue has a "Rewards" system whereby, with every purchase of $1, you will be entitled to 1 VA point. For every 20 VA Points accumulated, it is equivalent to $1 credit! (as stated in screenshot below)

Head on down to http://www.vogueavenue.com.sg/ and click on the "Rewards" icon on the top right hand corner of the website to find out more^^
Vogue Avenue merchandise also available at:

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Blogshopping - JEM #04-07 
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