Thursday, March 6, 2014

L'Oreal Color Riche: Sumptuous Color & Luxurious Moisture

L'Oreal Color Riche
Sumptuous Color & Luxurious Moisture

Everyone's always interested in what sorts of make up I wear, lipstick in particular. Way before I was given this opportunity to try on a wide range of L'Oreal Color Riche lipsticks, I was already a faithful user! If you noticed, I've been wearing L'Oreal Color Riche lipstick in the shade "Touch Of Amaranth" (P511) for a long time now. It's definitely my favorite go-to lipstick that I wear almost everyday. 

To be honest, initially I got mine because I was really drawn into the packaging and I just felt the need to own a lipstick with an opulent gold body. But after trying it on, not only do I love the packaging, but I was really impressed by the vibrancy of the color and how moisturizing it feels.

Different occasions, all in which I was wearing Touch Of Amaranth!
If you've been following me and reading my blog often, you would have realized that I never leave my house without lipstick on. I think that lipsticks have the capabilities of changing the way anyone look and it definitely gives one a lot more character and personality. For example, wearing a natural lip color like L'Oreal Color Riche "Dewy Beige" (EP 402) would allow one to look elegant and classy while a lipstick with more pink undertones like "Pink Retro" (M405) would inevitably bring out the youthfulness in anyone!

I adore lipsticks so much that I have a huge collection of them that could last me a lifetime. But that doesn't stop me from getting more because every lipstick is unique in it's own way and they all have different benefits. Also, it allows me to have more options whenever I get dressed for a night out with my girlfriends. When it comes to cosmetics, it's NEVER enough!

Everyone has their own preferences and I am aware that quite a handful of ladies nowadays rather opt for a matte lipstick over the usual glossy/shiny finishes. To those ladies out there, you'll be delighted to know that as of April 2014, L'Oreal Color Riche will be offering 10 Moist Matte shades! YAYYY!! To be honest, I've always been a little skeptical about matte lipsticks because I'm afraid that it would look dry and unappealing but fret not everyone! L'Oreal Color Riche Moist Matte ranges are all enriched with Jojoba oil that ensures a flawlessly smooth glide. After trying it on, I'd realized that they feel just as moisturizing as the classic Color Riche range. In fact, I have a favorite shade now and it "Cherry Crush" (P502)!! More details on that later ;)

Enough talk for now, here is how the L'Oreal Color Riche lipsticks look like! On the left hand side of this picture are the Color Riche range (available in 15 shades) that are packaged into that beautiful shiny gold body. They are really long lasting and give a satin finish. On the other side, are the Color Riche Moist Matte range (available in 10 shades) packaged into a gun metal-like body! They give a matte finish but still have a velvety smooth glide thanks to the ultra moisturizing oils infused into them.
Now, I am going to show you how I create different looks for different occasions by just changing my lip color using the L'Oreal Color Riche lipsticks in both Color Riche and Color Riche Moist Matte!
Preppy School Girl. 
I love my "Touch Of Amaranth" lipstick and though it looks great for everyday wear, it might be too loud for school. As mentioned earlier, I now have a new favorite shade from the Moist Matte range called "Cherry Crush"(P502). It's a sweet light pink shade that is perfect for school! And you can tell from the following pictures that though it is from the Moist Matte range, it still looks moisturizing and has a velvety finish unlike most matte lipstick that often appear dry.

"Cherry Crush" is a versatile color that would look great with any sort of apparels. I think that it is essential for every make-up lovin' girl to own a pleasant sweet pink lipstick. And I'm happy to say that I've found my perfect one :)
Long Night Out
Another irresistible shade that I've picked out from the Color Riche range would be "Viva Red" (R513). I am a huge fan of red lipsticks and I love how they have the capabilities to transform a girl next door into the most vivacious woman in the room. Whether I'm going out for a couple of drinks with my girlfriends or going on a special date with my boyfriend, "Viva Red" brings on the mood in the snap of a finger. It's an efficient way to change your look on the go.
See how easy it is to transform your look in an instant? Show us how you do it by taking part in the L'Oreal Color Riche #iamtransformed challenge!!!

Here's what you need to do!
Step 1: Follow @lorealparissg on Instagram

Step 2: Post a 'makeup dare' photo showcasing how you transform your look (Sexier,sophisticated/edgy) with lipstick. Do include a before and after photo so we can see the transformation!

Step 3: Tag @lorealparissg #iamtransformed #lorealparissg #makeupdare

Week 2 (3rd – 9th March) – Color Quake
·      Think of clashes and contrast! It can be within the lips or a clash of colors between your lips and eyes.
Week 3 (10th – 16th March) – Rock the Red Carpet look
·      Challenge yourself to rock the red carpet look. You take the beauty centre stage because you’re worth it!

10 Lucky winners will enjoy a $200 beauty kit ;)

All L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipsticks are selling at $21.90 and are available at Watsons, Guardian, SASA, selected departmental stores and super hypermarkets.
Good luck with the competition and thank you for reading!! :)

Eunice Annabel


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