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STRIP IPL: Removes the Fuzz with Less Fuss! X Advert- RocketRice

Removes the fuzz with less fuss

About 6 months back, I was invited to STRIP for the very first time to experience a new recipe they had perfected for Brazilian Waxing. Today, I am back again for another one of their services, the Intense Pulsed Light hair removal treatment (IPL in short). Unlike my visit to STRIP for Brazilian Waxing, I was a little more excited for this IPL session. I was told that IPL isn't even half as painful as Brazilian Waxing. Don't get me wrong, both treatments are bearable but I'd heard that most customers usually don't feel a thing during IPL

What is IPL?
It is an advanced semi-permanent hair reduction method, which uses specially filtered beams of pulse light to disintegrate unwanted hair from the root. This technique delays the growth of new hair and furthermore, a percentage of hair may not re-grow.

How is Strip IPL different?
Basically, IPL is a treatment that uses low dosages of light and heat to disintegrate hair from the root. It involves a heated machine that not only focuses on removing hair, but brightens the skin as well. With more then 10 years of experience in this field and having worked on more than 500,000 IPL treatments in 9 major cities, STRIP ensures comfortable and trustworthy IPL treatments is are safe and near pain-free. 

The unique thing about how STRIP does their IPL treatments is that they use a special technology called Gradual Heating System. Unlike other beauty salons, they make sure that the heat from STRIP’s IPL machine administers small doses of energy that's accumulated through the treatment to reach the target level to destroy our hair follicle. builds up gradually. In This way, you won't be able to feel any shocking pain. "Less Pain with Plenty of Gain!" The light, which converts to heat, then effectively weakens hair follicles. This result in a delay in the new hair growth and after a couple of sessions, a percentage of hair may not grow back!
IPL can be done almost anywhere not just the Brazilian areas. It can help to target other areas such as legs, bikini line, back, underarms, arms, upper lips etc. I think I might wanna try IPL on my hairy arms next time. hehehe. In addition, IPL also reduces in-grown hair issues and uneven pigmentation for clearer, smoother and rejuvenated skin.

Anyway, after a session, you can be assured that hair grows back really slowly. Trust me on that. It's been a week since my visit and nothing really significant has grown. And even if it has, the hair is noticeably lesser and thinner. It takes about only 6-8 sessions to eliminate all hair semi-permanently. Yay to smooth and fair bikini zone!! You'll be able to enjoy hair-free situations for about 2 years or more.

Visuals time!
STRIP is available all over the island with 15 outlets. They have recently just opened a new branch in the west at Westgate mall. Right next to Jurong East MRT station. 
Aftercare products on display.
This is the treatment room where waxing or IPL sessions are held. Don't worry if it's your first time and you're a little shy. The experts have already worked on tons of bikini bottoms and they're really professional! Trust them and everything will be fine. I remember being really shy during my first visit but this time, I felt really comfortable. I am certain that after a few sessions, it wouldn't bother you that much anymore.
Hygiene is always an important factor that every expert at STRIP keeps in mind. Before every session, customers are required to clean themselves using this pack of wipes provided by STRIP.
I'm all ready for my IPL treatment!
The session lasted for about 40 minutes excluding the prep talk and cleaning etc. I would rate the level of pain I felt about 4 out of 10. It was definitely more comfortable then Brazilian waxing! In fact, it only hurt a little more while the machine was working around the pubic bone area. Everywhere else strangely felt pretty therapeutic. hahaha. 

I highly recommend IPL and if I had to choose, I'd rather go for IPL sessions over Brazilian waxing. As mentioned before, the heat from the machine is gradually increased and you don't feel shocking pain like some traditional IPL machines or how one would experience during waxing. So it's totally bearable and I am certain that you will like it as much as I do.

After about 6-8 sessions of IPL, you will notice about 80% hair reduction, which will last up to 2 years! With IPL, you'll be able to notice a reduction of hair growth after every treatment. The hair reduction is semi-permanent which means that you can now strut across the beach in your bikini feeling confident and sexy! hehe. Not forgetting, it's a lot more hygienic and you'll be able to enjoy a clean and smooth, and even fairer looking bikini bottom!
With my therapist, Michelle, who remained professional throughout the procedure. She was really caring and kept asking if I felt comfortable enough. I knew I was in good hands.
Can't wait to be back! I am amazed by the results. It was a very pleasant experience and I highly recommend you guys to try it out if you want to:) Trust me, I'm not saying this just because it's a campaign where I'm involved in a sponsored treatment, I truly mean what I say in this post.

Prices begin at S$321.00 for underarm and S$642.00 for Brazilian, per session (prices inclusive of GST). STRIP IPL is available at all STRIP outlets.

Also, from now till 30 April 2014, quote 'Eunice Annabel' to redeem $58 IPL Brazilian Trial (U.P. $642)!
Its only valid for first time IPL customers at Strip and is limited to one redemption per customer. It's redeemable at all Strip outlets. Terms and conditions apply!

Thanks for reading and good luck with your treatment!

Eunice Annabel

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