Thursday, July 31, 2014

VLOG: Sunsilk x NYC 2014 (Day 1)

Filming was cancelled today so I had time to edit my vlog! Yay! :D
I wish I'd done it earlier so that it would sit nicely in my previous post about NYC. I guess, this would have to do. 

Editing the vlog made me realised how much I missed it there; or rather, how much I miss just being at peace. The trip to NYC felt like a holiday even though it was meant to be more of work trip. I had a lot of fun during the photo shoots since they were totally different from a typical blogshop shoot that I'm used to. I also enjoyed meeting new people, from the receptionist at the infamous hotel we were put up at, to every waiters we were served by, and every taxi drivers who ferried us around. Everyone I met- whether they hold a huge titled or not in that concrete jungle- were filled with optimism and... love. Never once did any of them think twice about helping us. Every action they did were completed with a genuine smile on their face. That warmth my heart and it made me wonder if Singapore could ever be like that. No wonder my "work trip" didn't feel like one at all. 

You see, when you surround yourself with so much optimism, you tend to feel happier and inevitably, less worried or stressed. When I got back to Singapore, I just didn't feel the same anymore. I was finally home and away from my "work trip" but ironically, I felt even more burdened with work than before. I tried to bring that sort of kindness New Yorkers showed me into my homeland within 5 minutes and, out of 10 people, probably only 4 smiled back at me. Don't get me wrong, I love Singapore and I am a patriotic citizen. But I know it can be a better place to live in if everyone was just a little kinder and friendlier to one another.

With reference to what happened recently, I think the issue could have been resolved easily if people were just nicer to each other. The right thing to do when someone says something mean, would just be to correct the other party nicely. There is no need to retaliate and fight back. Fighting gets us no where guys. It just brings us disharmony and war which causes pain and unnecessary worries. Don't you realise that there needs to be a change in our society? I guess things are only taken seriously here when something really tragic happens e.g. death.. I'm just saying!

Everything happens for a reason and I'm going to take every "problem" thrown at me as an opportunity to speak up for what I believe in. Thanks to this issue, I now know what people really think of me and I am aware of who to trust. It has made me a stronger person and I hope that you, my dear readers, will learn to hold your head up high too when things don't go the way you intended it to. What you get out of walking away from a situation like this feels so much more satisfying compared to fighting a never-ending and pointless battle. 

My mother taught me well and she's my role model. And I hope that as I grow and learn to be more like her, I would be able to be your role model too. That's the whole point of me continuing this blog anyway. I hope that with my influence, a change can be made for a better future. For our future. It's our generation that's gonna be leading the nation in a few more years anyway, shouldn't we take control of how it looks?;)

Sorry for getting carried away and going out of context. hehe. Without further ado, here's how my first day in NYC went :) Enjoy!!!

Eunice Annabel


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