Friday, August 15, 2014

Bye Bye iphone!

Honestly, I was VERY skeptical about giving the new LG G3 phone a try. I've always been a huge supporter of Apple products and I could never imagine myself ditching the iPhone for anything else. I'm certain that all iPhone users know what I mean. You just get so used to it and naturally, overtime; you'd think that iPhone are the best. Even when I attempted using a friend's android phone for a while, I just couldn't get used to the switch! 

I've been using the same iPhone 4S for the last couple of years and it's been great until recently. iPhones can't last for more than 3 years? Well, I mean they'll still work but not as great as the first time you got them. They become extremely lag and Apple comes up with a new iPhone model almost every year! So they diminish in value really quick. Which is why I was actually looking towards getting the next new iPhone model but luck hit me and I found love with the LG G3.

Yes, this is a campaign and you've probably already read about it on other blogs. But I assure you that I mean what I say in this post and if you still don't believe me, come look for me personally. I'll show you that I've REALLY switched to this phone :)

My First Impression
I love what technology does for me but I hate getting my hands on new products, especially on those that I'm not familiar (and skeptical) with. I may be a really active on social media, but I'm definitely not a tech person. Hence, I was expecting the set up for the LG G3 to be really dreadful. It's like starting a whole new relationship you know? You have to save all your contacts again, you have to download all the apps you once had on the old phone, you got to change the necessary ringtones or notifications or wallpaper etc.


But, in the process of doing that, I was amazed by the phone's ability to allow me to customize a lot of things that weren't available in an iPhone. An iPhone's really rigid. There is no way you can change the look of it because Steve Jobs just wanted it to be clean and simple right? But I think time has kind of changed. These days, we all just really want something that's specially and uniquely ours. 

The LG G3 allows me to customize various features and functions. For example, I could change the size of the keyboard, which is AWESOME! If you have fat fingers or man-hands like me, you no longer have to deal with keyboards that are too tiny. Also, there are several ways to unlock your LG G3 unlike the iPhone, which you can only unlock via a code. You can choose to either Swipe, draw a Pattern, enter a Pin or Password, or choose to unlock it via Face Recognition or the new Knock Code, which I'll further explain later.

Apart from all those functions, I was mainly impressed by it's user interface. Android users might laugh at me for saying this because it's probably already available in all android phones long ago, but I LOVE it's "special effects". I have no idea what they're called but basically, I'm referring to the little "magic" that happens when I lock my phone or swipe it etc. It's hard for me to explain here; maybe you should head down to a SingTel shop and try it for yourself.

Oh! And I also love how I can change the font, the typing sound and the way the phone blacks out when I lock it. It's really customization at it's best! And I can't believe I've been using an iPhone all these while missing out on more perk offered by Androids.

A key feature of the new LG G3 is non other than it's 5.5-inch QHD screen. QHD basically means that it offers higher resolution with more pixels, therefore making the overall display look more detailed than ever. I was stunned by not only the size of the screen but of how sharp the images looked on it. It literally felt like I was holding a mini television in my hands. After my experience with the LG G3, I can NEVER see myself using an IPhone anymore. An IPhone's screen is freaking small compared to the LG G3, it almost feels like a toy phone now. hahaha.

Watching YouTube videos and reading articles never felt better.
I really enjoy looking through Instagram now. All of the images look a lot better on a bigger screen in full HD! This helps me a lot as a blogger because to me, it's important to only upload pictures with good quality in high resolution.
I also really like the Rose Gold Metallic shell. The LG G3 is available in various colours but I have to say that the one I own is the best. hehehe. It's exudes some sort of class and sophistication and I don't even feel the need to cover it up with a protector. 

I've read reviews online about the shell though and most of it states that since the shell is plastic, it doesn't feel as premium as most androids like the HTC or Samsung. But hey! Because of its plastic shell, the LG G3 feels really light and I think the metallic coating is good enough aesthetically. It's really up to individual but I'm cool with how it looks.

Another thing I like about it is it's width. It's so slim that it makes my iPhone feel fat. haha! This is great because I can slip it into my little party bags without worrying about it taking up too much space. I think that that's the new trend with gadgets nowadays huh? Everything's getting slimmer. Take the Samsung NXmini for example.
Here's an interesting feature that's apparently new in the LG G3. It's something that's not available in any other phones. It's called the Knock Code. Basically, you can set it to key in any combination to "wake" the phone up. It's cool because it takes privacy to a whole new level since there's up to 86,000 possible combinations! And the amazing thing is you're not required to even look at your phone. As long as the combination is in order, your phone will automatically unlock. Which means that you can "knock" in any space of the screen- it doesn't necessarily have to be in the center, it will still unlock if you "knock" at a small corner of the screen. 
It took some time for me to get used to taking selfies with the LG G3 though. One of the main reasons is because the phone is extremely huge compared to what I was used to. I have to say that a lot of thoughts were put into this because LG came up with a new feature that allowed me to feel comfortable taking selfies with it. 

With the new feature, I don't even have to tap on anything or push any buttons anymore while taking a selfie. All I have to do is raise my hand, wave for attention and clench it into a fist when I'm ready; and a 3 seconds countdown timer will pop up giving me time to prep for my selfie. hehehe. This is awesome because it means that I can always just place my phone of the table and stand at a distance to take a selfie or even a full body shot for that matter of fact! Don't you think this would be great for group photos too?
Here's something else I'm really impressed with. I'm not health conscious, neither am I weight conscious, but I am definitely REALLY conscious about my appearance. There's no denying. I try my best to stay in good shape even though I'm always snacking away on junk food. So whenever I have a chance to walk or climb the stairs, I would. I don't know how much distance I have to complete in order to burn some calories; hence I was pleasantly surprised by the LG Health function.

It basically calculates the amount of steps I've taken and it'll show how much calories I've burnt in that process. This is definitely not something you can find in an IPhone unless you download some app of course. But why would you need to download one when you can already have it in the palm of your hands built into your phone? ;) 
I'm sure there are many more cool features and beneficial functions in the new LG G3 that I've yet to discover. I keep getting new surprises every day!

If you're planning to get a new phone any time soon, why not give the LG G3 a try? If I can switch from an IPhone to the G3 without any regrets, I'm sure that you can too. And trust me, you're really going to love it. I remember being kinda addicted to it the first few days I started using it. Admit it, our phones are our lives, we depend heavily on it, it's the first thing we look for when we wake up in the morning and it's a part of us. Some times, it's good to change to a completely brand new one because it keeps us looking forward to something new in our lives :)

That's all for now :)
Thanks for reading!

Eunice Annabel


  1. Not gonna lie, the cell looks hella sleek!!

  2. That looks like a chic phone. I love the iPhone too so it'd be hard to give up but LG has such nice designs!


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