Saturday, December 27, 2014


Hey guys! I hope everyone had a smashing good time during Christmas, the next big thing to prepare for is Chinese New Year! Time flies so fast, I'm going to be 21 in just a month's time. Sigh... Anyway, I celebrated Christmas with Fai (since 25th Dec also marks our anniversary), we went for dinner, watched a movie and that was it. Sweet and simple, just how I like it. 

In case you're wondering, with regards to the recent drama, Fai and I are fine :) It's never going to stop so we kinda gave up caring about it already. In times like this, you'll realise who's genuine and worthy enough to be in your life. Like I mentioned time and time again, everything happens for a reason. The good will prevail, and may God watch over us all.

Aside from that issue, I posted a picture of my new IPhone skin on Instagram a few days ago and I've been getting a lot of compliments on it! So allow me to tell you where I got it from. And yes, this is an ad ;) But even if it wasn't, and if I found this site on my own, I would have shared it with you guys anyway because I genuinely think it's cool.

As the title suggests, I got a couple of IPhone skins and several nail stickers from BarelyNaked. I know you probably think they're just another company that manufactures low quality skins etc. But I assure you that quality is not compromised with their products. I was surprised at how durable the skins were for both my IPhone and for my nails. They also don't feel very sticky when you first touch them, making it easier for application. With that said, it still held on really long (up till now) proving it's durability.

The skins were all customised by yours truly. I picked a total of about 6 skins for my phone and 4 for my nails. Some of which I had purposely designed as a set so I could wear them together for maximum impact.

The site is extremely user friendly so there's no way you'll get lost. BarelyNaked targets mostly Apple users but you can also customise skins for Blackberry (does anybody use that anymore?), HTC, LG, Samsung and Sony phones. 

The only time you'll get lost would probably be when it's time to get your creative brain juices flowing. I spent almost a good 5 minutes staring at the screen when I prompted to upload a design or picture of my choice for the skins. Don't freak out! When that happens, it's time to look for inspirations. Visit your favourite sites, I think Tumblr's a good option and you'll be surprised at the amount of pictures and designs you're saving.

Here are the finalised skins that I had personally designed.

Clockwise from top to bottom: 
1) A McBusted skin, everyone knows I'm a crazy fan of Mcfly and Busted! (Did you know they combined to form McBusted?!)

2) A Cleopatra skin, one of the greatest Egyptian ruler, I LOVE EGYPT! It's also one of my favourite skins from the lot.

3) I thought it'll be cool to have Peacock feather prints on my phone. I did this for my nails too, can't wait to wear them both together!

4) Palm trees skin. I LOVE palm trees, one of the best things to laze back and look at on a vacation. Really calms the mind :)

5) Tumblr flowers skins. The one I am currently using. There is a wide variety of Tumblr flowers available online! Google's your best friend on this.

6) Cat skin!! I did this for Fai's IPhone 5S actually. 

And here are the sets I did! I am in love with the McBusted set which took me the longest to design.
Word of advice, pick a picture/design with higher resolution for optimum results.

Application is easy peasy! You don't have to be a professional to do it. I'm quite an impatient person and even I could paste the skin properly, which means everyone can too. According to their site, the adhesive is re-positionable, and will not leave any sticky residue when removed. So if you got it wrong, fret not, just remove and reapply again!

The skins are laminated, vinyl decals and made with a patented 3M material. High quality, I tell you. Not those flimsy cheap paper sort you'd find at flea markets. 

Pasting the skins/stickers for the nails were a little tricky though. But if carefully and properly applied, it'll be totally worth it! 

I haven't painted my nails for quite a long time now because they became really weak after applying Gelish for months and I hate normal nail polish cause they never last. So my nails have been bare for so long and I'm glad I finally found a solution to making them pretty without having to do Gelish anymore :)

Application takes a little more practice but once you get the hang of it, I'm certain you'll want to keep up with this technique forever. They're a lot more durable than normal nail polish and doesn't destruct any of my daily activities at all (if applied properly of course). I love them so much I'm already planning the next few designs to customise! hehehe

All you have to do is stick them onto your nail bed, and trim off the excess. File the edge of your nail for a smooth finish. Alternatively, you can cut the ends of your nails off with a nail clipper! That's what I did. And that's it! No down time whatsoever.

And here's how they look like together! PERFECTO!

My international fans, good news! BarelyNaked ships internationally, you can find out if they ship to your country on their site. Don't forget to quote "BNEUA10" to enjoy 10% off all items.

I'm not sure how long the skins will last, but from the looks of it, I think I'll have them on for a pretty long time. I will definitely post a picture on Instagram if I happen to change the skins alright?

Thank you BarelyNaked once again for the collaboration, it was a joy finding out about your site and designing the skins.

Head over to to design your own skins too!;)
Check them out on Instagram at @BarelyNakedSkins

That's all for now, thank you all for reading <3


  1. that flowery sticker looks cute ^^ I want

    1. Go get it!:) Have to customise yourself, just search Tumblr Black and White flowers on goggle for that print :)

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