Friday, December 5, 2014

Best Staycation of the Year: W Hotel Singapore

Hello folks! It's been a weeks since my stay at W Hotel Singapore! I can't believe time has flown past so quickly. As the title suggests, my stay at W Hotel was probably one of the best staycations I've ever experienced. I wanted to go on a vacation initially but with time constraints, Fai and I had to settle for a staycation. But it was nothing short of a good getaway since we were hosted in one of the BEST hotels in Singapore (In my opinion). 

Firstly, I am all for boutique hotels. No matter how grand a classic 5 star hotel is, I'd choose to stay in a boutique hotel any day. (Don't get me wrong, W Hotel is a 5 star hotel too!) I have quite a wild imagination and staying in a hotel (especially if I'm alone) gives me the creeps. But with such modern, stylish and swanky looking interiors and furnishings in my surroundings, I feel totally secure and pretty cool ;)

It was my second time at W Hotel, the first was when I celebrated my 19th birthday. You can read about it here. As you can tell, I have been a fan of this place ever since then. It literally has the kind of ambience anyone would wanna have for their own homes. Well, at least that's what I want to have. haha. There's a classy appeal to it that really gets to me all the time. It's so cool there, I would be happy enough sitting in the lobby listening to their DJ. I guess that's what I adore most about W Hotel - it's the unique taste in design and music that you can't find at any other hotels for sure. Like I mentioned in my 19th birthday post, it's a hotel built for designers, for the modern individualist.

In short, W Hotel is a place for someone who truly appreciates living in art and design.

Here's a little compilation of our staycation!

Since it was so lovely waking up to beautiful sights everyday, I couldn't help but snapped tons of pictures. So this is going to be a pretty visual-heavy post. Enjoy!;)

Stepping into the hotel, you'll be greeted warmly by not just their friendly staffs, but the lavish interior as well. Just look at those cushion covers! They're all so gorgeous.

It's a great place to hang out at night if you're in the area. Especially if you're a fan of House and Nu Disco music ;) Forget classical music, step into a hotel with modern updated beats.

I couldn't leave without taking a picture here!

If you're looking for a place to unwind and relax away from the bustling city, I'd genuinely recommend W Hotel. It's far away from town, deep in the heart of Sentosa island so you wouldn't feel like you're in Singapore at all. For me, the attraction of the entire hotel has gotta be the pool area. It's cyan colour made it look even more inviting, there were more than enough deck chairs for you to lie on and soak in the sun. There were even these cute sheltered hammocks to lie on with bean-bag couches around, perfect for the entire family to chill at.

And of course, I had to try them out! My mind was at ease and if I had more time, I'd definitely just lie by the pool for an entire day. I mean, that's the whole point of a staycation right? To just laze around. hehehe

I came from a channel 5 shoot before we checked in so I was spent and needed a nap. Quite desperately. Hence we headed back to our rooms and woke up about 2 hours later to take a dip in the pool. I'm not sure of this but I think W Hotel has underwater speakers? Or maybe because Fai and I were near the pool's bar or something, but we were listening to music underwater. It was so cool. 

Fai and I love swimming so this was the highlight of the staycation for us. It was very chill, all of the guests minded their own businesses, most were asleep, so I felt really comfortable taking pictures. 

They even provided these floats for everyone to use under first come first serve basis. So as soon as one of them were available, Fai and I swam towards it quickly. hahaha.

We were in the pool all the way till the sun set. hahaha. That's how good it felt.

Now let's talk about their amazing array of food at the breakfast buffet. They offer everything from local delicacies to western cuisines and they all had one thing in common, everything tasted like a million bucks. I'm not exaggerating at all, I really couldn't stop eating. If you ever get the opportunity to dine there for breakfast, you have to try their pastries, omelette eggs, waffles and donuts.

The maple syrup fountain <3

We decided to sit outdoor on the second morning for a change. I'm already craving for the waffles looking at my pictures. It's really good guys, it's crispy and crunchy on the outside but really fluffy on the inside.

What I love a lot about having a staycation in Sentosa compared to staying in a hotel in mainland Singapore, is that you're completely away from the usual lifestyle. Living in Sentosa means living by the beach, so technically, you're entitled to wear comfy, lounge-beach apparels everyday. I was in my bikinis all the time with summery clothes over, things I don't get to wear on a normal day.

Some of the other things we did outside of Sentosa Cove- We had dinner at COASTES, it was my first time dinning there, food wasn't really to my liking but it was affordable and we had a good view of the beach so that made up for it. After which, we headed to Wavehouse for Fai's DJ gig.

On the second night, we went to Mambo Beach Club for dinner. I'll definitely be back for more of their Meatball Spaghetti, it was divine. hahaha. I'm serious, the food at Mambo was really good. After which, we took a long stroll along Siloso beach imagining what ZoukOut 2015's gonna be like.

That's how I spent last weekend! This weekend, I'm going on a real vacation to Bali!! I can't wait but nevertheless, I had a lot of fun at W Hotel Singapore. Thank you so much for having us!:) I've also learnt that W Hotel hosts several pool parties too, there's always one after ZoukOut so everyone can head there after. I'm planning to do that this year so we'll see how that goes. 

To book a room or for more information on W hotel, click here. My pictures don't do justice either, so it's better to head over to their site, you'll fall in love in an instant.

Thanks for reading! Love you all :)


  1. Wow! I can see that you a had a great time there! I felt like I was also there while reading your post (using my magination :) )
    Looking forward on your next post while you are in Bali! Enjoy!

  2. First time visits here, nice blog and sharing, I wish you to have a happy day~ =D

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

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