Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Silkygirl Go Matte Lipcolour

I personally prefer matte lipsticks over glossy ones, and I'm not just saying this because SilkyGirl just sent a bunch of matte lipsticks to me. I've been using matte lipsticks for the last couple of years and I love them ever since I started; though some times I'd switch to glossy ones for a different look. 

I find that matte lipsticks make one look a lot more sophisticated in some way or another. They just scream "business" and I feel that people tend to take one more seriously with it. Which is probably why it's been gaining a lot of popularity among Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet. Matte lipsticks are also a way to make a bold statement. You'll notice a lot of fashion forward people, usually designers or stylists spotting matte lips instead of glossy ones. 

I guess we have all tried matte lipsticks at least once so far and you either love it (like myself) or hate it and never ever want to use them ever again. And you probably hate it because most matte lipsticks tend to make your lips look and feel dry. I know this because I've come across a particular brand that did that to my lips. But being a blogger, I have the pleasure of trying various cosmetic products from different brands and I've found out that SilkyGirl's Go Matte Lipcolor range is one of best I've tried so far.

Believe me, it really is. I'm not just saying this for the money. I wouldn't be talking about them if they weren't as good as I claimed them to be.

What I absolutely love about this range might be a surprise to you. I actually really like how there are only 6 different distinct shades to choose from. You know how it feels like to visit a makeup booth at a drug store and spend hours choosing just one colour. It's quite a nuisance and that's why I've been wearing the same lipstick shade for the past few years. The SilkyGirl Go Matte Lipcolor range only features 6 shades that would give you different looks that you can wear throughout the day. 

When I first tried them, I was amazed at how well they glided onto my lips. They don't make my lips feel dry at all! Instead they feel velvety and the colours instantly pop. They're so vivid and lively; you almost only need one layer. I swear, the colour payoff is amazing and the shades are spot on pretty! I can't decide which is my favourite out of the lot. 

Why don't you decide which one looks best on me?

About two years back, Orange became a new "IT" lip colour. I remember wearing Orange on my lips for almost a whole year in poly because they're a great alternative to Red, which may be too loud for school. Orange also reflects youthfulness and boldest, hence it quickly became a popular shade among lipstick users. Do you see how smooth and velvety the colour looks on my lips? No lip liner was needed to achieve that even tone.

The classic Red lipstick that every girl should own. Do you know that psychologically, men think that women with red lips and dark eyes are physically more attractive? Which kind of explains why the media tend to portray seductive female characters with signature Red lips. I think that this colour is great if you're planning to go for a party or a sizzling hot date! ;)

I wore Siren Red in one of my recent ootd picture!

Another classic versatile colour that is good to own. A nude lipstick is always the perfect lipstick to wear for more formal occasions or even to work! When I was younger, I always wore bright coloured lipsticks and I thought that I would never look normal with nude lips. But my whole perspective has changed recently because I've grown to love myself more and I really like this colour on me! It's very classy and goes well with any outfit I wear.

I wore Nearly Nude with a thin layer of SilkyGirl's Color Junkie Lip Polish in the shade Bubbly Jean for this ootd picture! Really like how the two products mix together.

Argh! One of my top picks from this range - Exotic Wine. It's a plum colour that I've never really worn before so I thought it gave me an entirely different look, which I love! You know how some times you need a bold lip colour but Red can be a little too much? Try plum or in this case, Exotic Wine. It's more mellowed but is still bold and attention grabbing. I really love this colour and how well it complements my skin tone. Also, it looks great with monochrome outfits!

Another favourite from the range! This colour looks a lot like the colour I've been wearing for the past couple of years. It's a sweet rose pink that you can wear everyday! It looks almost natural but still stands out a little thanks to its sweet pink hue. I foresee myself wearing this lipstick a lot. hehehe

Another favourite of mine! I've always been a huge fan of hot pink lipsticks. They were once a trend on the runway and ever since then, they've become almost like a staple. Like Orange, this pink is a great alternative to Red. It's bold, yet not as attention grabbing as Red and it makes one look a lot more youthful in some way or another. And did you know that this sort of pink looks amazing paired with all black attire?

I wore Wild Pink in one of my recent ootd pictures!

All of the lipsticks you've seen above have amazing colour payoff that lasts throughout the day (unless you wipe them away of course). Well, at least they lasted really long for me because I actually use a method which I'll probably share some other time. Also, the reason why the lipsticks didn't leave my lips leaving dry, is because they're formulated with Shea Butter, Safflower Oil and Papaya Extract.

They may be heavyweight colours but trust me; you won't feel a thing with them on unlike some matte lipsticks. Basically, they have a lightweight finish so don't worry about being bothered by a weird thick consistency on your lips.

The lipstick range is fragrance free and carmine free. So it's suitable for sensitive skin! And if you wanna know what carmine is, check out this link. You might be grossed out after reading it so don't say I didn't warn ya ;) 

Oh and the best of it all? They are NOT tested on animals! Yay!!! You can enjoy your cosmetics without thinking about any animals harmed for your benefit.

Thank you SilkyGirl for sending me a bunch of Color Junkie Lip Polishes too! Though I am a huge supporter of matte lipsticks, I like wearing lip-glosses for special occasions or photo shoots. The irritating thing about glosses that I am certain every girl is aware of is that they make our lips feel sticky. Application is also hard because of the thick consistency. 

But you'll be happy to know that these lip polishes don't feel sticky at all! They are formulated with Vitamin E, Macadamia Seed Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil. All of which have individual benefits and I know how awesome Jojaba Seed Oil is when it comes to hydration. With these ingredients, you can be assured easy application and a smooth finish. 


Stand a chance to win a set of products!!

All you have to do is:

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2) Comment on their Giveaway Post telling them which is your favourite shade from Color Junkie or Go Matte and why.

Winners will be notified after 2nd March 2015 on SilkyGirl Singapore Facebook page. So keep your eyes on it for the results!:)

Good luck girls! Thank you all for reading :)


  1. I do love ur review.
    Which one u love the most, nearly nude or mystic rose?

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