Monday, February 2, 2015

The Closet Lover

"A Singapore online store founded in 2007, The Closet Lover started operations with the aim of sharing our love for Fashion.
With the support from customers, we have evolved into an established online fashion store with our own range of manufactured pieces and a fan base of more than 40,000 (and still growing) on our Facebook fan page.
Our items are handpicked with love from around the world, keeping style and the ever changing fashion trend in mind, allowing you to bring out your best!
Looking forward, The Closet Lover aims to brand ourself as a style savvy shopping site, with an even wider assortment of new arrivals weekly and a fuss free shopping experience!"

This is the third time I'm collaborating with The Closet Lover for an advertorial and I am still feeling just as honoured as the first time. The Closet Lover has been around in the industry way before I was even a model. They are one of the major game-players and it is such a pleasure to wear their apparels and promote their brand. Here's a couple of apparels I picked from their latest collection! Perfect for upcoming Chinese New Year :) 

*Premium* TCL Antoinette Tube Top and Shorts
Who says you gotta wear plain old red for CNY? I'm going in this fuss-free set inspired by Chinese porcelain pieces. It's effortlessly stunning so you don't have to worry much about what to wear or how to style it. And for sure, you can stay cool throughout your CNY visitings since you'll be in such a comfy outfit. A bonus point? It's made of neoprene fabric which doesn't crumple easily, leaving your outfit looking good throughout the day.

This dress isn't on their site yet but you have to look out for it! Another CNY-perfect dress if you're not really into tradition Chongsum dresses or anything bold and red. I especially love it's fit! It wraps around my figure nicely but thanks to the extra flap on the front, I can eat as many CNY goodies as I want without having to worry about my tummy showing! The prints are pretty unique too, I haven't seen them anywhere else yet.

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Have fun shopping <3


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