Monday, October 5, 2015

This Is Pharaoh: Pooch's Image

Hey there! This is Pharaoh. Mummy's feeling a little under the weather so I'm taking over for a while. She told me to talk about my grooming experience at Pooch's Image, so here goes! Excuse me if I make any grammatical or spelling errors, I can't type as well as you humans, with my paws.

First of all, I am only 6 months old, and mummy took me home when I was about 3 months old. So I've only had 3 grooming experiences, and I am so grateful that mummy chose the right groomer for me, from the start. I also want to thank the lovely people at Pooch's Image for reaching out to me and showering me with lots of love and attention while I'm at their salon (or rather, doggie spa).

Pooch's Image is located at:

119 Upper East Coast Road 
Singapore 455244

They open daily from 11.30am to 8.30pm, but you can't just walk in cause it's always almost a full house. So it's best that you make an appointment by calling 6344 4044.

I wouldn't know but mummy said that the location is a little too far away from where we live; however we are very grateful for Pooch's Image taxi service! The last time we visited the salon, we were picked up in a really nice car, and that saved mummy a lot of hassle, cause she didn't need to call a cab. And we all know how cab drivers are with dogs like me. They don't really like me to sit in their cars because I tend to fidget a lot. Hence, I'm also really happy with the taxi service because I can do whatever I want and not get judged! hehehe.

Being a dog, I don't really care much about design but mummy said that Pooch's Image interior design, decorations and concept are really cool. The moment you walk into the shop, you'll be greeted by soothing vintage music that apparently mummy really loves. She has a thing for antiques, and that's what you'd find almost everywhere in the shop. It feels great knowing that mummy is happy. 

You can also find numerous framed up certificates plastered against the walls, and it makes me feel safe knowing that mummy placed me in experienced and professional hands.

Apart from grooming services, Pooch's Image is also a pet shop that provides a wide array of doggie food, treats and necessities. Mummy spends most of her time looking through the selection while I'm inside taking a bath. 

Pooch's Image provide safe and clean designated waiting areas for us to relax at while waiting for our turn. 

Oh and that's me taking my bath! According to mummy, this is a special bath. It's called Carboxy Pet Care Bath and Shower Tab. I'm basically bathing in carbon dioxide rich waters, which makes my coat beautiful and healthy from "outside-in" and "inside-out".

I'm going to try to explain, pardon me if I don't make sense; I'm just a dog.
From what I know, introducing carbon dioxide to my blood will cause my body to initiate more oxygen production, which is carried by my red blood cells. This improves blood circulation to my skin, which will make me feel revitalised. All in all, if my skin is healthy, I'll have a healthier coat!

Next, it was time for my full grooming session! This includes cleaning my ears, clipping my nails, trimming and removal of my inner coat. It's not my favourite session because I hate having my nails cut. I've always had a phobia since I was a really small puppy, but somehow the groomers at Pooch's Image managed to do it without me flinching as much. Kudos to them!

Ta-da!!! Mummy's always very pleased with how I look, smell and feel at the end of all my grooming sessions. She always goes "OMG! Hi! You look so clean and white now!" Well, I guess I do look better after my sessions. At least I can jump onto humans without hurting them with my long nails anymore. Also, I can poop better without worrying about staining my butt fur. hehehe.

So thank you mummy for bringing me to Pooch's Image every month, and thank you groomers for taking such good care of me! My fear of going to the groomers is slowly dwindling :)

If you'd like to bring your fur friends to Pooch's Image, you can find out more about them on their fanciful website at

You can follow them on Instagram @PoochImage for more updates!

Alright bye now! Time to go for a walk :)


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