Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Whole Day Planned Out For Me

10 hours ago, when everyone was getting ready for a new day, I was carrying out my daily facial regimes and heading to bed. Before that, there was a whole list of things to do and events to be present at, oh and did i mention? An intense walk out of Wavehouse Sentosa.

Yup, believe me, I walked about of Sentosa. Passed the beach stations, the damn Merlion and even Shrek's Castle. And of course I was with my special someone. Nontheless, it drained our energy and I'm pretty sure whatever we ate the pass few days were all burnt out.

So let me give you a recap of what happened... ... ...

3:30 pm
Curled my hair (which didn't work out in the end anyway) and got ready for photoshoot.

I must say it feels good to be back standing beside the beautiful Asyiha Ams and getting our pictures snapped together. She is by far one of the girls I feel most comfortable modeling with. The clothes, as usual, were awesome and I couldn't decide which to get for myself. The following are the few that i want...

1) White Studded Skater Dress
2) Tribal Crop Tank
3) Black Floral Chiffon Blazer
4) Anna Crochet Lace Cut Out Top in both black and white
(totally love how SS embraces our tan skin <3 )

7:30 pm
After the shoot ended at say about 7? I sat on the floor in front of the mirror and removed my make up and rushed out to get a cab.
I needed to meet some of the NF girls and
get to Zouk for the Maybelline Lashionista event.

Awesome event it was.
But lowered my self confidence a little while watching the fashion show. hahaha.
The models were stunning and tall :(
(height has always been an issue for me when it comes to modeling)

Anyways, my friends and I had fun and managed to get interviewed by XiaXue!!!
I love love love her. Also because she loves pink too.
(just ignore me when I'm being bimbotic)

So once again, I'll be catching myself on hehehe

some pictures we took yesterday at Zouk :)

Sharin (this girl has a fan club) , Xia Xue and I (me looking damn blehhhh here)
Nessa, Tisha, Katie and I
And some steals from the event.

So while the girls stayed on and party,
I took another cab down to Wavehouse Sentosa to meet my pwrince.
As usual, he DJ-ed. I waited.
But it was alright, managed to talk to an old friend of mine and the bored Naomi Neo.

As soon as the clock striked 3am, everything felt much better.
As last I could have Fai all to myself once again.
But noooooo..........
we ended up in a Taxi war with everyone else who were stuck on the island as well.
There were no cabs around at all and after an exhausted hour long wait, we decided to walk out.
So walk, we did.


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