Sunday, August 12, 2012

What I Do Best.

Well, as you all know, I have been in the blogshop modeling industry for 2 years now and perhaps its time to share with everyone a little tip or two about it.

Article in Straits Times Urban about Blogshop Modeling.
I started just after my O'levels in secondary 4 after being told by a friend of mine to try it out. She sent my profile application in to one of the blogshops available but of course it didn't turn out the way we wanted it to. With much disappointment, I decided to sent in an application myself to another blogshop who just so happened to be looking for a model for their new site. (so never give up!!!!)

Till date, I have been modeling for them and the site is still known as

Like every other girl who have tried it out, my first ever shoot was nerve-wrecking. Im pretty sure that my poses were stiff and lack much creativity.
To add on to the worried mind of mine then, I wasn't sure of how much make-up to apply for the shoot.

Over the next few days, the collection in which I modeled for was launched and I looked so terrible in the pictures.
I guess one thing I am good at is probably changing fast which I suppose is one of the important criteria a blogshop owner looks out for in their models.
(nobody wants to pay more for the studio booking fees just because their models change slowly)
Therefore, I was called back and given another chance. hahaha.

This time round, I had an understanding that more make-up is needed to be applied for a studio shoot due to the harsh lighting used.

I have learnt that eyeliner, lipstick and blusher are the 3 most important tools you need in case you're gonna try blogshop modeling as well.

You're gonna need to define your eyes well as one tend to look tired without it in studio shots (unless you're a guy, of course)
Some models would even put on falsies as that helps to give the illusion of a much more flattering and deep-set eyes.

Next up, would be lipstick...
Okay honestly, its not really an essential tool but it helps to exude the particular kinda look for the different blogshops you're gonna be modeling with.

For example, when Im working with, I would usually apply a deep red lipstick since I usually get that "sexy" vibe from their range of apparels and styling.
As for more famine brands such as, I would apply lipstick with a pinker hue that would exude a much more "lady-like" appeal.

Most of the times, it also depends on your natural skin tone.
Im naturally tan so I would often apply some color on my lips and stay away from nude lippies.
It makes me look sick and dying.

Speaking of lippy, I bought some new ones from NYX!!!!!
Please don't ask me what NYX is, I just know that its an online cosmetics brand that offers really cute make-up at an affordable price.

From left to right :
A tangerine hue in LSS 507, A sweet pink everyday hue called CHIC in LSS 563A, and of course a deep seducing red hue called ELECTRA in LSS 513.

Anyways, the final essential cosmetic you'll need for a studio shoot is a blusher.
This is really important as it makes your skin "glow".
Who wants to look like a zombie in their shots right?
So please do adopt a blusher.
No blusher was applied to my face during my first shoot and ta-da!! A zombie appears.

I am also aware that many girls tend to apply bronzer which helps to contour and define their face. Its good.
But i try to stay away from it because less make-up some times is always better.

You could opt for a much more "honey-pink" hue for your blusher to get that natural sun-kissed glow.

Something like this.... ....
over this.... ....
Just to make things clear,
that is not ALL of the make-up you need and neither is it just the ones i put on myself either.
There's so much more to it.
Just to name a few, you still need foundation, translucent loose powder, eyebrow pencils, pencil eyeliners, mascara, highlighters, lip gloss, eye shadow and so on.... ....
Keeps your expectations low for now, I will not be covering those items in this post but probably in the next with a special twist added to it ;)

Now... everybody can look gorgeous and stunning with those cosmetics on.
But always remember, make-up only can only do so much
What blogshop owners look out for is also your ability to be natural and confident in front of the camera.
Which is only possible if you are able to deliver your poses well, sell the apparels and project a good image in the photographs.
So practice, practice, practice!!!

Study the kinda image the particular blogshop is trying to project. Some prefers poses which are much more "edgy" while others prefers poses that exude a "kawaii" feel. hahaha.
And if you're stucked and unsure of where to start looking, just have a look at some of the current models available and follow ;)
Thats why they're called "models" anyway right?

... ... ...

Lately, Ashincans have been away for abit therefore,
I haven't been modeling for them for some time now.
However, we did a shoot last Saturday and I really really love the apparels from this collection!!!
I took a few home with me.. hehehe
If you haven't checked it out yet, please do so.
You don't wanna miss out on it.

Some of my favorites!!!!

Here are some new loots I got this week... A few pieces from Ashincans as well :)

Pink Floral Bustier Dress from Ashincans, Pink Bag from Far East Plaza, NYX Lippies from Orchard Central, Lashionista Mascara from Maybelline.... The rest are just props. hahaha
from left to right:
Fuchsia Skirt from H&M, Pink bustier dress from Ashincans, Burgundy Cardigan from Abercrombie&Fitch, Bustier top and shimmer zipper shorts both from Ashincans.
New PINK stuffs always makes me happy...
So i even changed the whole look of my iPhone and make my nails look a little more PINK (naturally of course)

Saronara everyone! Im going to work now.
Look out for my next post.
Its gonna be exciting!!!



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  2. Hi, just wondering cos I applied to be a blogshop model for an upcoming blogshop and I had an online interview where I had to do poses. During the interview, The oversized shirt-dress I was wearing kept going upskirt cos I was doing the sitting down poses but She said that upskirt incidents happen a lot for blogshop models during the shoot itself so she told me to not worry and pose. May I know if this is true? Like does this happen very often in shoots when you have to pose sitting down or like pose on the floor?? Thanks!

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