Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School!!!

Oh damn, 
just 2 days ago I was dancing in Helipad going crazy and not to mention being embarrassed by it and today, I was in school....

Where has all my time goneee?!?!

Anyway I hope you guys like my new blog banner, I like it a lot. 
It was taken during www.shopdiygalore.com shoot, a few hours before I was tossing Tequila shots down my throat. Sored and Burnt I tell you.

Before i go on with that, some other nice nice pictures taken!

do check out their new launch soon!!!! probably on Thurs or Fri <3
link to ShopDIYGalore.com

ooooooo not only did i hurt my throat, i went home with a couple of bruises and a scrapped elbow.
(and to make things clear, i am not a hardcore clubber you think i am, i only visit my crazy side about once every 2 months, or more if i feel the need to)

In fact, most of the time i just sit and wait for Fai to get his set done with. 
(what a good gf I am right.)

In case y'all don't already know, Fai is my boyfriend and he DJs part time, other time, he's decked in his super cute GushCloud tee working as a programmer. HAHA. Im just kidding. But he works with GushCloud.
If you don't already know what that is, please go find out or simply click on the link below :)
Pictures of that night aren't out yet, but when it is, i'll post some up! so watch this space y'all.

so far I only got this...... 
me with the definite winner for Ms Beautiful Eyes New Face 2012, Audrey.
(my dress is sponsored by Ashincans<3 )

Anyway the point is, I haven't gone clubbing for really long, neither has Fai played for really long.
But fear not, he's coming back with a smashing new Mixtape and probably an awesome shoot soon. With me to help. hehehehe
Make up tutorial for guys anyone?

I know my school has already began, and i should put my double life to sleep till the hols but hold up!!!! Im pretty sure you guys (I'm talking to people 18 and above only ah!) have heard some rumors about ZoukOut2012 lineup huh?
Something about.... sounds from Skrillex or Alesso? (especially Alesso la)

Lets just get S.O.F a.k.a Fai to bring that hype here a little.

So please do plug in your speakers or ear pieces and check his recent mixtape out now!
I think it may just be best I've heard from him.
(p.s. My favorite part is song playing at 46:26)

(i don't like the girl.... meh... but sexual appeal always helps in advertising)

click this link to check it out! -----> S.O.F Come Back Mixtape

<3 <3 <3

Anyway school wasn't so bad after all.
Apart from forgetting my water bottle and having to expect a lot of writings and stupid citations to do, there are some positive sides of this module as well.

Coming up with a proper CV, resume and design philosophy (i don't no idea what that is yet).
Oh yeah and thanks for this module, I'm gonna have a proper portfolio.

Oh and if you follow me on Instagram,
you would probably be wondering what my latest post was about.
Well, we had some class activity today...
Just to help us get a feel of what a design convention was like.
You know.... socializing, getting contacts and stuff ;)
And everyone was given a role by random and luck hit me real hard by making me take on the role as a pretend "owner of a famous blogshop"...
So it wasn't that hard for me to explain my roles and shit...
(I am not a blogshop owner. But I kinda know the ins and outs of owning one)

To add on to all that happiness, I didn't have afternoon class today!
(thank God my lecturer is Muslim and needed another day off for visiting)
So the agony of spending a hell lot of money on tools and drawing floor plans will only start tomorrow.
omg hell....

My point is, I got home early today!!!
School time was only freaking 2 hours.
So I decided to do a Skincare/product tutorial or video if that fits better into the concept.
And this time, i swear, i no slang. hahaha

So click this link to view it ---> SkinCare/Product Video 

oh and i missed out two VERY VERY important product from the video!!!
Thats my Nivea Whitening Body Lotion/Moisturiser!!
looks like this...

and my Body Shop Tea Tree Oil...
(awesome remedy for annoying pimples, works like magic)

I was pretty obnoxious in the video to be honest. hehe
I just didn't wanna exceed 10mins and have a problem uploading the video later on. Thats why.
Don't hate on me? :(
I really apologize.
Anyways, I am really really scared for tmr....
(shall not tell you why though. hehehe will talk about it soon <3)



  1. haha. your tutorial video was so cute! esp at the part where you started panicking at the time left! haha.

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