Saturday, August 25, 2012

One Week Of School Has Passed!!!! (heli, school, vaunt, fai)

Before I start rambling in this new post, as promise, 
some pics of my friends, Fai, and I at Helipad's Gangnam Sunday taken by 

 Le gone Laraine is gone...
But anyways check her youtube covers outttt!!! 
Her voice is awesome.

 Le Fai and I.... So cutie!!!
I love it when he's dressed like that.
(and my drunk friends at the back. LOL)

See clean party. hehehe 

 Fai, maybe gonna be Catholic...

Thats it folks!!! hehehe

Alrighty, back to the topic!

Time flies and I managed to survive the first week of school.
And it wasn't too bad after all, just a couple of assignments.
And I should preserve all that happiness and embrace myself for the worst to come.

Im referring to all that late nights in school and the need to scream at someone.
Yes, I have stayed in school till 11:40pm before, you think that isn't bad?
What if i told you I was in school since 9am that very same day?

Life of a designer is very hard indeed.
And its harder when you're trying to be one.

Right now while the rest of TP is soaking up the sun and partying like they never would again,
my classmates and I are stucked in school for one more month.
And let me tell you this, its one more month of drawing lines freehand and shitz.
We're taking a module called Media Techniques and Presentation.
An architectural kinda subject and im in fashion... zzz....
Apparently it will help us in future for designing shop floors and stuffs.

Well... I have other plans already.
Still related to Fashion though.

And heres what i wore for the second day of school!!!!
sighhhh i didn't even have time to take an OOTD pic for the other days.
Maybe i shall take an OOTD pic everyday and upload it here at the end of the week.

Anyways, heres the main topic for this post....
Its gonna be about....


Fai <3 <3 <3

So y'all have been asking how we met and how he asked me to be his and all...
Well i figured it would be a nice thing to blog about :)

Taking you back to when I look like this...
all step scene and shitz.

and he looked like this...

And if you remember, 
or if you were at the Swap 'N' Shop Chinatown Flea a year and two months ago,
thats was the very day we met.
(i remember it was the first ever Pink Dot day)

He was running the event and I was just another girl setting up a booth with my friends.
Being a typical kiasu Singaporean, 
we were the first few people at the flea and we had everything set up before the other vendors even got there. hehehe

(yup, we did it without double checking our actual table number)

And heres how it goes...

Some random guy in berms, a black singlet, chucks and ray bans came up to me angrily and asked if I was Eunice Annabel.

Apparently, we had set everything up at the wrong table.
Apparently, it belonged to the group of girls sitting by the side of the road with the luggages.
Apparently, due to our mistake, he had to walk up and down the stretch of road frantically just to find the table for them.

Apparently, that guy was Fai.


My friends and I at the flea

Nope, I didn't take a second look at him throughout the event. 
(okay lah, i did.... a little...)

But he has confessed that he did check me out. WHAHAHA
And he did what a guy would do, get some knowledge about me.
No he didn't ask for my number.
I never ever ever ever give my number to some random guy.
But being the organizer of the flea, he had my e-mail address.
He took it secretively (that sneaky boy) and added me on Facebook.
Played it slow and steady.

And when he did, I DIDN'T CARE.
Im pretty hard to get eh.
But he did post a mixtape on my wall and it had some regards to some party in the next few days.
The only thing is, I didn't know that he was the same guy I saw at the flea!!!
poor Fai.

But I did attend the party in the end anyway and I must say it was the first ever party that i went to.
and no, I didn't go because of him. I didn't even know it was him what! hahaha

Over the next few days,
 sobering up and shitz from my first "clubbing" experience, the DJ of the party talked to me.
(okay, a little confession here - I thought he was cute lah, in the suit and shitz)

cute what... except a little fatter here. HAHAHA

And then I realized he was guy that spoke to me angrily the other day.
deng deng deng.
Being embarrassed about whatever happened and trying to prove to him that Im not a bimbo,
I apologized and we talked :)

Fai was crude and loud and everything I didn't want in a boyfriend initially.
But I saw the sincerity in him and the fact that he was very intelligent and hardworking attracted me. 

Personal and really dramatic issues happened in between and we stopped talking for about 5 months.
We never thought that we would ever see each other ever again.

We did see each other here and there.. about like 3 parties, but never got the chance to speak to each other.

Well, tables decided to make a turn when I was asked to join Vaunt 6 :)

As soon as the doors of the lift that would take me up to the office opened, there stood the guy I once had a thing going on with.
It felt so awkward and Im pretty sure my face flustered in half a second.

We were standing infront of each other face to face.
Wanna know what he's reaction was?

thats it.
Oh and he didn't said "that is unbelievable"
He shouted "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?"

I just walked into the lift smiling :)
(i sound like a sneaky bitch now)

And he stopped me and asked if i was going for the casting, we exchanged a few words without even looking at each other straight in the eye.

I got through and was in the running for the title of the winner of Vaunt 6.
Throughout the whole series of events, we got closer and put everything negative that happened in the past.

(some unseen photos of the competition anyway)
 my fringe was disgustingly short then. hahaha

 final get together :(

 My beautiful Nessa <3 <3 <3

 siannn.... was much thinner then...

I miss my hair colour!!!!! ;.(

I didn't only take home $2000 with me that night, I took home a loving and understanding guy.

Things got better and everyone could tell we were happier and declared that we were dating.
God I hate that term.

Vaunt got us closer and Fai became a much better person too.
He went from being a boy to a loving and understanding man <3
(of course he's gotta be one if he's gonna be with an annoying and demanding princess like mua!!! hehehe..)

Hold on we aren't together yet uh!!!

On the night of Christmas Eve, Fai and I were just taking a walk around town like we always would.
(we love to just walk and explore new stuffs)

We watched the parade and when everyone headed home at the strike of twelve, he pulled me closer and asked me the question we had both been anticipating for 6 months of so much drama, anger, excitement, pain, hope and love. (so cliche i know!! but im proud of it)

So we got together on Christmas <3

Fai is an awesome guy.
He is my best friend and believe me when i say, i won't be the same without him in my life.
I've grown to be more mature and have really learnt to choose whats right and wrong, and face the consequences for any wrong doings.
I have learnt more about life through him and Im sure he has learnt a lot through me too.
I love him.

(p.s. He loves his PS3 more then me now)


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