Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Who's Back.

Hi peeps! 
Im back with so much to sayyyyyy!!!

I should kick it off with The New Paper New Face appearance at The Big Walk 2012 :)

It was extremely heart warming to see Singaporeans from all walks of life,
 really regardless of age or religion coming together despite the haze for the walk held at Central Mall and Marina Barrage last Sunday morning.

The girls and I made our second public appearance as a group and hell yeah, we felt like celebrities.
All heads were turned to us as the participants made their way past the stage we were on.
Lets get real here, who doesn't like the limelight?
Its especially better when you're sharing it with 19 other really beautiful individuals, 
proud to be one of them.

cute little baby with swirly hair. hehehe

as you can see, im pretty short compared to everyone else :(

 Our tees were the normal ones in xs, we just had them customized ourselves. hehe
I just did some simple knots at the sides and cropped it into a v-neck.
The other girls went all out and did pretty cut outs and rips.
A pity,
as i had to ensure my tatts weren't visible since the whole competition is very family orientated.

Apart from befriending such lovely girls which i have now considered as my older sisters (as i look up to each and everyone of them), I have also learnt so much from them throughout the whole experience so far.

I have learnt about what happens behind the scenes of Pageants such as Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss Singapore etc. I have also learnt a great deal more about Womanhood I should say. From boyfriends issues to working life and to my favorite- beauty.

(The competition has made me a whole lot stronger individual and I am now more aware of the "not-so-appealing" side of the modeling industry)

Anyways, back to the topic of the day...


(warning: im being extremely whiny in the following paragraphs, bare with me, im pmsing)

So its that time of the month for me again.
I hate it.
I have been finding every possible way to appreciate it but i can't.
I have even changed from using sanitary pads to tampons just so that i don't have to face a bloody patch every time i visit the toilet.

About a week before my monthly period, I get horrible break outs.
And it freaks me out all the time..
I am referring to the hormonal changes that happens in my body that results in those ghastly bumps on my face otherwise also known as PIMPLES.

those stupid annoying little red dots are some of the things that sits on my "Things I Hate" list.
They not only ruin my appearance, it also results in me having a terrible and emotional mood change. 
I loose interest in doing almost anything and i think i spend about 45% of my time examining the hideous monsters in the mirror.

Most of all, I take forever to apply my make up. 
Concealing those damn shit.
Oh and Im talking about 4 popping up on my face at the same time.
Let me repeat myself, 
4!!!!! Not just 1.
And to top it all off, its those "under-the-skin" kinda shit.
Meaning to say, I can't pop it and it hurts like a bitch.


Let me get this straight here, that isn't even all the symtoms i get during my PMS period.
Thats when I feel fat and thats when i don't eat at all.
And when I don't eat at all, i feel fatigue and blame it on my LBP.

Sorry, im actually quite psychotic.

Please stay away when it happens to me cause it really fills as if a little elf with some dagger just found its way down my womb, scraping my uterus walls off bit by bit.
I get all pale and weak and i always feel like fainting.

Other symtoms i get are, excessive thirst, cravings, sudden mood swings (I can be laughing one sec and the next, i can cry), headache, nausea, body aches, sore boobies too :(

I am a terrible person not only to myself but to everyone around me when my period comes.
(poor fai)

And I need a remedy ASAP.
I did a little bit of research and talked to the New Face girls about it, 
and have decided to seek medical help before the next cycle begins.

I have decided to take Contraceptive pills, otherwise known as Birth Control Pills in layman's term.

No guys, Im not pregnant or whatsoever.
I just need something to give me a better womanhood experience.
I am sick of heavy flows and staining my bed sheets.
I am sick of cramps and fainting spells.
I am sick of being bloated.
And most of all I am sick of nursing my pimple collection every month.

There are side effects to these miracle pills.
But according to a friend of mine, they are worth putting through with.
Plus according to my research, 
the effects only happens for the first few batches and it goes away after a while.
And if they don't, simply just change brand. 

You can only get these pills with a referral letter from a registered doc- 
your family doc or even from the polyclinic.
So don't keep your hopes so high up yet ladies.
Not everyone is entitled to it.
(praying hard that I can get it)

Oh and xiao mei meis reading this, you are most likely not able to get it...
since we are afterall living in the all so conservative Singapore.
Its not good to take such things at such as tender age anyway.
Its for old people like me :(

Thats it for this topic.
Pray hard that I'll be able to get it so that i can share my knowledge and experience of it to you.
I hope this post doesn't become a controversial issue in the following days.


Speaking about controversy,
I was apparently "harass" and "insulted" on my Instagram account earlier this afternoon.

The open and close inverted commas above were used to indicated that i am being sarcastic as the remarks I'd received from the particular individual was not found to be felt as mentioned above.

In fact I found it relatively amusing that she/he could find the time to look through my images and comment on them. 
Not only did it happen to my account but to a friend of mine too.

Soft Floral Blazer from SecondSkin

Like dude.
You don't even know me.
All you know is my name, so what rights have you to say that about me?
And its pretty obvious that the account used is a fake one anyway.

Shall not dwell on this topic. 
Totally not worth my time.


Fai's Birthday

Fai turned 23 just 2 days ago!!!!!!
We celebrated his birthday on Sunday the 1st though, with a little surprise on Friday the 31st.

I had a whole series of events planned out for him already but he fell awfully sick and almost everything was cancelled :(
The photo above was taken at his office where we surprised him with an Oreo Cheesecake.
I thought Oreo would be good since he wanted to purchase a package of Oreos a few days before anyway.
And i forgot he was sick, so there wasn't really a point getting him it since he couldn't taste anything anyway :(:(


I wanted to bring him to USS since he has never been there before.
And plans failed.
Maybe it was a blessing in disguise though.
Since it was predicted to be much more crowded on that day.

I did a video montage for him too!!
Collecting and compiling clips from his friends into one video montage.


More surprises to come!! He's just gotta wait to find out what it is :)

Oh and if you're wondering who's the cool dude at 1:00, he's my really good friend, Zool or Zooly thats what i call him.
And he's representing a new crew called DeafnDope Productions that would be doing the video productions for the parties.
Do look out for them tomorrow at Powerhouse for the school's out event :)


Okay thats it, my cramps are kicking in!!!
tata everybody <3


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