Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fai's out at Powerhouse tonight in his blazer and stuffs waiting to drop his Electro infused music.
And im home for the very first time not waiting for him alone in a club.
Im at home suffering in pain.
My fever is here to haunt me again, so are my cramps.
(I missed out on WeAreRubbish's latest shoot because of that :( )

Most of all, 
Im annoyed at my break outs. sighh...

Im in a dilemma. 
I don't know if i should take the pills.

Anyway, this post is just something random uh.
I would usually blog about things that I hope my readers (you guys!) would take away with,
something they can learn about instead of just reading something totally not enriching.
However, tonight isn't the night...

I have been in a pretty foul mood the whole day uh.
(except when i camwhore)

I didn't get the chance to post up some pictures of some pretty recent shoots I did.
So here they are!!
Just a few I really like from ShopDIYGalore, SecondSkin, Runway Bandits and Ashincans <3


Before you go on to the following pics, 
I thought you should know I had my hair done at Chapter 2 Hair Salon for this shoot ^^

Absolutely love this romper, i got one for myself ^^

Runway Bandits


Okay, I know i seem pretty self-obsessed but im not!!!!!
I just love it when the shoot pictures come out nice!!

Tata errboday <3

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