Friday, September 7, 2012


At times, it does haunt me.
I have been so happy that I tend to forget how sadness feels.
And its scary because when it hits me, 
I don't know how to deal with it.

Why did it all have to happen?
Why do I have to feel this way?

I may have 5000 friends on Facebook and 3000 followers on Instagram but I want you.
All I ever wanted was just for us to last for as long as we could.

Why did you have to betray me and hurt me and drive me to the extend of hurting you back?
You jolly well know that I do crazy and stupid things when Im angry.
Im sorry, truly I am, but...
Why did you have to let me do that to you?
Did you not give a hoot about it at all?

All you did was push the blame to me for all our problems and made me feel bad.
Thats not even the way it's suppose to be and I was so hurt.
You don't even know what I've done for you.
The way I stood up for you against my own loved one.
Because I thought we were real.

If you were real and true to me,
my interests and the people I love would had mattered to you.
You wouldn't had gone back to my past and stir shit up.
Did you not care for my happiness?
Or was that just mere revenge?

Things has changed now and my perception of how my life used to be has been wiped out and its nothing but just a sick memory now.
Had I not been so immersed in our enclosed cage, things would be different for me now.

Thank you for making me stronger and more confident to face my fears.
What you had put me through has prepared me for the hard edges of what life might throw upon me in the future.
Wishing you all the best.


Just a song of Strength & Hope.
(its in Icelandic, so you won't understand. But find the translations ;))

Have a good weekend everybody.

"Ever thought that maybe someone who seemed so tough on the facade may just be the loneliness person around?" 

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