Friday, September 21, 2012


I think many of y'all are already aware?
I went to Legoland last week with Fai and my school buddies!

Im here to do a review about it since im getting alot of questions about it :)

Here's some pictures and bad editing to go along with it...

Don't ask me how i got the tickets please??
I don't know!!
My friend Jaslyn, the pretty girl on the far right in the above picture just asked if i wanted to go.
I said yes and before we knew it, we were on the bus on the way to Lego Land!

So our package consisted of tickets to the theme park plus transportation to and fro.
What an awesome deal.
So please don't get cheated when you get your tickets.
I know of people who got theirs without the transport and are now mind fucked on how to get there. 

please please please make sure that you've already exchange your Singapore dollars to Riggits cause sadly, there won't be any money changer at the theme park.
(quite stupid actually)

Fai and I thought that we could just change it there and were shocked that there wasn't any money changer so we couldn't buy anything at all.
My kind friend, Chloe, had to lend us some money for food first.
At least, we didn't spend money on the souvenirs
Thats why i said quite stupid uh, don't have money changer at a tourist attraction place.
Won't you guys lose money that way??

So please change your cash!!! $$$

How much to change?
Like about 50? If you are't planning to buy stuffs.
Thats enough for food.
And more if you wanna buy the souvenirs? :)

(sorry if i look terrible in the following pictures, I was really tired and sick)

Im wearing FreshKon Sparklers series contact lens in Brilliant Brown

super cute sleeping ah pek. haha careful he snores out loud. I screamt cause i didn't know. 

waiting for our first ride

The rides were alright.
Everything just looked like the miniature version of USS.
Just "kiddy-fied".
If you aren't a fan of jerky roller coasters and getting bruises on your arms and shoulders after riding one, i suggest you sit and wait for your friends instead of joining them. 
My friends came down from the rides complaining about sore arms cause apparently the seat belts aren't exactly of the best quality. 
Again comparing to USS's standards.
If you're a true roller coaster lover like me, you'll know the difference between a good ride and a bad one.
Sure, the ride at Lego Land were scary and fast but the friction was so bad that i just wanted to get down immediately.
Plus, my fever and headache then weren't helping.
Thats why i didn't take the second one which all my friends took.

Lego Land was unique because it had small game stores for you to play at and win stuffs which USS doesn't have.
I wanted this mega huge pink unicorn.
My headache just went away when I saw it.
Fai played and tried to get it for me.
But luck wasn't on our side and we managed to just steal the smaller blue unicorn. haha.
Good enough lah! <3

Fai won a unicorn for me <3

it looks quite out of proportion. hahahaha 
but i still love it <3

sick me was feeling very sick here :( 

The highlight of the theme park for me wasn't exactly the rides.
I guess Lego Land was built mainly with the intention to make kids happy.
So adults like us didn't have much to do.
There were playgrounds everywhere guys..... ....

So what interested me the most were the Lego sculptures.
It was amazing.

The shop sold mainly keychains, tees, toys... toys.... more toys....
So not much to buy also..

And you gotta try KFC in Malaysia.
But that was the only thing available other then BK.
So i just ate it and its damn good.
So much better that the bad chicken served in Singapore.
But still, not a fan of KFC. haha
I prefer Popeyes.

obsessed with my new plush

And thats it folks!!




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