Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fai painted my face x updates!

Finally, finally, finally Im free again!!!!
School semester 2.1 just ended and its a month holiday for us design kids and 
its back to that horrific place again for 2.2.
Time has really past too quickly.
Soon enough I'll be in my final year interning at a company Im praying real hard for.

Well, here's some updates of what happened over the couple of weeks I've been MIA.

Fai's Belated Birthday Dinner

The Smoove/Helipad boys were kind enough for throw a mini get-together for Fai's birthday.
They planned and brought him to a Chinese Restaurant called LAO BEIJING at Orchard Central.
The food served were just my type - Spicy Chineseeeee :)
But it could get too spicy for some people so do bare that in mind if you are planning to try it out but freak out at the tiniest chili padi in your dish.

It was an opportunity for me to get to know Fai's friends better and now that I do know them better,
I feel much better whenever he's at Helipad working when Im not there.


sorry if this blog post is damn unorganized and if my choice of words aren't up to standards,
Im having a fever accompanied with a terrible headache and sore throat and swollen tear ducts.

Anyways, being a vain person,
I did my hair on friday after school despite the fact that I should had gone home straight to rest.

The last photo taken with my long straight hair :(
I went to Jean Yip this time round and asked for some waves and volume for my hair.
I usually go for cheaper alternatives like Snip Avenue, but after googling on them, I found out about a lot "not-that-nice" opinions about them and I did had a bad experience with them before.
So being human, I had that mentality that maybe paying more might give me a better result.
Therefore, I chose Jean Yip.

They gave me some layers to my hair and curls that would apparently last up to 8 months.
Everyday from now on, i would have to add an extra beauty step to my daily regimes to ensure that my curls would stay intact and last longer.

At first, I didn't quite like it, 
the chemicals used for hair perming or rebonding are really really REALLY harsh.
It made my hair really dry for the first two days as I wasn't able to wash my hair.
But it became better after a thorough wash with some deep conditioning. 

So I wouldn't recommend girls who have pretty dry or damage hair to do treatments like what i just did.
This includes anyone who consistently dyes her hair like me :(

Unless you haven't done anything to your mane before and its known as a virgin hair in other words, then i guess it's fine for you to try it out. 


It was stay home Saturday for Fai and I yesterday.
I had a terrible fever and we couldn't go out except for some Swee Choon at night with my babies.
(where I shivered like mad in the heat, thats how sick i am)

We watched a movie called Flipped.
And I think everyone should catch it too!
Unless you're some lonely person who leads a miserable life thinking that love doesn't exist.

A story set in the early 1960's where fashion was evolutionary!
Ladies started being more aware of new styles and guys had their hair combed back neatly and their shirts tucked in.
I would love to live in that era!!!!

The movie's about having your first crush etc. story being told from both the boy's and girl's perpectives.
Really cute and pretty sad but very heart warming :)


Check out Fai painting my face!
yes we did a "boyfriend does my make up tag"


Have fun watching!!!! 


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