Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vote for me!!!! / Acne remedies

Just 4 more days till the New Paper New Face finals!!!
We have been rehearsing real hard to get the sequences and our walks right.
By this coming Tuesday, we'll get to know what our outfits are like, 
which would make rehearsals at Taka Square a whole lot more fun since we can finally decide what poses to give and exude to bring "life" to the garments on us. 

Apparently, we have been showered with praises about how fast we are able to learn and remember the sequences and how to improve on our walks. Which is a bonus as we are able to move on to the next segment really quick, which also means getting out of the rehearsal room fast. hehehe.
Goooooooooo New Face 2012!!!!!!!

Brenda and I at rehearsals

Yesterday, we had our last public appearance at Subaru Hub, the place where 25 of us were chosen to be in this year's batch of girls. It was a charity car wash event whereby proceeds from it would go towards a good deed - Child at Street 11, whereby donations would helps to improve lives of children and adults by underwriting educational costs, food and operations. 

We girls were there to just glam up the event. hahaha.

posing with our hose and sponges

mischievous Katie having fun spraying water at the girls. hahaha
[Photos taken from The New Paper New Face 2012 official Facebook page] 

The questions will come. 
People will soon ask me what I think my chances of winning are.
Well, honestly with 19 other babes sitting, eating, standing, walking and talking beside me,
I doubt i'll win. 
Maybe not even a place in the top 3.
But that doesn't mean im gonna lay back and forget about it all.
I am still trying my luck for.......
you guess it right, the Miss Popular subsidiary title.
With that, I would be able to walk away with at least $1 000 that night, a vast diff from the 10k but still something. hahaha

So guys, if you could, please do channel all your energy from liking my Facebook and Instagram photos into sending an SMS for me. With the number of "likes" i get, it would really help if it would transform into votes and I would really appreciate it :)

Simply just text the following,




Im pretty certain that many people are aware of my "pimple week".
Just a few weeks ago, i was being all melodramatic about the break outs i was having due to that time of the month.
I mean it was really bad, probably the worst I ever had.
I felt so insecure that i didn't even wanna go out. And if i had to, i would go out only when the sun goes down so that it wouldn't be so visible.

Maybe it was a wake up call.
I had been consuming so much process food which contains a hell lot of sugar and sodium, and having a lack of sleep, that it resulted in nasty break outs.
And yeah it wasn't just regular pimples guys, they were acne monsters. Two of them.

Ever since then, I have been cutting down a lot on junk food.
Snacking is a no no. Unless i haven't eaten the whole day and need a boost from a bar of chocolate. hehe.
But other then that, i try my best to stay away. 
And if i ever get tempted, i would always remind myself of that horrible week.

So my diet has changed and i do not just consume junk food anymore guys.
I eat proper meals. 
Maybe still not 3 meals a day, but i do try to eat healthily, not so much so fried stuffs anymore.
But i have been eating fried stuffs lately uh. hahaha
Give a girl what she wants when she's going through some PMS.

Going back to the main topic.
I did mention a few posts back that i would do anything to get the acne off my skin, even if that means consuming contraceptive pills a.k.a birth control pills.
It is known to help improve skin conditions during menstruation along side other benefits like 
regulating your menstrual flow and decreasing cramps. 

However, even in my most desperate mode, i didn't take it.
I didn't wanna risk getting the side effects.
I mean anything that messes around with your hormones aren't exactly gonna be good for you in the long run.

What i did was alternate the pimple medications i had.
Overnight i used OXY10 which is known to contain Benzoyl Peroxide, a chemical that kills acne bacteria and dries up the skin. It doesn't give miracle results and your acne will not go away the next morning but it will definitely dry the acne out which is good because drying out always means death doesn't it.

I kept using it till my acne was less "bumpy". This took about a week?
Over the course of that week, my skin around the acne area was terribly dry.
It was so dry that my skin lost its elasticity and even smiling was uncomfortable.
So i invested in a moisturizer from Garnier called Aqua Defense.

I hate facial moisturizers.
I don't like how the feeling is after applying it on.
You know, the sticky feeling. urgh.
How do you even go to bed with your face feeling like that?

So i did a little research and read other blogger's blogs and found out that some of them use this product and obviously the results are phenomenon since their complexion is amazing.
Yeah you're gonna ask me who uses this right?
My two favorite blogshop models Tricia Hwam ( and Asyiha Ams (

After using this lotion, my skin feels so awake and fresh in an instant.
Plus it doesn't have that sticky feel so i can go to bed without feeling annoyed and disgusting.
It will evaporate and be gone the next morning i guess?
And all that is left is your skin feeling super dewy.

But still, i only use it when my skin needs it. 

Here's the winner though,

My miracle bottle, the Tea Tree Oil <3

It simply vanishes your pimples and make sure you wake up the next day without having to face a nasty zit in the mirror.
It doesn't even need to dry up your skin to do it.
I tried it on Fai yesterday and i watched how it slowly vanishes after an hour or so.
His pimple decreased in size and was less swollen,
How do you do it Tea Tree Oil, how???

The smell is just something to get used to though.
If you have a pimple near your nose, good luck. hahaha

My acne may be gone but it left a trace of itself behind.
okay lah, its not a exactly a scar cause i didn't do anything surgical to it while it was around but there is this little tiny mark on my face now which i have to always conceal before i head out :(

So my task now is to find something to make it less visible.
I am using Bio- Oil though...

Well, only for my other scars like that one huge 50 cent one on my leg.
Not diligently but i still do use it occasionally when im feeling extra vain.

Im still hesitant to try it on my facial skin though.
It is after-all an "oil" product and you should never use something not meant for the face on your face especially when it is without a doubt an "oil" product!
Some one told me on formspring though that she/he used it for his/her face and it did help to lessen pimple/acne scars.

But im still thinking about it.
I rather have a mark over a new acne any day.

Oh and if you don't already know,
I have been drinking water with a Redoxin Tablet everyday.
I was really sick over a spend on 3 weeks last month and it felt horrible.
My fever came on and off and it even resulted in me missing out on rehearsals for New Face which resulted me in getting 5 demerit points already.
Yeap guys, i do have demerit points.

I had to do something about it.
And the reason why i had been falling sick so often is because of the lack of vitamins and minerals in my diet.
Which is a pretty obvious reason since i don't even eat my greens and fruits aren't enough.
After the last Runway Bandits shoot i did, i swear i felt like fainting.
Plus, it was the 7th month period and i am superstitious, so falling sick during that time of the year is a bad thing.
The owner of Runway Bandits, Swee, told me to take Redoxin cause she takes it too and haven't been falling sick that much.
Furthermore, she complexion is flawless too!!
So it must be that tablet.

I have been taking it for about 2 weeks now and not only have i recovered from my illness, i feel much less lethargic as well.
You can do it too by just popping one tablet a day into a bottle of cold water, carry it with you wherever you go and when you need a drink, quit buying coke, just drink from your bottle.
You will feel the difference.
Plus its vitamin C :)
which means better skin :)

To end off this post,
here's some stuffs i bought recently.
Hurl that!!! <3


sparkly earrings

bronzerrrrr :)

new necklace ^^



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