Friday, October 5, 2012

The Journey.

The New Paper New Face competition is over but the journey has just began.

Being in this competition has taught me a great deal about modeling, about time management, about self responsibility, about making new friends, sharing stories, sharing tips, learning and growing as an individual, really being a real model behind the scenes at the backstage, working with real professional models and stage managers and choreographers, real make up artists, real stylists, real hair stylists, real fittings, real dressers, being patient, controlling your diet.... so much more.
Even to like facing the music and correcting yourself when you make a mistake.

 When people ask me if I wanna continue being a model after this whole experience, all the waiting time and rehearsals and sore feet, i often say no, its just a hobby. 
But the thing is, thats it, it is a hobby.
I love doing my hobby. I have passion and desire to do it. I want so badly to be in a fashion show, to walk down the runway and feel so good. The feeling is something you can never get until you try it unless you too have a hobby. It feels so right to walk down a runway with everyone watching you, with camera's flashes at you, the adrenaline you get backstage changing and touching up on your hair and make up by people with profession in the industry. 

Its amazing.

To top it all off, the ladies that I've been looking up to over the pass few years while being in this industry were all there last night. They are so influential and beautiful that I just pushed myself harder for the grand finals.
Unfortunately, I didn't walk home with any titles.
But i wouldn't say that the rest of us aren't winners as well. We did walk home last night with a genuine smile on our faces. We were winners and we came so far from being just strangers in the beginning to true sisters, sharing with each other advices and tips and protecting each other, and also being naughty together. hahaha

However, congratulations to the beautiful oriental geisha beauty queen Sharin Keong for emerging as the winner of the competition.

If you guys actually realized, the moment her spread came out in the newspaper about a month ago, i immediately posted her picture up on my Instagram.
There was just something intriguing about her, and i knew she was gonna walk away with something and that her name will continue to grow. 

Next, congratulations to 1st runner up and the winner of Miss Subaru, most Vivacious, Miss Levi's and Miss Clinique, most beautiful skin, Kylie Yuen!!!
Yes guys, she walked always with 4 sashes last night. hahaha

Kylie deserves it guys!!!!
She fought hard for this and now her old bullies can shut up and drop their jaws in awe!!!
She's a true fighter and definitely someone to look up to. Kylie is an inspiration to all of us throughout the competition.
Even though she is so beautiful and won 4 titles, she remains absolutely humble and very caring.

And of course last but not least, congratulations to the 2nd runner up, Syirin Jamil!!!!!!!!

Normal people would just give up and quit but our dear Syirin fought hard still and emerged as the 2nd runner up!! She is fierce yo!
Plus the night before, she had a fever. Kudos to this beauty.

And also congratulations to Miss Popular, 15 year old Jessica Vetters and Miss best catwalk (of course, we all know its gonna be her. hahaha) Nathasha Rahmat!!!!


And of course some pictures of the rest of us (most have me inside lah) last nighttt!!!!

Yesterday before the show!

After the finals, we all headed over to Mandarin Hotel, Bar at 5 for an exclusive after party where i bumped into the girl that got me started on the whole new face journey.
Dacyyyy <3

I wanna thank everyone who have supported me throughout this whole journey.
My mom, dad, brother (who voted 100 times for me), aunties, uncles, cousins, friends, and not forgetting my boyfriend <3 

He was the only lone soul who stood up among the thousands of people there last night whenever i walked the runway. That makes it a total of about 5 times. The best thing in life is making your loved ones proud of you and i made him proud of me yesterday :)

So speaking about Fai, he came back with his Come Back Mixtape Vol. 2

Check it outttttt heree!!! <3 

Apart from that, he recently did a shoot at ShootingPoniesStudio, and whats better then then just photos???
A video!! Done and edited by my friend Zooly and his production company Deaf&Dope Productions

Check the video out hereee!
Trust me when i say, its not just your usual party video.
Every single detail is executed.
So enjoyyyyyyy!!! <3

And let me end this post with an awesomely cute video. heheheeehe



It has been an awesome month and I had an awesome week.



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