Saturday, October 27, 2012

Updates!! FATTY ME

Hi everyone!
I've been pretty MIA lately and haven't been blogging much.
The amount of things i wanna blog about is getting bigger and bigger so i figured that i'll use the time i have now to dump it down. Its now or never.

Last week, if you guys follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you would know that my friends and I, plus Fai of course, went to Sunset Grill to get our hands on some spicy killer buffalo wings. hehehe 

I've always heard about people's personal recounts about their experience with those wings and i've always wanted to try. So we finally got our asses down and ordered level 2 and 3.

We wanted a level 10? And the lady was pretty shocked. Apparently the average spiciness a person would take is level 2 or 3. In denial, we were. But our perception changed immediately when the wing touched our mouths.. Well, it changed mine of course.


Look at the freaking chilli sauceeeee!

Right after our meal, you have no idea how many times i had to pee.
Drank like a hell lot of water just to get the burning sensation off my tongue.
Really couldn't take it.
I always eat spicy food. But not until like that uh. How the hell do people eat level 35?!?!?!

I enjoyed my Beef Lasagne though :)

The layer of cheese was super thick. I like. 
Everyone excited over the wings ^^

Nervous Fai is nervous

 Pure madness.

After which, we went to Demsey for some B&J ice cream!

The ice cream was much needed to cool down my burnt tongue.
And i LOVEEEEE Sweet cream and cookie, so both my choices were the same flavors. hehe


The very next day,
Fai (WHO IS AT HELIPAD NOW AND ISN'T REPLYING MY TEXTS) went for another round of makan after my photo shoot.
This time, we felt the need for a little more homely typical Singaporean food,

This stall is one of my favorites!!!

Be sure to separate the chilli sauce from the noodle, i forgot and ended up with a burnt tongue again.

If you like wan ton mee that isn't served with dark soya sauce or with ketchup sauce, try this one out at Dunman Food Centre, near Joo Kiat area.
(btw, i love Katong, Joo Kiat areas, so ancient Singapore-ish)


The next day was a Mondayy....

And i was back at school again :(
School equals to no time which equals to lesser time spent with Fai and also equals to no time for photo shoots which equals to no money which equals to broke Eunice.

I dislike school..
But what choice do we all have anyway.
We are living in Singapore.

Top sponsored by ^^

In case you haven't realized, we planned to wear blue. MONDAY BLUE.
With the talented and crazy Laraine and my ugly nails

Poshism winner Anza and professional tumblr-er Hadi

and i thought my day would end but i totally forgot that i had runwaybandits' shoot!!!
I did it with red eyes :(:(

and i went for dinz dinz with fai and dew after that at Newton for some

le red eye.

and i think i wanna eat it again tmr. hheheheh

I've been eating so much the past week and this needs to stop.
But howw!?!?!

Anyways, Happy Halloween everybody.
The end.



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