Sunday, November 4, 2012


How did everyone celebrate their Halloween??
I've never gone for some Halloween party in a club before, neither have I gone "treat or trick"-ing before.
The most i've done is gone for the USS Horro Nights last year :(
I do wish i can do more, not that its our tradition to celebrate halloween at all in Singapore, though it seems like its becoming one. 

This is how my Halloween week went though!
Fai and I had a photo shoot, some what in the context of halloween, however it wasn't planned to be. hehe

and you guesses it right!
Im a vampire and Fai's a ....
werewolf! Sorta.
I doubt i can say much about what this shoot is for.
But watch this space to find out about it in the futureeee :)
And i look horrendous in the picture above.

while waiting for all the other monsters to be done with their shoot, we decided to just take a walk down Haji Lane.
Managed to grab some shots without people around, haha, didn't wanna look like tourists.

My ootd. Top from H&M, Hat sponsored by Roseateposy. <3
Fai's ootd

And then we were off to eat some STINGRAY again!! hehe
I apologize again for being really MIA, school has really been quite a bitch to me.
Never in my life have I ever thought i'll be holding a drill in my hand and slicing wood with heavy duty D&T machines. Even when i did D&T in secondary school, i didn't do much, the uncle helped me finish my work. hahahaha
So anyone planning to do Fashion (not design), but visual merchandising (which im not into at all), do prepare yourself mentality and physically. Its exhausting and it really takes more then what you think is needed just to build up one pathetic window display you see along Tangs or Taka etc.

I wore pyjamas to school the next day.
Things have gone pretty well though.
Our window display is done and we have 2 days to recuperate before we have a new assignment to do again :(

Anyways i shall end this post with a vlog! hehehe
Im running out of ideas to talk about on my videos so i havent been doing much.
For this however, i decided to do the "No Mirror Make Up Challenge"

enjoy guys <3

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