Sunday, November 4, 2012

Advertorial - DizzieDaisies x LittleButterPea


Today im gonna introduce two blog shops are that are relatively new.
Both with really catchy and cute names that appealed to me in an instant.
Who doesn't like to say things like daisies and butter?

Lets start off with...

If you're into chiffon, lace, crochet, pastels and flowers in your hair, you've gotta visit dizziedaisies!
Its the ultimate destination to bring out that girly-girl in you, from polka-dotted bra-lets to chiffon off shoulders to pastel colored shorts, they've got it all! They do offer some sexy cut out dresses as well ;)

I was sponsored the...

Cropped Blue Off Shoulder Top and the Everyday Shorts in White

I love the "off-shoulder top" trend that has been going on for about a few months already. Its kinda like a revolution on how a simple top can be altered to exude a different appeal just by a unique new design.

I really like this one from DizzieDaisies in particular cause of its color and the chiffon material. I love electric blue, even my prom dress in 2010 was electric blue.
(sigh was so young, LOL. my nails were black and i wore the handband thingy, forgot whats its about. but it was cool then)
 And i love chiffon!!! its so lightweight which is a plus cause we need to wear materials like that since Singapore is way too humid!
I was also sponsored the white Everyday Shorts, which is a necessity for me so i jumped at the opportunity to grab it although i had a hard time deciding if i should go with the baby pink one instead.
Look!!! Its just as pretty!
I like its tailored cut, this is a must have item if you're looking for versatile items girls!
Pair it with a pretty top for a casual day or throw on a blazer and be all ready for a class presentation.

Here's some of my picks!

So SHOP AWAY now girls at

Next, let me introduce one of my favorite online boutique to work with.


If you're a fan of cut out shoulder tops or off shoulder tops that are versatile and school-worthy, do check LittleButterPea out!
They offer a huge range of button down tops with the slit or off shoulders design. If thats not enough for you, they do have quirky pieces too! Even i chose one. hehe

I was sponsored the...

Floral Collar Shirt

I love how this shirt fits me perfectly and how its of high quality.
If you watched my Room Tour Vlog, i did mention that shirts are good because when you have no idea what to wear to school, just throw on a shirt and look presentable and good enough!
So i chose this cause of how versatile it is and how it'll assist me when im having trouble selecting my OOTD. hehehe
The floral prints are also really unique! Even Fai agrees!

Next i received the...

Kiss Me Romper

I adore this two-piece outfit!
Its one of cutest things i've ever owned! Totally comfortable and light weight and definitely something i'll wear for a long day out in the sun.

The reason to why i like working with LittleButterPea is because of how generous and caring they are!
They sent me an extra piece along with a really encouraging note.
Thank you LittleButterPea!!!!! <3 <3 <3

So i also received a Chiffon Studded Off Shoulder! hehehe

Its pink, chiffon, off shoulder, studded and cropped.
What more could i ask for? hehe
I absolutely love it and im glad they gave me this piece too.

They offer other really cute stuffs too, some of my picks!

So what are you waiting for girls!


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