Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Advertorial - PACTWITHLOVE


Pactwithlove is a relatively new label with only their fourth collection launched! But things already look really promising for these girls! They offer a range of apparels that are timeless and always in the latest trend. If you ever feel that something is missing from your wardrobe that is making trouble for you to pick out your next "OOTD", be sure to check pactwithlove out to save all that hassel! 

I picked and received... 

 The Trails of Flowers Chiffon Jacket! 
I wore it to school the very next day i got the mail!
It fits perfectly and i love how lightweight and cooling it is - definitely something i feel every girl in Singapore should own. I paired it with a basic tank top, white shorts and my almost famous daisy necklace. hehe. Its perfect for school! 

The next piece i took was the...

Flickering Floral Playsuit!!
This is a super girly piece! I KNOW!
But i love it! Something i'll save for to wear out for a date with Fai.
We've been thinking about heading to Gardens by the Bay or the Zoo to check Jia Jia & Kai Kai out. 
And i already have an outfit planned!
See what i mean by if you can't decide your next "OOTD", visit PactwithLove

Other stuffs to keep a look out for...
For me, nothing is ever better then shimmery tops!

So girls, need i say more?
Quote "Eunice5" under the promotion code to be entitled 5% off your bill.
Promotion is valid for only a month starting from 6th November 2012.

Follow PactwithLove on Twitter at http://twitter.com/pactwithlove and like their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/PactwithLove for more updates!


Outerwear sponsored by Pactwithlove.blogspot.sg
Fai and I hard at work!!! <3
He's working on his Come Back mixtape Vol.3!!!


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