Saturday, November 10, 2012

Flatten Chicken Rice

If you're a Singaporean and you have no idea what Ayam Penyet is, 
where the hell have you been?!?!
Im asking myself that exact same question too since i've only tried this delicacy a few days ago. hehe

You see, Fai and i love to go on street hunts for good food. Last weekend we went to Bakuroo at Andrews Ave. off Sembawang road for from delicious Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl. I didn't take any pictures though, was too busy slurping down every drop of soup. We absolutely love the ambience there, very Texas-like, totally chill and an awesome place to go to if you're looking for a boys/girls night out. Heard that you gotta try the Calamari Rings there too! A pity that the only way of getting there's by car or a cab since the restaurant is in the heart of private estates. 

Anyways, back to the topic- (im always getting carried away with something else) AYAM PENYET.
It may just be my favorite dish as of now. You can ask Fai. I've asking him to go eat Ayam Penyet with me over the past few days. But since its carbs and its fried, i gotta try to stay away from it. hahaha
We ate the one at Cine, its the store towards the end. And damn it was so good.

Fai had this. Its Ayam Bakar something something... looks weird but tasted so good.

The name's kinda funny. The first time i heard about it, i laughed. Not quite sure why they flatten the chicken though... more flavorful? or isit just a name?
Apparently Fai added that some places sell "fake" Ayam Penyet. Like the taste isn't legit. The one we went to is though, so anyone wanna give it a go, get your ass to cine food court! Just go easy on the chilli. hahaha

Okay something just happened. 
This part is written about 4 hours later and im laughing at what i said earlier on. HAHA
Sorry to everyone who had to read my nasty vulgar tweets too! I can be quite an ass when im damn angry. An angry Eunice is a scary one.

Anyways continue on what i was talking about.
I was wondering if i've put on weight cause i've been eating alot lately. Im eating crepes with chocolate and bananas in school, plus lots of nuggets and more junk at night... 
And today, i just lost all my appetite.
Apparently it due to my monthly thing... Sigh its out to make me ugly...
Pimples uh... junk food uh...

And updates guys!
For those of you who are aware about my horrific breakouts about 2 months ago, heres the verdict.
Its apparently due to my period plus lack of sleep plus indulgence on food that are high in sugar and sodium.
For those of you who are still asking me if im taking the contraceptive pills, i don't! I didn't even try it in the end. Like i said, anything that messes with your hormones aren't good for you in the long run. 

As for my terrible sore eyes week if you're aware about too, my eyes are fine now :)
Thank you to everyone who showed your concern!! I really appreciate it.
It was due to either lack of sleep or expired contact lens. And i gotta go with the latter. I've been so busy to even purchase a new pair for myself. Which resulted with me having really burred vision the whole week since i couldn't see anything without contact lenses on.

See they're fine now!
I threw away all my lenses then and got myself new sets!
Here's one in Glinting Brown from Freshkon's Sparklers series :)
oh fai. why are you so cute. here's what he just said "Am i really very smelly -he hasn't bathed the whole day- like those uncles on the streets right? i know. you better love me still" haha. I love how he wore blue and i wore pink that day. So perfect.
My OOTD! Knitted Pink Cashmere Sweater from H&M, Neon Pink Belt from H&M, Bug Necklace from H&M, Skirt sponsored by, Pink Bag from Far East Plaza, Heels from Rubi!
Happy Saturday everybody!!! Im free Im free Im freee <3 <3 <3

Do remember to catch's preview later on their facebook page

Heres a sneaky peeky. Just one first :)

Its awesome and i love the pictures so muchh! A year supply of blog banners. hehehehe
(p.s. the shoot was taken in town at 313 and scape park. will share some here later)


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