Sunday, November 11, 2012



I need to make some changes for my advertorials :(
Apparently, i've been getting negative feedbacks about them being posted up way too often.
I don't want my blog to be another space for just adverts so i've decided to only post adverts up on the weekends from now onwards. With that being said, you can now look forward to more blogs posts and vlogs over the week days and save those cash for the weekends for some online shopping!

Lets get the ball rolling and the cash flowing yo!

Obsession Of The Damsel (OOTD) is a place where all modern women can fulfill their obsessions and desires from head to toe, at affordable prices. Ours apparels/items are brought in mainly from countries like Bangkok, China, and Korea. OOTD will also be launching our own manufactured line in due time, and we sincerely wish to have all of your support.

While it is our aim to bring to you pretty apparels and items, quality at OOTD is never compromised. Each and every single one of our products has undergone quality checks by our team, before they can reach our customers' hands. Our team at OOTD is very committed to making shopping at out site an enjoyable and memorable, fuss-free experience for each and every single one of you.

And I can second the motion.
I Love OOTD's team! So dedicated and really committed to their customer's shopping experience. You won't ever regret shopping with them.

The first item was sponsored this week was a velvet-ish, suede-ish floral romper!!!!! Fell in love with it as soon as i put it on.

Its ultra comfortable and fits me perfectly. The material is really luxe and it feels more then just an ordinary romper. I really recommend you girls out there to purchase this when the collection launches :)

Next i took home the red peplum top as well!!!

Love how it fits nicely and flares out exactly where its suppose to - my hips!!!
Also its cut-out design on the shoulders makes it really unique! Another piece to look out for in the next collection! :)

Do visit OOTD's facebook page at for more updates and preview of their Collection 7!!


Boldpoet, the sister label of Struttt offers trendy pieces with a little more edgy twist. More or less, i like to say that they offer statement apparels. Things that stand out, for those who likes to be in the limelight.

I was sponsored the Oxblood Studded Shorts!
It fits super perfectly and is made of a more stretchy material! I love the color too! I've been looking out for pretty long for a shorts this color that would fit me perfectly with a good quality. And i've got it!

Next i jumped at the opportunity to get the Dazed Knit Dress.
I absolutely love the lavender color!!! Super sweet and perfect for a rainy cold weather. I wore it the very next day i got it. hehehe.

Check out some other stuffs that i like!
In case you haven't realized, their model is the gorgeous Syirin Jamil, New Face 2012 2nd Runner Up! hehehe



"SkinsxBones promise to bring in fucking awesome quality apparels at an extremely affordable price every week." - Skin x Bones

Im already in love with their label. I had a REALLY hard time picking which items to go with. Trust me, Skin x Bones is definitely some where everyone should look for when shopping online. They offer a huge range of really really awesome clothing that would make your friends go "OMG i love your top! Where did you get it from?!"

After much thinking through i went for the Topshop inspired Electric Blue Blazer

As you all know, besides pink, i love electric blue as well. Having a bold colored blazer would really make your outfit a total stand out. Pair it with a basic apparel and a few chunky accessories for an edgy look.

I took the Leather waisted shorts as well!

I love the fitting and the length of it. Not those super mini ones that gives people a peek at your butt cheeks every now and then. Its perfect now that i own a proper pair. Its totally versatile and an important piece that every girl need in their closet.

Check out their latest collection for more awesome pieces! Some picks!
Like their facebook page at and follow them on twitter at for more updates!


I adore how cute BaDangDangs project their label's image! They offer really cute apparels too! pretty hipster-ish as well. But a huge variety, im sure you'll be able to find anything here. One thing for sure is that they offer many cool shorts that made it hard to choose just one!

I went with a CAMO one in the end. hehehe
 If you're in experienced online shopper, you would be aware that some shorts nowadays just don't fit right. They're either too small or too huge. I was pretty afraid that the camo shorts wouldn't fit me right cause i love it so muchhh!!! BUT IT DID. The best fitting shorts i've ever owned. Im not even lying, the quality is superb as well. I can't wait to wear it out. Dr Marts, i need you for this. Leggo.

Next i went for something more elegant.
The Elizabeth Open Back Dress in Black!
Comes in Cream as well!
This dress says hi Avalon which i will talk about more over the next few weeks ;)

Other picks!

BaDangDangs also offer free normal local postage for spending above S$25.
Before i end this post!
You might wanna take note of SecondSkin's e-gift vouchers! perfect gift idea for Xmas/Birthdays <3<3<3

Happy Sunday Shopping Girls!



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