Sunday, November 11, 2012

School Update x Advertorial - Pearlmilkteea

Hello everybody, is it just me or is the time pasting really slowly today?

I got to school at 8.50am today (cab there again -.-) Didn't really have class today, just needed my attendance since i've already missed about 2 classes for this particular module. Saving that one last chance for some other day this week. hehehe. Im such a bad influence some times.

My friend, Syaza and I just stayed in class for about 15 minutes and did almost nothing... 
Everyone else aren't from the same course us so while they were all busy on their illustrator and photoshop, we decided to head down for some crepes! hehe

We did a bit of talking and realized that it was only 10.20am. And we didn't go back to class at all. hahaha. Since i stupidly forgot to bring my Mac charger to school, i couldn't do my work since my Mac was dying. And thats why im here again. And its only 1.14pm. I have a shoot at 5pm, which leaves me with about 3 hours to do work, sleep and get ready for the shoot! 

Wanna know where i got my off shoulder top from?
Continue reading! <3


Pearlmilkteea is a place to shop at if you're looking for things that are pretty and unique.
They offer a variety of apparels, from shorts to pants, to sweaters and pullovers, to dresses and pretty tops and anything more that you can think of! If you like staying stylish and in trend, you will love pearlmilkteea. In fact, it'll be hard for you to decide which apparels to pick, cause they're all too good!

I picked the following! hehe
If you don't already know, camo is absolutely in!
We're seeing alot of camo shirts and shorts around lately, but have you seen a camo romper yet??

Totally cute right?!?!
It fits perfectly and i can't wait to wear it out! hehehe

Next i chose the Polka Dot romper!
 I love the "sweetheart" neck line!!!
Super 50's swimwear- like a.k.a very Katy Perry- like.
It'll be perfect for a day out in the sun, like for a picnic or some kite-flying which im looking forward to trying soon with Fai:)
And i got this top as well! Its too pretty to be missed out! Love the light chiffon material and its super sweet cupcake color! If you like what im wearing, you can get it at!!!

Preview will be up tonight on their Facebook page at!
Be sure to check it out :):)

with lots of pearls,


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