Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day out with FAI x Vlog

The last two days were well spent with le bf, Fai.
We had some time alone after a long while and went for a nice dinner and took long strolls around town and the marina bay-ish area.

We hardly have any time to go out nowadays since we're both really busy.
Im packed with school and shoots, and him, work and dj-ing. But we both understand and we compromise with each other a lot. Which is very important for a relationship to work. For example, if our timings clash, he would sit in for my shoots and do his mix-tapes and all.

Im lucky to have someone patient and understanding like him since i get antsy and stressed out easily.
We had an interesting conversation yesterday which we will put into action in a couple of months time. Can't wait!!!

We had a crazy Popeyes feast, just the two of us, at Singapore's Flyers
I love Chendol.
I fell in love with this delicacy a few years ago during my stay in Penang, Malaysia.
The Chendol there was legit, you could taste the fine coconut and gula melaka used in the making of the quality of it. The one i had was fineee.. didn't do much justice though.
There was some promotional deal and we were so hungry. So we went for it knowing that the portion was gonna be massive. Just took a walk as usual (our favorite thing to do together) and watched the scenery from MBS and stuffs. I however, had my eyes peered towards Avalon's direction. More on that in the near future. hahaha

Two days ago, we went for a movie - Ah Boys to Men!
I heard many bad reviews about it..
But i really beg to differ!!! I absolutely love the show except for some of the extra visuals and effects used in the beginning of the movie. Was it meant to look like that?

Apart from that, i would say that its a must watch movie (if you're a singaporean).
And it would be better to watch it with an elder brother or a boyfriend or a friend who has served NS. You'll be able to understand whats going on more.
Almost the whole time, i was asking Fai "Huh, really like that uh?" or "Is that even real?" or "huhhhh what does that mean?" or "What? i don't get it"...
Don't worry, they won't get annoyed. In fact, i think Fai had a great time explaining every detail to me and sharing his experience with me. The rest of the audience had a great laugh too, especially the guys among us who knew exactly how everything felt and what the characters were saying. A pity for the ladies beside me. Could tell they didn't get anything. hahaha

Before that, we had dinner at Macs. hehehe so unhealthy. Oh wells. Gotta satisfy our cravings!

I did a Vlog about our day out. The first 13 minutes is just me yabbing away about some updates.
Like what Lipstick i bought recently, some encounters i have with the NYX store at Scape Underground, and how i feel about the closing of Helipad. If you don't wish to hear me talk and talk and talk and talk... skip to about 12:45?  hehe
And i couldn't upload it to Vimeo since this is the longest video i've made till date. So enjoy it on Youtube :)
I apologize if the video is really shaky, that thought wasn't in my head when the video was being recorded. Watch all the way till the last part of the Vlog please. Have something special. HAHAHA


Yesterday's outfit - shorts sponsored by!!
Super sorry that this blogpost is totally unorganized and shitz.
Im super duper tired but im trying my best to finish this up as fast as i can.
Saving all the time i have today for school work and one more blog post for Saturday!

Off to do work now.


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