Sunday, November 18, 2012

Advertorial- Hollyhoque x fall-into-fashion


I bet you're wondering what I got from Hollyhoque
or maybe even why I kept mentioning Hollyhoque in my previous blog post and vlog.
Well, I was invited to shop at their physical store at Far East plaza, #01-31!

Hollyhoque has been in the industry for a really long time since their first ever launched in April 2008! Their label has been going strong ever since, catering to ladies ages between 16-35. They offer an extensive range of apparels and accessories which are uniquely self-manufactured, sourced from all over the world, and most importantly, wallet-friendly! hehe

If you don't know, the label is pronounced as "Holly-Hock", which is actually deprived from a flower's name, which literally translates into fruitfulness. And their new physical Brick and Motar shop at Far East Plaza is fruitful indeed. Filled with racks and shelves full of clothes, shoes and accessories. 
Full of pretty maxi dresses!
I was offered to pick any 3 items from the store and it was so difficult! I didn't know where to begin since they had so many pretty items to choose from. I fell in love with the shelve full of bags though. All of them caught my attention but i picked the black one in the upper shelve. Perfect for an everyday "It" bag! hehehe
 Enough cam-whoring.
Let the shopping begin!
Holding their Tweed Between Gold Skirt in white!!! Super cute and pretty!
 Im pretty serious with the things i pick, especially at Hollyhoque's shop since there was a huge variety of really unique pieces!
As mentioned earlier, they also offered shoes as well!
I love the pair of lace flats in the following picture.
 Continue looking for what i want. hehe
Asking Fai for opinions! hehehe
 It was so hard deciding what to get! I had so many things in my hand already. hahaha
In the end, i went to try them out in the fitting room and settled for these two items!

1) A super cute polka dot skirt
It fitted me perfectly and whats more important is that its not the super short kinda skirts that would let people have a peek at my undies! I feel really comfortable in it!
2)Playhouse Skater Skorts - white, from their latest arrivals
I love this pair of skorts! The quality is superb and its really versatile. I can pair it with anything and everything for a clean look thats classy and sophisticated!
Waiting for my items to get packed nicely by their helpful staffs :)
And i was all set and ready to go!
Thank you Hollyhoque for the invitation!
I had a great time shopping with you guys and picking out the items of my choice :)

Girls, if you wanna know my shopping experience at Hollyhoque, get down to their physical store now at Far East Plaza #01-31 and visit their online boutique as well at

Like them on Facebook at and follow them on twitter at for more updates! :)

Many people have been asking me where i got my new white knitted sweater and floral chiffon shorts from.
Its from....

This new uprising label has one the best collections i've ever seen. I really couldn't decide which apparels to choose. They're all so pretty and not to mention, really Topshop inspired. Oh and if you're the sort that worries most about quality garments, you can put that meddlesome mind else where while shopping with Fall Into Fashion cause each and every one of their apparels that were sent to me were grade As!! 
(hangover kinda improved my vocabulary)

I was sponsored...
Their white knitted sweater and chiffon floral shorts in black!!!
I've always been a little afraid to purchase knitted items.
I get worried that they're furry and the loose yarns would fly to my face and annoy me the whole day.
Or im afraid that the knit isn't properly sewn together and it would unravel or something. 
Also since Singapore is freaking humid, i stay away from knitted items though i love them to bits.

This knitted sweater that i was sponsored however, is perfect. Like i said earlier, Fall Into Fashion's apparels are grade As. I felt like my whole outfit were gotten from ASOS or something.
The floral shorts fitted perfectly too. Its lightweight material makes wearing it super duper comfortable. And don't worry, it comes with a inner lining so its not sheer :)


The items are sold out but be sure to check their new collection out ASAP before it gets sold out too!!!
Here's some of my picks that im considering getting too.

Fashionistas, SHOP NOW at Fall Into Fashion!
And be sure to check them out weekly for new collections.
They're definitely some where to look out for if you want stuffs that you can't find elsewhere! 



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  2. I love ur outfit especially the one u wore white & blue star at shop. May I know where u bought? And the sandal u wore in last photo?