Sunday, December 9, 2012

Advertorial - Apricot x OOTD x LBR x NLS


Hi guys!
Today I'm introducing 
They are known for their fabulous coordinates of accessories and apparels. You've probably seen pictures of their masks/hairbands around...
 I was the model for that collection! The shoot was probably one of the most challenging one i've done so far but it was all worth it cause the photos turned out fab ^^
Featuring the Christine Eye Veil that's still in stock ^^ 
And one of my favorite shots wearing the Ms. Anastasia Dotted Veil
This one too!
But this Kitty Lace Hairband is all sold out :(

Anyway! the whole purpose of this post is to showcase their apparels and accessories that they've sent me!! *Excited!*

Coordinate A, featuring the Lykke Soft Flow Maxi Dress in Black + Necklace Cuff!
I mad love this dress! A black maxi dress is a must have for all girls. Whats makes this one really special though are the leg slits at the bottom! Its sexy cause it shows your legs off just a little giving people just a peek ;) Probably one of my favorite item in my closet right now. hehe

Also, Apricot is all about glam-ing things up with pretty accessories! Which the sliver cuff necklace has done a good job with this slit dress. Simplicity at its best.  

 Next I pulled out a SUPER CUTE Kitty My Way Flutter Top from my parcel!
It was love at first sight. April from Apricot thought that i wouldn't like it but she was wrong! hehe in fact its one of my top picks from the collection. It crops at the right length and the flutter sleeves makes it really unique.
Coordinate C comprises of The Hoodie Trench in Black + Shift puff-out dress in white + 
Tahiti Triangle Necklace <3
Working with Apricot on this advertorial was really awesome! Besides being really generous with the sponsored items, they have also pre styled everything for me! And i love it! This coordinate looks great when they're all put together, the Tahiti Triangle Necklace completed the whole look.
Its really versatile and can be worn with anything!
The Lena Flutter Top!
Comes in Black too! I couldn't decide which to get, but i settle for the Lavender one in the end. Isn't it gorgeous? I can't wait to wear it to school tmr. hehe look out for it in my Instagram :)
There's more awesome news! has launched their Christmas Grab Bag!!
At only $35, you get to choose x1 Apparel or Accessory plus you get 2 other random accessories AND a bonus Namesake Defy/Dreamer ring of choice. There's also Option B for their Christmas grab bag for 2 random apparels and 2 matching accessories at $30 :D is also offering complimentary registered postage top-up for all orders 30SGD and above only till 31 dec 2012, so hurry and go shop now!! :D 
Once again, my beloved OOTD has sponsored me with their apparels! And im so delighted, they're always so generous with the amount. The previous collection was superb. The Luxe Floral Romper sold out fast like hot pancakes and the amount of BO for it was insane.

This week, i took home 3 pieces with me.
Candycane Ombre Knit Wear!!
Yeap, you guessed it right. I adore it cause its a pretty cotton candy pink ombre- to die for-! The knit feels really soft in comparison to the sort that feels itchy and rather heavy. This pullover is soft and falls nicely in shape, doesn't make me look FAT so its perfect. hehehe ^^
Camo Craz! A camo crop top is another must have this season. This item is already sold out! Thats how fast OOTD sells out their items. So be sure to camp at their site next time for the next launch. You won't wanna miss out on another pretty item in future! Anyway as i was saying, this camo top fits well and crops at the right length! And i've already worn it before i could even blog about it. hehehe. 
Beaded Charm Dress in Beige. This beauty comes in stunning Wine and Black too! It was so hard to decide which to pick! I was especially stucked between Wine and Beige. I went for Beige in the end cause i wanted to try something different. Also it makes me look more elegant. hehe But it was pretty painful seeing Cleo (OOTD's owner) packed the other two pretty dresses in the luggage. hahaha. Get yours now! Its selling out fast!
The other colors! Yum.
If you don't wish to miss out on anymore items in future, do like their Facebook page for more updates
Last Bus Ride, otherwise also known as LBR, is a relatively well known blogshop in the scene. They offer really really cool apparels styled with uber cute accessories. Recently, Francesca and I modelled together for LBR's recent collection. And i must say, its probably one of the biggest one i've seen from LBR. A video was also shot which im pretty sure many of you have already seen! If you haven't, here it is! :)
It was mainly for the launch of LBR's new self manufactured dress with the side cut out slits! Here it is. Me in the black one :)
The amount of skin showing is just right. Not too much to say you're looking for trouble, but enough to say you're ready for a good time with your girlfriends! Its perfect for a night out or a party since the length of it is just right too! Not the sort that will get you weird stares from random dudes.
I've also picked the Cecelia Peplum top in Black! ^^
I love the material alot! Super stretchy and really comfortable. It gives off a sophisticated aura since the sleeves are long instead of the usual sleeveless peplums you always see.
And here's one of my top picks from this collection! The Jodie Oversized Knit in a sexy Maroon hue.
The moment i saw it doing this shoot, i knew i was gonna pick this piece. hehe. Even francesca said its nice! Get yours before its sold out. Comes in cream too!

and follow them on twitter at
Next is one of my favorite shops!
Remember the shoot i did for them previously?
I took home a huge bag of clothes? Well, im not done showing off whats inside that bag! HEHE
So here's two more items i took home that day. 
Here's the furry pocket pullover!! Im just waiting for a rainy day to come so that i can throw this pullover on and feel all warm and cuddly hehehe. Isn't it cute?!
Next, i took the paddle pop swirl skirt!! It shouts so much love! I love its unicorn like color and how lightweight it is. In comparison to the previous item, this is perfect for a sunny day. hehe. Will be wearing this outfit soon somewhere this week! Wait for it.

Here's the latest collection! The 14th Lippy!
some of my picks!



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