Saturday, December 8, 2012

KL with Soupy

Im back :)
The past couple of days, Fai and i have been away in KL.

You see, about two weeks ago, he was just scrolling through his twitter timeline and happened to stumble upon H3 Mutant (a pretty well known DJ in Malaysia, who happens to be Fai's friend too) tweet. He said something like "#IDGAFOS.... something, something!". And in case you don't know (which i assume most of you won't), its a famous tagline from one of Fai's(or maybe mine too) favorite Djs of all time.
This is what i wanna club to.
No serious. The reason why i start to just stand around or sit around in clubs instead of dancing is because Singapore will never get music like this. And its so sad... I have become a new fan of Moombahton music all thanks of my boyfriend who is a fanatic. Please please please check Dillion's soundcloud here, spread the word and pray that he'll come to Singapore one day. 
if you really don't bother about it, at least play this track while you continue scrolling down this post, thank you <3

Here's a quick peek at what happened over in Malaysia.
Not much pictures though.... I was lazy to bring my camera out so we took most of the shots using Fai's phone...which was stolen just an hour before we arrived in Singapore yesterday.
Never put your personal belongings especially your valuables in your back pocket in crowded places.
So here's all we got plus a short video which i will edit and upload somewhere this week! :)
I bought this unicorn plush toy thingy that doubles up as a pillow too. HAHA. spend money even before getting on the plane. I named her Lashes after staring at Fai's eyelashes while thinking of a name for my new fur friend.
What i wore to club Vertigo to see Dillion Francis perform and my dearest boyfriend S.O.F emcee for H3 Mutant. Romper from and jacket from nolipservices

I was pretty culture shock there though. The moment i stepped into Vertigo, i knew i wasn't gonna dance or whatever.. The music was good. Like mad good. But i couldn't do anything...
People smoked in the club. And its fine if like a handful do that but EVERYONE was smoking INDOOR. Even if you try to escape from it, which ever direction you turn, someone blows their smoke in your face...When Fai and i left, we were drenched in that sick cigarrett smell. I was so annoyed with the stench, the moment i got to our hotel room, i washed my clothes in the bath tub. Also, the smoke didn't do any good for my eyes... The next day, my sore eyes came back worst and i had to wear glasses for the next two days in Malaysia... But everything happens for a reason right? Fai had to take 
extra care of me even more (more hugs, more holding hands etc.) hehehe
Fai's wearing the shirt i got him. He's a fanatic. Dressed like Dillion.
we were off the meet someone who we weren't prepared to meet at all.
The guy that makes the music Fai and i go crazy to whenever he used to play it at Helipad or in the car.
The guy who's in the video Fai has been watching on Youtube for months.

It was pretty hard to find the location of the lounge we were going to at first. We got into a cab that dropped us in the middle of no where and we ended up walking frantically finding the place. We asked everyone who walked past and no one seem to know what we were referring to. As soon as we were close to giving up, some really kind soul knew exactly where we were going and we got there right in time. 

Dillion walked through the gate, pass us and went upstairs along with a bunch of industry people.
I remember Fai going "omg baby, Dillion is there! Dillion is there! omfg..."
Fai and I both agree he looked "cleaner" in person. hahaha
Also he seems taller then i expected but Fai thought he looked shorter. 
Everyone else, like us, didn't wanna go up. I mean we were dying to head up and meet him but no body dared to get the ball rolling. 

But eventually we did head up and shook his hand and all. It was pretty awkward at first, everyone just took their seats and waited for the Q&A session to start. So while waiting, nobody really talked. hahaha
Fai just kept telling me he wanna buy his cap and his jacket and he kept asking if i think Dillion brought his merchandise along with him or not. 
Hello, meeting your idol up close beats heading to Siloso beach this year. Thats why we missed Zoukout. But its fine, theres always next year ^^

Honestly, i was pretty afraid to meet Dillion Francis at first. He seems so douche-ish in his videos but i was surprise at how friendly, humble and nice he really is! See never ever pre-judge a person before meeting them. But he did take my camera from my hand and said "Digital? Digital sucks." and took out his film camera and told Fai and i to get one like that. hahaha
Sigh Singapore.
I hope you'll make Fai and my dream come true again.
Bring Dillion to Singapore!

And thank you my wonderful and loving partner, Fai. 
This trip wouldn't be possible without you and your friends. Thanks Harith and everyone else who made us feel like home. Most of all, thank you Fai, for taking care of me while i fell sick there. I enjoyed every moment with you, just the two of us alone. Waking up with you beside me every morning was amazing and i look forward to our next vacation together, us, along again. 
I love you soupy.