Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Maybelline Lookbook 2013 shoot BTS!!

Just a week ago (when i had a perfect pair of non-stingy, non-itchy, non-red eyes), I did a shoot for Maybelline's 2013 lookbook! Along with the other Maybelline bloggers, Linda & Tammy!

The night before, i had about only 4 hours of sleep? And we had to be at the location at 6.30am. The site is a Hostel (if most of you are wondering) along Arab Street called Shophouse The Social Hostel. Pretty cool place, my impression of what a hostel looks like on the inside definitely went up quite a bit. What do you think?
super cosy looking right?!
This was the room we used ^^ lovin the brick walls
And thats us fooling around. hahaha
Anyways, back to my point.
I was really tired and after everything was done, everyone, not just me, stoned. Literally.
I went back to Fai's after and K.O.... after which we attended one of our friend's birthday party at Four Seasons. And I K.O. again. I had a lack of sleep which probably contributed to my red eye. Oh wells.

Oh the bright side, i had fun working with Linda and Tammy! Linda's my school senior and i've always seen her around before. Its hard not to notice her. She's always decked in bold colors, crazy prints and to-die-for heels. I was pretty intimidated to work with her at first but i shouldn't even be! She's really helpful and caring. Not to mention, hyper active. Which was awesome cause Tammy & I were dying, she kept the energy up! hahaha. Its a joy working with her.

Tammy was just as awesome too! That girl can look good in any shots. Like the one above? I'll probably look stupid doing that. Also, i love her outfits that Linda styled for her that day. Super grunge, rocker chic. You guys gotta stay tune for the final photos, we put in a lot of effort okay ^^
Im not telling you how to achieve this look just yet! Neither am i gonna say what Maybelline products were used. hehe. You gotta stay tune to find out! 
lovin how my face looks so flawless here!!! If only it was really like that.. sighh... i have breakouts again. Its that time of the month. boo hoo hoo :(
The blusher is crazily gorgeous right? All thanks to our expert make up artist - Ginger!!!
Can't wait for the final photos to be up! And all that Maybelline goodies coming your way in 2013. Watch out!
Above all the noise, i am excited for my trip with Fai Fai tmr ^^
We're going away to KL for something special which i will only say like later this week.
It'll be a mini get-away for us. Its very much needed and will be very much appreciated and used well. We'll be back on Saturday afternoon... so we're still contemplating on whether to pop by Zoukout for some Calvin Harris... decisions. decisions. 

Anyway if you're preparing yourself for Zoukout or some party over the weekends, do check Fai's Comeback Mixtape Vol. 3!! Its finally out and he's been working hard on it. My favorite songs are all about 40:00mins onwards. hehe. Those are the ones i usually put in for my vlogs. So check them out! Im hooked on this one^^

I'll be doing a vlog for our trip! Hope we'll have fun and come back all rejuvenated and better then ever!
Stay well everyone!