Thursday, November 29, 2012

Updates x Advetorials - SASSY DREAM x i/c x SHOPXCLY

Hi guys, i haven't been blogging for really long but i will make it up to you guys with a really awesome post next week. Promise ;)

So far my week has been pretty awesome.. Some what spiritual as well. It'll take time for me to get use to introducing my new self and some things in my life that i've decided to make a change in. As of now, let me introduce you to these lovely labels that have recently sponsored me with pretty stuffs. And also some short updates at the end of the post ^^


Right after my shoot with NOLIPSERVICES last week, i bumped into the lovely Asyiha Ams. She was in the next studio shooting for another blogshop.
And thats...

If you're the sort that adores shopping online with a variety of items to choose from, Sassy Dream will satisfy your desire. They offer a huge range of apparels and its so hard to decide which to choose. I had a hard time myself. Thank God they were nice and told me i could pick as many as i wanted instead of just two. hehehe, Thank youuuu! <3

So here's what i picked!
I love the daisy pop out tee!! Isn't it so cute? It fits perfectly and its perfect for a casual day out, the daisy embellishments makes it really unique and interesting. 
The quitted shorts is a MUST HAVE this season. hehe. I mean for real. Its the one of most trendy pieces thats in the market now. Trust me on this. I know. haha. It fits perfectly and the quality is superb. The zips and buttons are all sewn properly and i must say, its probably one of the only shorts sold online that you don't have to worry much about.
I got the diamonte crop scoop back top too! I've seen this graphics somewhere on some apparel before and i regretted not getting it. So when i saw this top, i jumped at the opportunity to get it. Now you see my dilema while making my choices? So many pretty apparels right?!? The Polyester material used for this top is good and its the sort where you get a "cooling effect" when you wear it. I love tops like that!
Last but not least, i got the daisy denim skater skirt too.
I was afraid that it might be too loose while i was waiting for it arrival, but when i tried it on, it was perfect! Everything is right about it and its super comfy too.
 And thats not all girls, here are the other stuffs that i really liked too! :)
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The next label is a pre-order store which i totally adore. 

Invisible Charade, otherwise known as i/c offers a wide range of apparels and accessories. Though its a pre-order store, which means you gotta wait slightly longer for your items to arrive, it was worth the wait. I've received them a few days ago and it was such a pleasant surprise. Apart from just the stuffs i requested for, they gave me extra accessories as an early X'mas gift and a card to go along with the parcel. THANK YOU I/C <3
wearing my new daisy ring ^^
The headband im wearing came as an extra gift and its perfect! I've been looking hard for one that isn't too tight or too loose. And theirs fit perfectly. I know it will stay on my head and not fall off in the middle of the day.

I was also sponsored a Crosses Pullover in my favorite shade of PINK! 
I've been waiting anxiously for this item and the result is awesome. This pullover isn't manufactured with the thin material that frays a lot. It relatively thick and it'll be great for a cold weather. Come in other colors as well! Most people get theirs in black, but i went for something that spells me a little more. hehehe
Another thing that came as an extra X'mas gift was a Kitty Beanie!!!
Pretty sure you guys have seen this super adorbs accessory before, but have you ever seen one in pink before? Gahhhh!!! Im in love with it <3
Another item i got from i/c was the Bling Collar Blouse.
I was contemplating so hard on whether to get one in blue or white. I love electric blue but at the same time i was in need of a white blouse. So i went for white instead. However, i think im gonna purchase more items from i/c so i'll get one in blue as well. hehehe
Its no doubt sheer, but its not one of those apparels that you should miss out on. The bling detail is gorgeous and it transforms a usual blouse into one thats really unique. Even my mom said so.
The shade im wearing above is also from i/c! Its the Karen Walker inspired shades with Leopard prints.
Some of my other picks which i've also received or am planning to buy!
I bought the feather necklace above in Blue too ^^

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Who's gonna join me in this preorder?
Quote 'EuniceAnnabel' and get $1 off total bill!
Have you heard who WHATHEPUG is?
Well you better do find out if you don't, they offer really cool varieties of apparels.
Im gonna introduce you to their affiliated pre-order site though! And its...

XCLY is a relatively new pre-order store that offers a anything and everything you can possibly think of! From hair clips to socks to iphone button stickers and even cups! Yes cups! So if you're looking for quirky items to shop online for besides the usual, do check XCLY out ^^

I went for the ASOS inspired black tip blouse which really preppy looking! Totally adorable :)
Also, i chose a Camo Jacket! hehe
Camo is definitely in trend! Apart from just shorts and rompers, you gotta have an outer wear too! What makes this piece especially good is its quality and fitting. I was worried that it may be too big on me or really baggy but it isn't at all! It ends where its suppose to and it isn't heavy nor thick like how i expected it to be.

Here's some of my other picks :)
Like their facebook page at for more updates!

I went for lastbusride's shoot yesterday and it was pleasant surprise to be able to do a shoot with Francesca again! This is our second time shooting together i think?
Regina, the owner of LastBusRide is gonna launch a pretty huge collection with lots of awesome apparels! Be sure to keep a look out for them soon :)
An awesome video was taken for this upcoming collection too! Here's some behind the scenes shots.
will blog about this soon ^^

Off to a great weekend with Fai <3
Things will turn out alright. I love you.
carmen's bear!



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