Sunday, November 25, 2012


Just because Helipad has closed, it doesn't mean we stop having fun!
My friends and I and Fai of course, headed to Avalon yesterday night. Though it felt weird at first (since we're really used to Helipad, the bouncers and all), things got really fun as the night went on.
Freshkon Sparklers series in Glinting Brown, Mosaic Lipstick in 11 from BHG (lipstick worn for latest Gelliz and W.A.R. shoot), Heroin Make Mascara 
On the way with le boyfriend, fai <3
Looking so sexy in this usual get up and the Zara shirt I bought him.
Brought my lovely A&F girlies this time round too! 
Meet Judith, Ashleigh and Aurelia <3
Wearing my 18th Birthday Dress from Topshop <3
And of course my usual Rebel Club babies!
Meet Laraine (,Chloe & Jas <3
I got a fat face here but whatever, le fai looks sexy here.
After a while, Ashleigh went abit cray cray. hahaha
Whats a party without your homies?
I honestly wouldn't feel the same amount of fun without the Helipad crew there. 
With Jenna, we are the girls who wait ;)
And thats it folks!
Its my second time at Avalon and im still in awe with that place.
My friends loved it too. Its kinda like a whole new level of clubbing.
Will be back again soon! :)