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Hi guys, im back with you weekly adverts.
Im still not really back to my usual self due whats going on, but im coping and at the end of this, i will be a better person. Life goes on so get your ibanking tools and credit cards ready for some juicy online shopping!!!

I'll start with a label that im sure many of your guys or probably all of you guys are familiar with, and thats...

Its the ultimate place to shop at if you're looking for edgy, trendy apparels! And whats so special about them is that their items are always unique and its almost impossible to find them anyway else but alone! If you don't know, i was invited to model for their latest collection - 13th Lippy and i love how every piece was of high quality yet super cute and trendy! Also, love the uber cute styling.
Me doing the shoot. hehehe
I feel so ashamed but i couldn't help but took home a bag filled with clothes from them after the shoot! hahaha.. I'll start with the following first...
I took home the official NOLIPSERVICES sweater/pullover.. haha., im just kidding. But i think it fits their label perfectly too. I love the lip details and the furry material. If you're worried that it may be really stuffy, fear not! This knit is apparently rather cooling, if you're wearing it in an air conditioned place, trust me, it'll feel like you're wearing the clouds.
If you're wondering where the shorts is from, i got at NOLIPSERVICES too!
Its goddamn velvet in wine... need i say more? i absolutely love it <3 If you're planning to get it, i say you better do it fast. I can predict that it'll sell out fast. Comes in black too!

And i can't get enough of leather jackets. I think its an essential apparel for all fashionistas. You can wear anything and just throw this statement piece over for a grundy, edgy, stylish appeal in an instant. I already have one if you guys don't know but i couldn't NOT get this one when i saw it. It fits PERFECTLY compared to the one i own and i loveeeee the studded details. Its an item to look out for.

Apart from these few, i picked out a hell lot moree! but you gotta stay tune weekly to see what i've got.
For now, shop at before everything gets sold out. 

Like their facebook page at 
And like their twitter for more updates!!!
I've also done a shoot recently for 
And im delighted to be able to get some sponsored apparels from them as well!
They offer mostly casual apparels for those out there who like to look effortlessly chic.
They are also now located in Far East Plaza, Blogshop Empire, #01-102

Here are the items i took with me:)
So everyone knows i love pink and peplum and bustiers. And this was a perfect top for me. I think if someone were to buy me this as a birthday prezzie, i'll be really happy. It fits perfectly and its such a sweet color! It was my OOTD for yesterday but i didn't manage to take a picture.
This peplum top is super unique, i haven't seen it anyway else yet. Black and white together always makes anything look good and chic - like Chanel - hehe. It fits well and is effortlessly stylish. I can put this on whenever i feel lazy to dress up and look good already.
You can't really tell from this images but this is a laced peplum top! Oh my, i just realized everything i took from PetiteFairies are peplums. hahaha. Well they have really nice ones so i can't be blamed. Anyway this laced peplum top is really comfy, made of superior cotton. The laced details makes it really pretty :)

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and follow them on twitter at for more updates!
Zen's amour is a relatively new label that offers a wide range of apparels ranging from dresses to shorts to shoes to accessories. It is managed by Zen alone who is also in the same school as me! hehehe
Anyway, here's what i've got!
I love their blue ombre off shoulder top! It comes with an inner lining so you don't have to worry about cheekopeks staring at you! Plus i love its lightweight chiffon material. Wearing this piece makes me feel like an ethereal princess (DON'T LAUGH) hehe. 
Next, i went for the ombre yellow laced dress! I realized and i'll admit that blue and yellow does compliment my skin color though i wish pink did. I wore this to school two days ago and many of my friends were saying how pretty this dress is and im happy :) Ombre and Lace, perfect combination!
 Also the flower headband im wearing is sponsored by Zen's Amour as well, I wanted to buy it from them but Zen was really nice and offered to give it to me instead. So sweet <3

Also, you know the craze about the jelly rain boots??
Zen's Amour is having a pre-order for them which closes on 1st Dec! So be sure to get them before it closes :)
Zen's Amour will also be participating in a Blogshop Festival soon where items will go as low as S$5!! For more details, like their facebook page at 

happy shopping everybody <3
Look forward to another exciting Vlog coming out soon at the end of Dec!


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