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Before we get started with this week's adverts, take a moment to listen to this! hehehe
I know im a little slow. I've only become a fan of Justin Bieber this year so i couldn't be bothered to check this out last year. 
Don't you adore Christmas? The past few days, i've been really happy and im totally looking forward to this joyful occasion! In fact, im all ready for all the house visitings and family gatherings and parties of course! ^^
This week's advert is gonna be a special one. Yup you guessed it right!
Its gonna be a prep for Christmas. The items i've got sponsored this time round seems to be stuffs that would be perfect to be worn for this holiday season. In fact, i have played them up a little with some accessories and a few hair dos that you can wear with! Till then, have fun shopping and have a blessed Christmas <3

Flaunt is a locally based web store that offers a wide variety of apparels, from playsuits to maxi dresses. They offer items that are styled all the way from edgy to sweet and sophisticated. Its a one stop destination to cater to all your special events and occasions and even to versatile pieces for everyday wear! And if that doesn't already attract your attention (which im sure it has), perhaps their lovely gorgeous models might do the trick.
I was so excited when they asked me for an advertorial! It means i get to pick two items which is totally awesome cause Flaunt's apparels are really unique and its almost impossible to find them anywhere else.
Most importantly, they are quality clothes.
So here's my pick!
1) Corset Tangerine Dress
It was from their previous collection, it comes in red too! As soon as i saw it, i knew it was gonna be in one of my picks. I love how it fits perfectly and the length is just right! I was afraid that it was gonna be too short since it looked really short on their model (it slipped my mind that she was a beautiful Caucasian professional model that probably towers over me) Pretty hard to decide which to get though, red was SUPER SEXY. But since i wanna wear this for Christmas family gatherings, its better to tone down a little. Don't wish to give my aunts and uncles a heart attack. I got it in a gorgeous Tangerine hue instead, compliments and skin colour and makes my skin "glow" hehehe.
Oh and A&F fans, heads up, you might wanna get this cause it really does look and feel like an A&F dress. 

Styling tip: With so much skin showing, let your hair flow down naturally. Keep your jewelry and accessories minimal to avoid looking like a hooker. Wear flats instead of heels, go for that Hollister beach girl look with this dress.

2) Flaunt Feeling Blue Maxi Dress
I think im kinda in love with blue. Im sorry pink. I have to admit, i do look my best in blue and i am trying to accept that fact after what seems like forever. No wonder i was put in blue house in primary school.
Thats beside the point!!! I was gonna say how gorgeous this maxi dress was. Its a stunning electric blue, made with soft chiffon-ish material that flows really proportionately and gracefully down. Im super duper please with it and i'll definitely wear it for Christmas. hehe

Styling tip : Pull your hair back half way for a more sophisticated glamourous appeal. Wear drop or stud earrings instead of big hook ones. Let the dress do the most talking here.

Since its Christmas and its a season of giving, Flaunt understands that well.
Its free shipping this week plus you can get a free courier with 3 or more items!
Valid till 23rd Dec, 11:59pm
Happy Shopping!
If you've been reading up on my blog, you would know that recently OOTD did an outdoor shoot with me! hehehe 
The pictures are out on their Facebook page and im super duper please with it!
I'll post some here as we go along :)
This week, they have once again launched a collection filled with stunning pieces, mostly dresses that  fit perfectly for this Christmas season! I was given the opportunity by the lovely Cleo and MQ to keep as many pieces as i want. hehehe. I kept 5 with me but i'll only be showing you 3 of them today, you gotta come back next week for the other 2. hehe
So, let the shopping begin!
1) Strap Over Weekender Bodycon in Rose

 This is a classic time less piece that i feel everyone should order quick before it gets sold out!
Not only is this dress party-worthy, but its also elegant enough to be worn for a christmas dinner at some fancy restaurant without looking too over the top. Cleo can't stop telling me how sexy she thinks this dress is and it really is. FITS PERFECTLY. Not the sort where you'll feel insecure about a budging tummy after eating all the Christmas goodies. Comes in a stunning blue and sexy black too.

Styling tip : A heavy stud earring would be just right for this outfit. Wearing long dangling ones will just look too messy with the strap over details. Tie your hair up into a sleek pony tail or a high bun, give your neck a chance to show off for a seductive appeal.
2) Luxe Tams Bodyfit Dress in white
 How would i describe this dress? Elegance at its best. A white body fitting maxi dress always make any lady look sophisticated and some what respectable. Thats exactly what you want your relatives to think of you this Christmas. hahaha that their little niece/granddaughter has grown into a young lady. Material of the dress is once again LUXE and made of really high quality. OOTD never disappoints. They always make sure that their apparels are wearable for all consumers.

Styling tip: GET THE NECKLACE IM WEARING TOO! HAHA trust me, it completes the whole look. A high bun or a low side swiped one will do just fine for the sophisticated look. Basically, just get your hair off your face for more impact.
comes in Black too.
3) Eunice Velvetish Floral Dress in Cream
Feeling a little nostalgic? well thats because this velvetish dress is made with exactly the same fabric as the luxe romper that was sold out in OOTD's earlier collection. I heard that the BOs for the romper were insane, it reached numbers that we never thought was possible. So before it happens to this item as well, be sure to place your orders! This dress would be perfect for that cosy, a little less formal family gathering this Christmas. Also comes in Black.

Styling tip: A classic silver/ white gold stud earring would do just fine, go for pearl if you feel like going a little for classy. Dangling earrings are fine as long as they don't contradict with your dress's color. Wear your hair down and relax by the fire place (pretend you have one. Since no one in SG has that) with your family.
comes in black too! (same as the floral romper!)
I really love the photos! Thanks to the awesome Fiona Sng aka Smitten Pixels!
Here are some of my favorite shots! And its not just these few, i can't possibly put them all here.
I WANT A GOLDEN RETRIEVER :( please someone get me one for Christmas?
The shoot was awesome and though we didn't get to shoot everything, i think the pictures came out really well! <3 ACIA SOON!!!!

Oh yeah guys

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I've recently modelled for another blogshop called LOVEATNINE and I really love their choice of apparels as well as their styling! Apart from that, their owner N, is absolutely cute and really generous! So since its Christmas, i thought it'll be nice to share her label with you guys. Also since i kinda wanna show off what stuffs i kept. hehe.
1) Yuletide Mullet Dress
All in the name of the Christmas spirit, there is nothing more christmasy then this gorgeous dress! Emerald green is always classy, royale and totally Christmas! Apart from waiting to be served a slice of turkey at your grand aunt's dinning table, you can also throw on a faux fur jacket and you're to go to church for a Christmas mass. Also, if you aren't aware, allow me to be the first to break the news to you, Emerald Green is year 2013's colour of the year! So you can wear this dress all year long! hehehe what a great investment huh?

Styling tip: Though a dress with a beautiful colour like this will look awesome with accessories of the hue, you might not wanna go with that style and look a little camouflage standing next to the christmas tree. Instead, try going for pearls! Looking royale is my theme this year. And yes my dear readers, you can finally wear your stilettos for this number. 
2) Rudolph Studded Skirt
Another Christmasy colour!! Wine is totally in this season. We're seeing alot of wine cable knit sweaters and pullovers. Why not go for a wine studded skirt in a luxe satin material? It'll be perfect for a family dinner. Why? Cause its high waist and with that, you can hide your filled bulging tummy! hehehe 

Styling tip: Pair it with a classic white or black tube/sleeveless top. Accessories are a must even though the studs are already doing most of the talking. But you might wanna go a little extra mile with decorating your bare neckline. So deck on some chunky necklaces and a hand cuff and you're good to go!

Some other picks!

Oh yeah guys, i did a hair do tutorial which will be up later or maybe tmr :)
Do check it out. Hopefully you can wear them for CHRISTMAS!
Can't wait! hehe