Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Came Early!!! advert - Bag of Bones

My dearest boyfriend came over to my place yesterday and gave me the biggest surprise ever! He surprised me with the best Christmas prezzie ever!
Something i've been needing for a really long time...
A proper studio light for my adverts and some camwhoring. hehehe
Doesn't the photo look so much better now?
He's really good at gift giving. Last year, i received a polaroid camera.
And it doesn't just stop here!
He bought me the fur H&M bag that i've been wanting for the longest time.
This shows that Fai knows me well and he listens to my needs. I cannot be more thankful for this man.
My new every "it" bag.
Some new accessories i bought from f21 a few days back <3
And a vanity shot! I love how flawless my skin looks with the lighting. No editing needed from now on!
Also, here's the video i've been wanting to share with you guys.
And its the last vlog im gonna do with a shitty light quality now that i have proper ones!
Hope this will help you! Enjoy <3

"Bag of Bones, literally interpreted, would suggest that we cater to bags of bones. But we don't just. Bag of Bones doesn't have a body type. We have apparels and accessories designed to suit all shapes, sizes and styles. Bag of Bones is your quintessential online clothing stores, with an edge."

You gotta know that Bag of Bones is owned by my secondary school senior. She was in cheerleading just like how i was and while i was a base, she was a flyer. So "bag of bones" is basically her nickname and it doesn't mean that her label only caters to girls her size. In fact, Bag of Bones offers a wide variety of apparels for everyone to choose from. There's always something for everyone!
I was lucky to be able to choose from her latest collection which mainly focuses on dresses which is perfect for this holiday season! More stuffs for christmas parties! hehehe

I was sponsored...
The lovely Tube Bustier Studded Dress in ELECTRIC BLUE!
I love how well it goes with my fur bag! 
 This lovely fitting dress is great for a party this season! Its electric blue colour makes you stand out form the crowd while its studded embellishments creates a whole new sexy-tough image to your look! I love how sophisticated it makes me look! A pity though, this colour is already sold out! So if you want your hands on it, be sure to check it out in Black and Nude before they get sold out too!
Next, i picked..
The Nude Daisy Top
 This is my OOTD! I love how well is matches with my favorite pink everyday shorts! I was afraid that the daisy embellishments might fall off, well, thats not the case for this top. Every single daisy you see is sewn on properly and securely so no matter what you do in the course of the day, i guarantee they will not fall off. Made of lightweight chiffon material. Perfect for sunny Singapore! Also available in light yellow!

And if you're afraid that you might not get your items in time before Christmas, Bag of Bones will be
holding a Self-Collection & Meetup for all collections for last minute shoppers!
For more updates follow their twitter at and like their facebook page at
Some photos taken over the last few days..
Shoot for Nolipservices while Val's there for Chaceylove!
Growing really fond of her! Such a nice girl!
And finally a photo of my sweetheart!
Can't wait to see you later <3


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