Thursday, December 27, 2012

X'Mas 2012 (probably the most confusing post ever)

Time has passed so quickly. I forgot what i did on the eve of Christmas. 
Maybe im just really really tired...yeah still up at 12:39AM after a long day, who am i kidding.
One Direction has been constantly playing in my ears since the second i woke up.. a day ago? a while ago today... yesterday. Okay, im just confusing you and myself too.

Im not a shame to proclaim that i am a fan of Justin Bieber and i do like 1D too. And after listening to their latest album on Fai's WONDERFUL ipod, i think i really love them. ROCK ME, LAST FIRST KISS and SUMMER LOVE... yumz.

If you've been reading my blog, you would know that the 25th of Dec isn't just an old regular Christmas Day for me. Its also actually the day Fai and I got together. Damn, now im certain time flies way too quickly. I still kinda remember how my post about how we got together went. It was written around mid 2012? And its already the 28th Dec. Fai and i are a year and 3 days old together already. BUT, WE JUST CELEBRATED LIKE A FEW HOURS AGO?! I feel.... now im a little afraid my brain is just lagging behind. 

Oh yeah, back to the point.
So i celebrated Christmas with my dearest Fai Fai <3
"All i want for Christmas is you...."
We wanted Ambush again. But the one in town kinda sucks. Doesn't look like a restaurant at all and we were (or maybe just me) too overdressed for a fast food looking-ish dinning grab and go thing. So we headed to Hot Tomato and ended up stranded in a long queue. So we gave up and headed to Applebees.
Sorry, i don't have a full shot of what im wearing ;( 
Put me infront of a camera with huge lights flashing, i can. But put me in the middle of town with an iphone snapping my pic away while people stare, i can't. I shy. 
Well, anyways i was wearing the Electric Blue Maxi from! 
Shown in my adverts a few post back.
And cute Fai Fai wore a blue check cause i told him i was gonna be in blue.
Dating a man that cares about looking some what similar without the idea of wearing couple tees, what a blessing <3
Thank you for spending it with me though you had somewhere else to be. I love you and also D for understanding and making it possible.
No, no, no picture of our food cause we were hungry and gobbled everything as soon as it came. No time to snap snap snap.
Went to bed. Snuggled with my baby pillow (yes i have one of those things) and lashes&blush enjoying the holiday "i-don't-have-to-give-a-shit-about-work" attitude.
The next day, this was me! In my new favorite PJs! Excuse my no make up, just got out of bed face. (apparently, thats the A&F look. hmmm... can just close shop)
send it to Fai cause i thought it'll be cute.
And he sent it back.
Like this.
I'm aoki-fied...
And i've been working hard even during the holidays! Worked on a new advert for the weekend, once again with much needed help from my beautiful light box aka the best x'mas gift from le boyfriend ever. Here's another shot of.... my face.... narcissism at its finest.
Im wearing Maybelline's new Red Porcelain Lip stick. Whoop! Whoop! and the gorgeous top is from... well you gotta take tune to find out. Or if you're smart, you probably already have another source to find out. hmm....
Scroll up till im in a pink dress. Don't i look 15? Scroll back down to the picture above, don't i look 20?
heh heh. Did i play with you brain a little again?
Next i was decked in Ellysage's clothes for an ellysage X'mas Dinner!
Sorry no pic again... okay maybe just one.

Shall only talk about it in my next advert ;)
Anyways here's the Ellysage Team!
Sam, Fiona and Doug! such lovely people to work with.
Thank you Sam for always being patient and caring. For driving me out and making sure im save.
Thank you Fiona for always scolding me and guiding me about blogshop and blogging stuffs. hahaha can be manager already.
Thank you Doug for helping them and the brand whenever you can.
Rebecca & Tisha!
And all of us who are fortunate to be Ellysage's models! Val, Tish, Rebs & myself <3
Kiasu Singaporeans will take more. Take more!!!
Some cows. I took with my iphone flash eh. Don't play play. Try taking a pic with flash in the dark. See what you get ;)
Lovely Dinner! can't wait to post what i kept from Ellysage's new collection <3
Anyway, i made something when i woke up today.
Something i've been wanting to try for the longest time.
Basically, just melted marshmellow balls with fruity pebbles. 
Allow me to share ;)
Melt Butter into a saucepan. (don't ever ask me how much, i use the agar-ation method) 
Once butter is melted, pour in the marshmellow balls! As much as you want.
keep stiring until marshmellow melts!
By this time, it looks sick and you might wanna stop. But the smell won't let you.
Basically, what you're making now is caramel. Hallelujah! 
Once mixture is well... mixed well, turn the heat down and add in those damn sparkly coloured edible pebbles! Again, as much as you want :)
mix fast! Caramel hardens really quick!
Next, spread it on a slightly greased pan and flatten it with a spatula!
Using a scissors, cut into any desired shapes. (wow, i felt like i was doing F&N all over again)
Home made nutrition bar ;) Really works if you're planning to get diabetics!
Oh and now you can haz fruity pebbles shorts too!

love love.