Sunday, December 30, 2012

updates - Incanto x X'mas at ma crib

Hello everybody!
Hope Christmas has treated you well.

Anyway, just about 2 days ago? Fai and I went to watch Incanto at RWS!
We managed to get tickets from a lovely girl i just met recently. Jocelyn and her boyfriend, Yang, the owners of (yeap! i modelled for them recently) gave us two tickets to catch Incanto! She personally delivered it to me the night before along with a X'mas present!!
Im always happy to meet such nice people like them <3
Do check their latest collection out!
Here's the top she delivered to me! NYE party worthy? ;)
It came with a little note. Awwwww :)
Fai's tourist shot. hahaha
Its our first time entering RWS's Festive Grand Theatre so this shot was necessary.  
And the main cast of the show!
The illusionist himself, Joe Labero and the bad guy.
He makes table float across the audience and did all the classic magic tricks.
Yknow, the slicing of bodies, making his sexy assistant float...
Basically, all the stuffs you've seen before. Its just more intense cause its happening right infront of you. And the whole time he was doing something impossible and dangerous, i was praying that someone doesn't get hurt. Seriously. What if someone really gets cut up or disappears for good? I don't wanna witness something like that a few days before New Years.

The experience was awesome! I never thought i would see a magic show ever in my life. But i did! hehehe. If you aren't a fan of magic or you think its bullshit, maybe the stunts put up by the cast will blow your mind away. It sure did that to Fai and i.
Right after that we headed to Avalon for some partying!
Before i carry on with my blog post, i wanna thank Acelyn and PH from and
You see, i've been wanting to get a new hair curler for the longest time. Before i could, a parcel arrived at my house on friday afternoon.
It was from these two lovely ladies! They sent me a 6 in 1 multi-hair styler for Christmas!!
So now i don't have to get my own!!! I was so touched and tried it almost immediately.
Im not used to it yet but i'll keep trying till i get my perfect curls. hehehe
Thank you Acelyn and PH!!!!! mucks <3
Anyway, christmas still wasn't over for my family and i on Friday night!
Every year my mom would plan a get together for all our relatives at our crib. 
There's always yummy Peranakan Cuisines and sweet treats! I invited Fai and Rebel Club over and we cam-whored A LOT.
That's my cousin Sydney!
My christmas hat from OOTD <3
band photo
Chloe's hair is amazing balls. Makes me feel plain and boring...
And we tried taking jumping shots but my camera's shutter speed was too slow. hahaha
And here's a little video i made! <3
xmas video from Eunice Annabel on Vimeo.

Oh yeah, and im actually up so early today blogging because i thought i had a shoot...
But i don't :(
Well its good though, i can sleep more and nurse my heat rash :(
Why am i getting heat rash in Dec?? i always only get them in June when its hot what...
my body is pretty unhealthy... maybe i should start eating my greens in 2013?
Anyway, i had my make up done already but i didn't wanna tear them down just yet. So i camwhored first. hahaha
A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
will be back next year!


  1. Eunice! May I know where did you get the grey cut out top in your video with the many different hairstyles? Thank you :)


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